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Easy Sudoku for 22/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Can I up and over?
22/Jan/09 2:32 AM
Hello All. Shiela that kitty looks like Tuxedo. Have a great day.
22/Jan/09 2:39 AM
22/Jan/09 2:50 AM
Happy Wednesday!

Cute Mini-Me-Ow! I used to have a black and white kitty briefly, too!
22/Jan/09 2:53 AM
A new day ... a new start.
22/Jan/09 2:55 AM
Good morning Worldly people--looks like a one layer day all day. Though if you ask my two layered feet they will say they will never thaw out again.
22/Jan/09 3:13 AM

You are so right, Keith!
A new day in the USA!
22/Jan/09 3:18 AM
I do not think we have had a kitty picture since before Christmas. I have been looking.
22/Jan/09 3:23 AM
21:01:09 Today. Hi to all.

Thought for the Day: (A long one) I chose this after I returned the frozen peas...

A Lovely Love Story (Edward Monkton)
The fierce Dinosaur was trapped inside his cage of ice. Although it was cold he was happy in there. It was, after all, his cage. More...
22/Jan/09 3:31 AM
Electra is humming...she has her peas...x
22/Jan/09 3:32 AM
And my vodka...
22/Jan/09 3:56 AM
Love the tuxedo cat! Maybe it's coming home from one of the inaugural balls?
22/Jan/09 4:01 AM
I had posted a version of this poem yesterday, but I asked Gath to remove it as it had some erros in it. This is a re-post....

So who is this Obama, I just don't understand?
He is just another person, simply a man.
He's different, has features that many find grand,
And he offers a More...
22/Jan/09 4:07 AM
Good mAen everyone. Gosh I hate having to deal with the dial up connection here at the beach house. It's SO slow & I keep having to Log in again every time I try to post a comment here. It's is freezing cold here - literally! Yesterday was the first time I have ever seen snow flurries at More...
22/Jan/09 4:22 AM
HI all! Here's yesterday's riddle answer - a bit difficult perhaps?
waist coat tail gate way side arm pit fall out put down cast off spring time line man hole
22/Jan/09 4:37 AM
2:11 Maen! I like "Mini-me-ow" for a cat's name... :)
22/Jan/09 4:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! Meow!
22/Jan/09 4:38 AM
It is not a well known fact, but soccer was very popular in ancient Rome. The Coliseum was used for matches. There was a big match planned for one Saturday, and three famous Romans arranged to meet at the Coliseum to see the match (Rome vs. Naples). When the day came, Caesar and Cassius met in More...
22/Jan/09 4:39 AM
Here's today's one for you! Answers to my inbox please and medals distributed tomorrow!
I'm quite a show
And people know;
Spinning threads
For capture of heads.
My limbs are many,
But I may be less than a penny.
One prick of me,
And in pain you will be.
I may fly and More...
22/Jan/09 4:41 AM
oh Greg, that is a baaaaaad one!!!
22/Jan/09 4:42 AM
A Russian scientist and a Czechoslovakian scientist had spent their whole lives studying the majestic grizzly bear. Each year they petitioned their respective governments to allow them to go to Yellowstone to study these wondrous beasts. Finally, their request was granted and they immediately flew More...
22/Jan/09 4:43 AM
Thank you, Greg. This American appreciates your support!
22/Jan/09 5:33 AM
Loved your poem, Greg. And the old groaners!!!!
22/Jan/09 5:48 AM
One more person here than there was when I posted at the end of yesterday - he's very cute!!!
22/Jan/09 5:49 AM
CP: How many times do I have to tell you to keep the lights turned off!
22/Jan/09 5:53 AM
Greg - thank you for your eloquent poem!
22/Jan/09 6:02 AM
I have just received the following TFTD by email and thought I should share

Alcohol does not make you FAT - it makes you LEAN
.............................................................................................. .......................................................

.................against tables, chairs, floors, walls and ugly people.
22/Jan/09 6:07 AM
'tis a nice kitty. I had a black and white one once too....and a white and black one...now the one I have is a mackerel tabby
22/Jan/09 6:11 AM
Hey CP, are you at work. Hope you had a q night. We have. Nearly ready to go home.
22/Jan/09 6:30 AM
Greg, I'm still groaning.
22/Jan/09 6:31 AM
Only one, elsie and otherwise pretty q!
22/Jan/09 6:38 AM
I, too, loved watching yesterday's U.S. festivities and was glad to see so many rejoicing, despite the hard work ahead. Optimism is contagious, and I think Obama's got more heart than so many others we've seen in public office. There's a quiet, calm confidence about him that is very reassuring, More...
22/Jan/09 6:48 AM
Hello World...
This is indeed a new day....Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
I was so happy with the election outcome, and my joy continues to flow at the installation of our new President Obama, that I have put the you tube with the swearing in ceremony and his speech on my page for the More...
22/Jan/09 7:26 AM
CG...I loved the poem....the jokes were so bad that I found them funny too....Thanks as always for bringing a smile to many of us.
22/Jan/09 7:27 AM
going home too!! Bye!!
22/Jan/09 7:29 AM
Morning all!
Groaning here Greg...
22/Jan/09 7:51 AM
Very slow this morning - 2:56. all.
22/Jan/09 7:56 AM
i hope everyone is well. chris, i would be thrilled with your slow time. my best is a good 15 sec. slower!
22/Jan/09 8:15 AM
If it is not windy outside, why does the weather report say the temp is ten degrees lower with wind chill? is it just their good hunch?
22/Jan/09 9:05 AM
Hey, ten degrees is as good a guess as any from those "experts", Ad, old thing! What? You want more? Less? Make up your own!
22/Jan/09 9:23 AM
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