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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Greetings to the new day.
22/Oct/09 12:01 AM
Hi all, I posted about twenty photos yesterday. More birds, turtles, and one of me. I will have a few more in the next few days. My Canon macro mode has let me take some great bug photos and I will post the more intersting ones soon.
22/Oct/09 12:02 AM
I think I prefer Taco over Tako.
22/Oct/09 12:05 AM

I looked up TAKO via Google. It is the Japanese word for octopus.

22/Oct/09 12:07 AM
2:04 This must be from shosho. She's told a tako story before. (See. I not only pay attention - I enjoy anecdotes.)
22/Oct/09 12:18 AM
Hello Everyone. Could that be the Japanese cousin of the Detroit Red Wings mascot?
22/Oct/09 12:22 AM
I thought it was a Red Wings play-off game!
22/Oct/09 12:22 AM
(snap!) Looks as if Michiganders have different thoughts when seeing one of these, Nancy!
22/Oct/09 12:24 AM
Looks like a good lunch.
22/Oct/09 12:58 AM
I prefer kalamarakia...
22/Oct/09 1:06 AM
I live Tako as sushi ingrediant. Unfortunatley the particular authebtic species is not available in UK - I think it must be a Pacific creature. The octopuses that I have to make do with are not really great. They are (i) the wrong kind - (ii) dodgy to eat raw - or (iii) pickled, so too sharp and More...
22/Oct/09 1:14 AM
22/Oct/09 1:14 AM
My script is getting scrambled
22/Oct/09 1:15 AM
What do ghosts serve for dessert?

Ice Scream!
22/Oct/09 1:19 AM
Goblin: Is that some kind of ophthalmic ointment?
22/Oct/09 1:24 AM
Jim's new pictures are terrific. Nal has some very strong competition now.
22/Oct/09 1:24 AM
everyone!very nice day today...sunny ..good news in the air.... meeting family and friends...good food on the table ... sudoku time with a good coffee...what else can be better?
22/Oct/09 1:28 AM
When is it bad luck to meet a black cat?

When your a mouse!
22/Oct/09 1:36 AM
Good day from a wet Oklahoma, the rains were supposed to start tomight not this morning. I have to do some errands I put off from yesterday, Rain here I come.
22/Oct/09 1:41 AM
anyone but me not getting pictures for the puzzles, will try them later
22/Oct/09 1:47 AM
Well, why not?
22/Oct/09 1:51 AM
22/Oct/09 1:51 AM
Hello Keith!
22/Oct/09 1:51 AM
Ian! You pounced!
22/Oct/09 1:51 AM
Jim, your photos are great! I especially liked the 'possum. Hope mine doesn't come back this winter. He liked to climb a tree and help himself to the bird feed. He must have been hungry, since it was in broad daylight. Got some nice photos of him.
22/Oct/09 1:56 AM

Hubby's little middle school guys are playing in the baseball championship game this evening. Fingers crossed, everyone!
Off to look at Jim's photos.....
22/Oct/09 2:16 AM
1:52 Maen! That's one ugly taco. :)
22/Oct/09 2:34 AM
I like the baby ones(octopus), marinated and BBQ'd. I had some two nights ago!
22/Oct/09 2:45 AM
HI all! Not a lot of correct answers yesterday but it was a tricky one ! Here's what I wanted to see in my inbox:
Nobody would LISTEN to the old pirate any more, because his TALES were far too TAME.
The fans were SILENT as the opposition managed to STEAL the game from the home TEAM.
When More...
22/Oct/09 3:06 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the ten-letter inbox please.
From the following 10 letters see if you can make first a one-letter word, then a two-letter word, then a three-letter word, and on up to a 10 letter word: SSIMTEODTH
22/Oct/09 3:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! Yum! Please may I have some of those as well June?
22/Oct/09 3:15 AM
Yikes--tako that thing out of here.
22/Oct/09 3:18 AM
Reminds me of a joke....
Young David was visiting at his grandparent's house, and while Grandpa was out at the hardware store, David and his Grandma watched Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" on the television.
When Grandpa came home, David was all excited about the movie More...
22/Oct/09 3:25 AM
Tako.... in quebec in french tako means a very old rusty car... just the right color as this one. Now I know why fising is not my first choice for relaxing activity!
Going to my knitting and craft group... much easier
22/Oct/09 3:27 AM
Erica's mother had a lead foot, so she was not surprised when a highway patrolman pulled them over as they were driving along the freeway. Hoping to get off with a warning, Erica's Mom tried to appear shocked when he walked up to the side of the car.
"I have never been stopped like this More...
22/Oct/09 3:27 AM
Danstell, Terrafirma is a nice place to be from! Now where is your new nickname?
22/Oct/09 3:29 AM
Harrumph. I played around with Fiona's puzzle for a while ... the first 6 weren't that hard ...
22/Oct/09 3:50 AM
Keep at it Keith. I just sent Fiona a list of over 40 words. That should keep her busy!
22/Oct/09 4:18 AM
Fiona, I have just discovered that I am a woman of little words!
22/Oct/09 4:26 AM
Let's try again...
22/Oct/09 4:28 AM
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