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Easy Sudoku for 22/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
22/Feb/18 12:00 AM
1:50 that picture now looks familiar.
Good night!
22/Feb/18 12:42 AM
Good Maen, good people. 9->1 only hangs up on a pair of 7s that resolve as soon as you get to the 5s.
22/Feb/18 12:45 AM
I know that feeling, Anne. To look at a photo (or a film) and say 'I've been there!' is a great feeling. I've enjoyed that feeling a lot ever since I got back from Manhattan. I definitely want to go back as soon as my back and knee are up to the walking I want to do there.
22/Feb/18 12:50 AM
Billy Graham is now at rest in God's eternal grace and glory. He passed away this morning.
22/Feb/18 1:04 AM
Today's 6x6 Easy shows the Argyle Cut , sandstone from which was used in the construction of the Circular Quay in this 9x9 Easy. 'Speaking' of Quay, why is Quay pronounced key but Seder is pronounced say-dur?
22/Feb/18 1:42 AM
Well I'm done with the sudoku puzzles for today. I think I'll finally go get myself a late breakfast. Then I have to devote myself to offfice, household and educational tasks. Then I shall reward myself by sending in my answer to Peter's ECCO. I must also start my crockpot dinner because I have a More...
22/Feb/18 1:51 AM
Everybody!! Hmmm... Got up earlier than normal. Good, since I have a lot to do today. E.g. my Cribbage club stats.
22/Feb/18 2:01 AM
22/Feb/18 2:07 AM
22/Feb/18 3:07 AM
22/Feb/18 3:27 AM
22/Feb/18 4:02 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
22/Feb/18 4:03 AM
Golly, was it cold this morning, running in 45ºF/7.2ºC! After a long hot shower, I think I have feeling back in my fingers and toes!
22/Feb/18 4:05 AM
My friend who volunteers at the preserve, cleaning up the litter left by inconsiderate passerbys, suddenly felt ill as we chit chatted. When she went down to her knees, I ran to the nearest gate and fumbled with the lock. When your fingers are frozen, it's hard to get that key into the lock. I got to her and helped her up and to a bench to rest.
22/Feb/18 4:10 AM
Then stayed with her until we got to her car, with her protesting all the way that she was fine now! I stayed with her until her friend who had breakfast plans with her arrived. What a scare!
22/Feb/18 4:11 AM
I'm sure glad that the head naturalist there gifted me a key to the preserve long ago!
22/Feb/18 4:13 AM
Morning all.
22/Feb/18 4:35 AM
Thx Plum & shosho for all your progress.
22/Feb/18 4:36 AM
Got me close enough to
22/Feb/18 4:36 AM
Gallump my way to
22/Feb/18 4:36 AM
22/Feb/18 4:37 AM
Hello everyone - much has happened here already; Plum's to-do list, hope it is completed!
Shosho's rescue with a treasured key!
Keith's successful Gallumping!
Here's to a day as successful as these have had!!
22/Feb/18 5:06 AM
22/Feb/18 6:24 AM
Good afternoon to all!
22/Feb/18 6:26 AM
Gosh, you enter the site and see that Plum, Shosho and Keith are dominant. Well done guys and girls.
22/Feb/18 6:27 AM
1:15. Good morning everyone.
22/Feb/18 6:37 AM
CG, we're just a chatty group!!!
22/Feb/18 7:27 AM
Morning all,a familiar sight even though I have only been there once.
22/Feb/18 7:48 AM
Thanks Plum for letting me know about Peter's EECO.
22/Feb/18 8:06 AM
Good afternoon to all.
22/Feb/18 8:50 AM
Have been running all morning, but got all errands done.
22/Feb/18 8:55 AM
Bon soir everyone I've visited done the puzzles and off to bed.
22/Feb/18 9:54 AM
Happy Wednesday home from work.
Now to send my ECCO answers to Peter...
22/Feb/18 12:43 PM
Good evening all. Finished and submitted income tax today.
Off to bed early tonight. I need a good night's rest.
22/Feb/18 1:53 PM
Good to see GannieMo pop in.!
22/Feb/18 3:41 PM
ECCO poozlers this week were, Judy, Joyce, Wombat even, Sarah, Snowbird, Arachnid, Aileen and Amelia.

Musta bin easy! I can fix that!
22/Feb/18 5:26 PM
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