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Easy Sudoku for 21/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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and the first?
21/Sep/15 12:00 AM
Hal and work have been kind to me the last few days
21/Sep/15 12:00 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
21/Sep/15 12:01 AM
21/Sep/15 12:02 AM

I see Lizzy did it again!

I am in packing mode. I am off to visit family. During my absence, Wonderful Wombat(WW)has graciously agreed to take over my poozle duties. Look for his clever puzzles on Tuesdays AND Wednesdays. Double the fun!
21/Sep/15 1:29 AM
Speaking of ''double''....my hometown team Bowie Baysox (Baltimore Orioles Double-A Minor League team) won the 2015 Eastern League Championship last night. The first time in franchise history to go all the way. What an ending to the season!
I think I've said before that the stadium is just a More...
21/Sep/15 1:45 AM
And, now, back to my packing! I will try and check in while I am away, but I will be cuddling g-grand babies, and you know how THAT goes!
Stay healthy and happy, people. I'll be back at the end of the month.
21/Sep/15 1:49 AM
21/Sep/15 1:59 AM
Woohoo, had to grab that post!!! Oh yes -
21/Sep/15 2:00 AM
beautiful day in OK
21/Sep/15 2:35 AM
Grats to the Baysox. Being a Giants fan, I know what a long dry spell feels like.
21/Sep/15 2:36 AM
Kathy, have fun with the g-grand babies.
21/Sep/15 2:37 AM
Good morning.
21/Sep/15 3:36 AM
Early to rise - again.
21/Sep/15 3:37 AM
What's that saying?
21/Sep/15 3:39 AM
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy wealthy and wise. Think I am fail on all three outcomes at the moment ?STILL GOT HEALING PAIN IN PLACES, HAVEN't won lotto,and as for wise....
And I'm too lazy to go back and fix up those capitals
21/Sep/15 3:49 AM
He who nose hez not wise iz wize in deed.
21/Sep/15 3:52 AM
Poor CP in more ways than one......hope the healing process hurries up
21/Sep/15 3:52 AM
Kathy, I still hav fond memories of the game we saw at your stadium, and often snuggle up under my Baysox right.
21/Sep/15 3:52 AM
On that ♪
21/Sep/15 3:53 AM
Ooh, better be quick.
21/Sep/15 3:53 AM
Keith, couldnt agree more
21/Sep/15 3:53 AM
21/Sep/15 3:53 AM
21/Sep/15 3:53 AM
& Lizzy got me.
21/Sep/15 3:54 AM
21/Sep/15 3:54 AM

and I was only trying to give you a hand to get there...
21/Sep/15 3:54 AM

You will be fine for the next two nights, they are my days off and no way am I on the computer at 3.55am on my days off.......
21/Sep/15 3:55 AM
Lizzy G, why on earth not?
21/Sep/15 4:21 AM
Keith, better luck next time
21/Sep/15 4:22 AM
Kathy, safe travels and enjoy those grand babies!
21/Sep/15 4:22 AM
CP, feel better and winning the lottery!
21/Sep/15 4:24 AM
To win, you've got to buy a ticket.
21/Sep/15 4:30 AM
Is THAT where I've been going wrong?? Damn!
21/Sep/15 4:38 AM
Morning all, we are enjoying the fruit of this flower at the moment. Ours is the yellow passionfruit ,big and juicy. Yum!
21/Sep/15 6:46 AM
Good afternoon to all! A passionate picture today.
21/Sep/15 6:47 AM
Viv,have a great day.
21/Sep/15 6:48 AM
I hope all are well today. Safe travels Kathy.
21/Sep/15 6:49 AM
Good morning everyone! Happy Birthday Viv - have a wonderful day !
21/Sep/15 7:04 AM
21/Sep/15 7:06 AM
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