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Easy Sudoku for 22/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Early changeover today
Good morning!!
8.01 I feel miserable.
First posting ever - and nearly the first for the day as well!
i won!! not bad eh? ive bin doin these since i was in hospital !!!
Wow, so this is when it all happens - geez you guys down here in the Antipodes are up late!
4:11 is my time. Two doggies. Last week of before Christmas so much to do so little time.
...and 2:30 even, but no pic!
5.50 crap , but with a phone call!!!!
6:16. Bad. Was really easy.
In Canada we are up early- on Wednesday! Have a greatday/night everyone.
Did badly tonight
1:25 guys....
Didn't even bother timing after yesterdays pathetic attempt! Nice picture today.
3:44 - probably my best time on the laptop
Good Morning all. 3:09 today, would have been under 3 but I didn't see the last empty square for a few seconds. Enjoy the Day!!
Bah Humbug!! 5:50 Still too many mistakes. Sheri I am from your area, but you are earlier than me to get done.
3:38 a new PB, Hi to all from quite a mild weathered Wirral, England
I think you're all mad to try and see how fast you can do it! Why not just enjoy it and take your time instead of seeing how fast you can click, point and place. There must be a lot of competitive people out there.
tougher easy one, wasn't really able to get into a groove.

Good morning everyone. 4:50 including a phone call.
3:56, I'm getting slower instead of faster.
5:09 should not have taken that long but could not see empty box for too long. Have a good one all. Until tomorrow xo
Erm... 5. Maybe 6 or 7. I'm a beginner :D
Does everyone else get that flashing thing on the righthand side of the screen - nice picture of the dogs.
5:51 Good Morning!
Man you guys all get up so early and its the middle of the night for me, just finished work and im still # 29!!!!!
hello all. cool dogs, whoever submitted the pic. 3:35
you can hit the thing on the right hand side to get rid of the flashy thing- just don't do it half way through!!!
Not up early it's afternoon here gorgeous views out the office window of highland cattle.
handsome dogs

Happy Wednesday/Thursday, all!
4:31, tired...
You mean that stupid Xbox ad? yes, I'm dizzy now...
7:36 slower than yesterday.
No timer, no stress, just fun.
first time eva,did well, love the 2 woofas theyre cute.
Yeah we all get that, but click on the unanimated page. I don't like the passion.com ads; way too suggestive especially if I let my son play!

7:36 was my time, a bit slow.
Good morning, beautiful sunrise today.
Now for coffee and medium...
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