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Easy Sudoku for 22/December/2007


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Submitted by: Gath

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CP and Becky - I usually keep my purse on the floor of the car - that way even if someone breaks the window they won't be able to reach it easily. Although I'm guilty of leaving it in the shopping cart at the grocery store where anyone could grab it!
22/Dec/07 4:03 PM
My current U-tube is "A SOALIN' " by P, M & M - A reprise of the songs for 15th-21st are on MY PAGE 10 with their You Tube links.

A similar reprise for Dec 1 through the 14th is on MY PAGE 9.

22/Dec/07 4:03 PM
Looks like we just flew over the top!
22/Dec/07 4:04 PM
For a spine-tingling performance of "O Holy Night" please watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfTcdwQ81fw
Who would have thought that dorky Michael Crawford from "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em" from 20 years ago would have the voice of an angel.
22/Dec/07 4:33 PM
Tree Sheila:
Michael Crawford has a beautiful singing voice and he has appeared in leading roles in London West-End shows in that capacity.
22/Dec/07 4:42 PM
Rayray: Oh yes mate. I'm well aware of that, and almost got to see him perform once, but I was actually waffling more about his metamorphosis. His talents as a slapstick comic were undeniable, then we lost sight of him until he burst back into our lives with his wonderful voice.He is much-loved in Australia and comes here quite often. Only to the cities though.....sigh!
22/Dec/07 5:10 PM
Tree Sheila...Thank you for posting Michael Crawford. It is truely a beautiful version of Oh Holy Night.
22/Dec/07 5:21 PM
2.33 What a beautiful subject
22/Dec/07 5:24 PM
Thank you, Rayray for the wonderful poem today!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday to everyone here!
22/Dec/07 5:27 PM
But - Tree Sheila. The metamorphosis was the other way round. Because he failed to make an impact in opera singing, he took to the more popular line of comedy to make his name - I think.
22/Dec/07 5:48 PM
Thanks for the compliment Julie. Because of encouragement I am still working on that poem.
I have even improved on it since my most recent posting on my page (at least there for the season).
I hope you have a very happy time this Christmas
- and thanks for that encouragement.
22/Dec/07 5:53 PM
Tree Sheila, wasn't Michael Crawford the first Phantom of the Opera composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber? He played a serious role, actually didn't he first mold the character?
22/Dec/07 6:04 PM
Oooh did I start a new fad? Sideways perspective? Oh dear. Horizontal parties, horizontal dancing? Getting rather risqué?!?
22/Dec/07 6:10 PM
Got to lay off the nogging! What a headache!
22/Dec/07 6:11 PM
Rayray: You might have me there. I don't know if he had a prior stab at singing or not. But I do know that he was abandoned in a suitcase when he was a baby. So there you go..what a life he has had and what an achiever in so many ways. Hoo roo for now.
22/Dec/07 6:18 PM
Greetings and good wishes to all of you this early morning. Thank you to everyone who has posted season's greetings, not only on my own page, but in general on the easy pages. Isn't it a grand time of year?
Rayray, your poem should replace "The Night Before Christmas" and so be on More...
22/Dec/07 6:21 PM
TreeSheila Michael Crawford wasn't abandoned, his mother was a widow who had a fling and he was the result.She brought him up with the help of her parents. She named him Micheal Patrick Dumbell-Smith after her dead husband. I am not surprised he changed his name.
22/Dec/07 6:46 PM
Linda M - I always have a purse(handbag) with a long strap that can cross my chest. Especially when shopping. I always use environmentally friendly shopping bags for my purchases and had a couple of pretty green ones from Coles in Australia. Last winter whilst weighing my vegetables someone stole More...
22/Dec/07 7:07 PM
Linda M - Even if you do have your bag on the floor of your car, especially in the front, it would be wise to lock your doors. I've heard stories of women having their bags stolen when stopped at traffic lights when someone has run up. opened the door, snatched the bag, and run away again. There's More...
22/Dec/07 8:08 PM
GrannieMo: I'm stunned that anyone would steal empty Coles bags. I shouldn't be, I know.
Here's another story, a bit different to the others but shows what lengths people will go to. We decorate our house with Christmas lights and a few years ago my husband went to the post Christmas sales to More...
22/Dec/07 8:08 PM
Tree Sheila, I saw Michael Crawford in concert some years ago in Melbourne. We had seats directly in the centre of the fourth row and it was a truly amazing night. When he sang "Gethsemane" from "Jesus Christ, Superstar", it was positively spine-tingling.
I believe RayRay is More...
22/Dec/07 8:15 PM
Hi Judy.
Do you recall how many concerts he did in Melbourne? We could have been at the same concert. I agree with your comments - he is truly awesome when you see him perform live. Unforgettable.
The very first time I heard him sing it struck a chord and I've been a big fan ever More...
22/Dec/07 8:33 PM
I can't remember the year, Bean. The concert was at the tennis centre in what is now called the Laver Arena, but I'm not sure that was the name then. I know he sang many Andrew Lloyd Webber songs. I bought a CD which I just checked and it was made in 1991, so I'd say the concert would have been in More...
22/Dec/07 9:12 PM
maEn everyone, I'm nearly organised for Christmas now, just a house to clean and a yard to tidy and .... it never ends does it!! Hope you are all having a good day/night where ever you may be. We've had some good rains over the last day and a half, hope it's landing somewhere useful for the More...
22/Dec/07 9:19 PM
Vewy vewy quiet here today!
Glad to hear ourse suggestions. I have one that is great for shopping and travelling. It is a "pacsafe" brand tag on outside seam says "exomesh". There are several styles and sizes available. They have steel wire running through the strap so it More...
22/Dec/07 10:45 PM
About ladies handbags being stolen : Women visiting the loo, in shopping malls or in airports are having thier handbags stolen. When they hang them on the hooks on the door thiefs reach over the door, lift the bag. Although you SEE it happening, nothing you can do about it in your partially disrobed condition! So beware where you leave your handbag, ladies.
23/Dec/07 12:04 AM
23/Dec/07 5:54 AM
23/Dec/07 8:02 PM
19/Oct/12 5:55 AM
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