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Easy Sudoku for 21/April/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Robin, That beach is a bit cold for Darwin - right colour but wrong clothes. It's a cold night tonight- might get down to 23C.

Susan, I hope the rain stops soon for you. The mould can be shocking at this time of year.

I was hopeful that the dry was on it's way up here.. but what More...
Good morning all.
Good Maen!
It's a wonderful, sunny, warm spring day!
Am I first???
OOPS Wasn't trying to be first. That comment was meant for yesterday.. I haven't even down the puzzle yet.
2:49 Maen
2:43 and doing fine
2:35 for me this morning. A slight improvement on yesterday.
3:04 a painting within a picture
Sorry - forgot to post my time - 2:32
Murphy's law: If anything can go wrong, it will.

Corollary 1: Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

Corollary 2: It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

The Constant: Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its More...
5:02 maeN all.
Hi Fi...I was caught out too, just reading the last of the entries for Thursday and whammo, it's Friday!
Is Monica now in the gulf as I heard late on the news? Baz in trouble? I used google-earth to take a look at that area...absolute croc country! Need more than wellies to stay out of their More...
'And notice, that although the woman has exposed
her back and the dent down her spine shows, she does NOT expose any 'appliance repairman butt crack'.'
So you're sick of all the comments
The arguing and stink
Come and join our party
It's a paradise of pink
It's on a pacific island
all lush and tropical
come on - in a pink theme
with us and have a ball
It's starting on this Friday
Aussie time - take note
fly or swim or More...
6.51 That picture is juat way too funny! What do you suppose the old gent is hoping to see?
Good Maen to all!! 9:15am Thursday here in the great Southern USA.

A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds
ahh, that's a wonderful shot...true to the saying, 'you're only as old as the woman you feel!'
For those who intend to imbibe on the sudoku cruise on the weekend, get a taxi home.

Having 'one for the road' could mean having a police car for a chaser!!!
4:45 - no mistakes. Interesting photo. Wonder what museum it is at. Good Maen to all.
2:02 Liam is now rolling, so my entire home needs to quickly be roll-proofed!

I have heard that goldfish thing before. Imagine swimming around your bowl 'Oh look, a castle... Oh look, a castle... Oh look, a castle...'
Peeping tom?
Mythbusters proved the goldfish theory wrong.
They taught goldfish to work thru a series
of acrylic panels with just a few holes to
get to food.
2:35 Maen all.That dirty old man was trying to get a look at the front of that naked lady.To bad.He would have had to be the painter for that view.
I've come to the party and brought a pink piggy with me. Throw him on the barby and serve him hot and mild. We're here to have a party! Hooray! hooray! hooray!!!!
2:18 and somebody slap the old lad's face!
Good Maen! I like the picture...boys will be boys no matter the age.
Gath - is it possible to request a specific day for a picture to be shown?

G'Maen, all. Gave me a laugh.
Too funny Lisa!!!

Goldfish memory theory was in our newspaper. Didn't research it.
Does the party start in the morning... or are the ragers already raging?
Forgot to set the timer, but the photo is a hoot!
Check out the tough picture. It's for you! Though I've seen better sunsets
Lisa -- Love to read the updates on little Liam. Send more pictures to Gath, us 'old timers' here on the site all feel like Liam is part ours!!
Looks like my picture of Mom!
G'Maen Sudokuland

5:04. SSSLLLOOWWW!!! Lost the flow about half way through. My little one sitting in mylap didn't help much either
Warm, sunny day here in NY.
Enjoy the pink party, unfortunately will not be able to attend. Boring chores and job will get in the way.
I hate dirty old men for too many reasons; although I know it was in good fun. Time was over 5 minutes.
art !
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