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Easy Sudoku for 21/March/2012


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Here's today's one for the first day of spring - answers to the "bye bye winter" inbox please!

What expression is hidden here?

Happiness: Sprinting and shouting "Lalalalalala!"
Sadness: Jogging quickly and screaming "Woo yay woo yay"
Elation: Bounding along cackling "Heeeeheeeeheeee"
21/Mar/12 3:35 AM
I think your chances of avoiding a tornado are pretty good, Keith!
21/Mar/12 3:36 AM
Seems our T-storms were worse than what we had last night. Just 20 minutes away, people are wading through waste high waters. A lot of areas are still without electricity and there was tornado touchdowns.
The weather guessers are now saying the rain has moved on and may not return until early morning or tomorrow, they think.
21/Mar/12 4:10 AM
Karen - we did get the storms. One lady from my church has two trees that fell on her house and came through the roof. I also think it is getting colder.
21/Mar/12 4:10 AM
I don't think ours were quite that severe, but I haven't watched any weather reports today, either.
21/Mar/12 4:11 AM
Thank you, Jamie. I have people over here saying I am nuts for thinking it is getting colder.

Really, me nuts! Can you believe that?
21/Mar/12 4:12 AM
I just watched the first 10 minutes of the news and they showed pictures.
Waco had 5.?? and Marlin had 4.7?, which I am in between them, does not sound like much. But Bellmeade, also the Waco area, is where they showed the flooding.
We live on the a hill out here, and in our walking to the car area, the water was above my shoes, everywhere I stepped.
21/Mar/12 4:16 AM
Always think of purchasing rain boots when it is too late.
21/Mar/12 4:17 AM

Heading for the airport. Can hardly keep my eyes open.
21/Mar/12 4:35 AM
Karen, check out Target online, they have cute rainboots on clearance this time of year. Country living ( and cow tending) got me to finally get a pair. I wore them out, but I will wait till next year for a new pair...duct tape this year...bright pink, of course!
21/Mar/12 4:56 AM
Peter, the only time I would be concerned about your comment is if you were the pilot.
21/Mar/12 5:39 AM
Good afternoon to all! Lovely rainbow. Did anyone search for the pot of gold?
21/Mar/12 5:51 AM
Ian, Peter IS THE PILOT!!
21/Mar/12 5:51 AM
Spring? Heck, it's like mid-summer here with the temperature 25C outside right now!
21/Mar/12 5:54 AM
Speaking of rainbows, has anyone else ever seen a complete rainbow? That is, one that is completely circular.
21/Mar/12 6:03 AM
But I don't think Peter is flying his granddaughters to Phoenix AZ, Greg!! I am a bit concerned about his driving to the airport while sleepy, however.
21/Mar/12 6:05 AM
3.15 Hi all. I like that
21/Mar/12 6:13 AM
1:43. Hi all.
21/Mar/12 6:20 AM
They have to be some pretty serious Myley Cyrus fans to fly from 49 south to Phoenix, AZ for a concert.
21/Mar/12 6:40 AM
to Jane, Karen, Kathy(MD), Keith and Ian for your kind comments on my recent pix.
21/Mar/12 7:14 AM
21/Mar/12 7:17 AM
Sarah Beth, I have seen Targets mud boots and like them. The last time I looked they had yellow daisies on a green background, I really liked them. Sears has some froggies and lady bug ones too. Oh, the decisions I have to make.
21/Mar/12 8:09 AM

This is Peter speaking. We are flying at 38,ooo feet and.......

Nah, just kidding. Back home and had a little grandpa nap.

Shikia is not going to a Miley Cyrus concert she is meeting up with Miley in Phoenix.

This is all happening because of the great people at The Make a Wish Foundation.
21/Mar/12 9:17 AM
Peter, that's wonderful for Shikia, and I'm sure it will be a fantastic experience. Good things do happen in this world!
21/Mar/12 9:33 AM
The best mud boots I've ever owned are Muck Boots™. They're made of the same material that wet suits are made of, so they keep your feet warm and dry.
21/Mar/12 10:31 AM
Very interesting information about California tornadoes, Jane ... most of which I'd never heard of. I was aware of the rare tornado in the Central Valley, and that they sometimes happened down in the LA area, but I had no idea about the kind of numbers that were cited in your article. But, as it pointed out, they are typically not very strong.
21/Mar/12 10:38 AM
I just did a little Google thing myself, and found out there were 4 tornadoes in Mendocino County, CA (where I live), between 1880 and 2000, one F0 and the other three F1. I'd never heard of any of them.
21/Mar/12 10:46 AM
21/Mar/12 11:17 AM
Oh but Keith, we did have a strong tornado in Los Angeles, in the 70's. Tore up the roof of the old LA Convention Center. It had touch down in several places demolishing homes completely while leaving the neighboring homes untouched.
21/Mar/12 11:22 AM
We teachers at the school had tracked the path of the tornado and found to our horror that our school was in its path! We frantically called downtown, asking what to do since most of the school was filled with bungalows (It started as a temporary school then became permanent without any constructed buildings.)
21/Mar/12 11:24 AM
Our bungalows had windows on one wall and transoms on the other. So we were instructed to move all the desks to the side of the windows and have the kids under the desks. We were told that we had to worry about imploding window glass shards. If the tornado was going to destroy the building there wasn't much we could do about it.
21/Mar/12 11:27 AM
21/Mar/12 11:27 AM
Why am I in the naughty corner, shosho?
21/Mar/12 12:34 PM
Maybe because I have skipped some conference sessions.
21/Mar/12 12:35 PM
They didn't apply to my field of work.
21/Mar/12 12:35 PM
Don't need to know about effects of hypoxia on newborn sheep's brains.
21/Mar/12 12:36 PM
There are a lot of very relevant sessions.
21/Mar/12 12:37 PM
But I am reaching brain fatigue level.
21/Mar/12 12:37 PM
Conference finishes this afternoon.
21/Mar/12 12:37 PM
I have booked tickets to musicals on the next 2 nights.
21/Mar/12 12:38 PM
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