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Easy Sudoku for 22/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I can turn the page ..up & over
22/Mar/10 7:28 AM
Good Morning all! Back to work Monday for me.
22/Mar/10 7:29 AM
Amelia, you are too quick. When I looked I thought I could still make page 1. Alas, it was not to be.
22/Mar/10 7:31 AM
Well, SOME people tried the puzzle from yesterday!

The answers to said puzzle: 1. pine/pin 2. fire/fir or ashy/ash 3. stare/star 4. theme/them 5. wage/wag 6. suede/sued 7. severe/sever 8. unite/unit

for JUDY!, Greg, lonewoof, and Amelia.
22/Mar/10 7:37 AM
Good morning - my, it has been slow here so far.
22/Mar/10 7:44 AM
I thought the same, Amelia. Forgot I turned the pooter on, opened Internet Explorer, then went and had tea with Mr P before he left.
22/Mar/10 7:46 AM
We have been wed 35 years today! Can't honestly say it feels like just yesterday, but it doesn't feel like 35 years either.
22/Mar/10 7:47 AM
Let's see who can figure this one out. I don't think it's as "easy, peasy" as some.....

A census taker called on Mrs. MacPhee one day. He inquired if she had any children, and, if so, what their ages were. She answered that she would give him the facts.
"I have three More...
22/Mar/10 7:48 AM
He's gone off to work armed with the restaurant guide - to find us somewhere nice to go for dinner.
22/Mar/10 7:49 AM
Kathy I had the answers but had forgotten to send them in, when I seen that you hadn't put the answers on I did a mad dash to your page....Whew!!!
22/Mar/10 7:49 AM
Time for me to go - I actually get to go back to work today!
22/Mar/10 7:49 AM
CP, to you and Mr P on your anniversary.
22/Mar/10 7:55 AM
Happy 35th wedding anniversary CP & Mr P.
22/Mar/10 8:01 AM
Tough is working again.....
22/Mar/10 8:20 AM
22/Mar/10 8:24 AM
2:01, hi everyone.
22/Mar/10 8:47 AM

The move went well. I had the neighbours 8 yr old kid helping me unpack everything. He was such a great help. Still lots to do. Glad to be at work so I can relax for a while.
22/Mar/10 9:31 AM
Hubby and son watched a guys movie today so I went and had a nice nap. Yes, I know I should have been doing something but the cold weather and snow have made me not want to do anything.
22/Mar/10 9:47 AM
2.49 Could have been anywhere in Asia...USA?!
22/Mar/10 10:19 AM
Morning everyone.
22/Mar/10 10:42 AM
Ocracoke Island is in North Carolina, USA.
Looks like a nice place.

CP, wishing you a wonderful 35th ... & Mr. P too. Congratulations.
22/Mar/10 10:47 AM
22/Mar/10 12:20 PM
Happy 35th wedding anniversary CP & Mr P, enjoy your dinner tonight!
22/Mar/10 1:38 PM
I'll just say a quick "Hello!" and "Good night!"
(...since it's almost midnight here.)
22/Mar/10 2:54 PM
Survived work, and physio - need a little nap before we head out to dinner.
for all the lovely anniversary wishes.
22/Mar/10 4:33 PM
Goodness me - where is everybody?
22/Mar/10 9:04 PM
Had a lovely dinner at a nice seafood restaurant.
22/Mar/10 9:05 PM
And now, being an elderly party animal.........
22/Mar/10 9:05 PM
It's time for bed !
22/Mar/10 9:06 PM
Good night, CP. Glad to hear that you had a lovely evening out for your anniversary.
22/Mar/10 9:14 PM
Belated Anniversary wishes CP and Mr CP

22/Mar/10 11:04 PM
CP and hubby!
Boy, it's Tuesday for me. Did daylight saving start in Australia???
22/Mar/10 11:17 PM
22/Mar/10 11:59 PM
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