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Easy Sudoku for 22/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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GOT IT !!! TOPP (I hope ?)
22/Mar/14 1:34 PM
Well done, youkidme!
22/Mar/14 1:49 PM
22/Mar/14 1:53 PM
Sacky, I wondered who would run out of gas (petrol) first. But no worries, Kathy will rebound.

Dottie R, think BIG cat.
22/Mar/14 2:05 PM
Bed time. Night all.
22/Mar/14 2:07 PM
Afternoon all,pretty Rosella we don't get these up here, they belong to the southern states.
22/Mar/14 2:32 PM
Amelia - That's why Sacky could identify this Rosella. Can't get any further south than Tas!
22/Mar/14 2:50 PM
Yup, Dottie. You're right there.
22/Mar/14 3:31 PM
There are 4 photos on my page of one them having a bath.
22/Mar/14 3:33 PM
Good afternoon.
22/Mar/14 3:52 PM
I've got a special event today too.
22/Mar/14 3:53 PM
Wedding anniversary.
22/Mar/14 3:53 PM
Cam't understand how it can be 39 years when I'm only 21!
22/Mar/14 3:54 PM
Heading out for dinner tonight to celebrate.
22/Mar/14 3:55 PM
With How Many years experience, CP?
22/Mar/14 4:32 PM
Congratulations CP and Mr CP
22/Mar/14 5:52 PM
Kathy - I'm glad you're having a rest day. Enjoy it!
Just been reading your comments on the photos. Now I'm off to town to buy a few groceries.
22/Mar/14 6:30 PM
Anne, I have really enjoyed my quiet & rest time today. It has been raining on & off all day. We are waiting for Susan from Ingham to arrive. I must admit I have been worried about her making that long drive alone on some roads that have been flooded during recent heavy rains. Sure hope she gets here safely & soon.
22/Mar/14 6:47 PM
Anne - Love your photos! It's fun to relive those fun days with you and the rest of the gang!
22/Mar/14 6:50 PM
Hello Jane - glad you liked them. Keep enjoying yourselves.
22/Mar/14 7:57 PM
Susan has arrived :)
22/Mar/14 8:10 PM
Just debating about having a wee glass of Baileys. I won!
22/Mar/14 8:12 PM

Watching the Brumbies play the Cape Town Stormers whilst enjoying a bottle of red.

I had to squirrel a couple away so that I'd have some left after THEY had gone...........you know who I mean.
22/Mar/14 8:33 PM

Anne was good to CEE you on TOS.

We dropped K and J at the airport and K was defiantly showing signs of wearing out. It is a huge schedule for them but they are loving it. Our turn in SEQ this week.lol.
22/Mar/14 8:35 PM
Yeah and saw you over there too Big fella.;-)
22/Mar/14 8:36 PM
Hmm, Mr Cee - I'm not on the OTHER site.
22/Mar/14 8:40 PM
Although they did try everything to get me to join it. Talk about bullying! Five against one.
22/Mar/14 8:42 PM
Once again, thank you for all the comments on the photos in my gallery of the ladies visit to our wonderful state.
22/Mar/14 8:43 PM
You only THINK you are not on the other site.
22/Mar/14 9:19 PM
22/Mar/14 9:20 PM

Brumbies did the job............happy dance!
22/Mar/14 9:34 PM

Mr Cee, how're you travelling?
22/Mar/14 9:36 PM

Yep, Anne, they're talking about yah! But it's all nice.........so far!
22/Mar/14 9:39 PM
I heard they had a win with you, Peter.
22/Mar/14 9:41 PM

Yeah, I've had an account for years but hardly used it but I wanted to keep track of our Yankee friends so I had to use it. Probably drop off it when they go home.
22/Mar/14 9:46 PM

Good mate. Had a small meet up with the Yankee shielas as you would know. They seem ok for foreigners.
22/Mar/14 10:32 PM
Watching the baseball on TV. I really thought Hubby would have wanted to go to the game when they were playing in Sydney. He started playing when he was 15 and finally gave up coaching when he turned 70. Our son still plays. I think the cost of good seats was prohibitive and he was not interested in watching from the less expensive ones.
22/Mar/14 10:39 PM

Yeah, they're not so bad. Mind you, we've been conditioning them for a fair while on this site. The material wasn't so good at the start but I reckon we've managed to get them up to close to a reasonable Aussie standard.
22/Mar/14 10:45 PM

June, the cost of entertainment these days is generally prohibitive. I used to be able to take my family (wife wasn't overly interested but the boys were OK with it) to North Sydney Oval most weekends (when the mighty Bears were playing). Doubt I could afford it today.
22/Mar/14 10:51 PM

Yeah not too bad. We have been into them on TOS as well. Got a special treat for them later this week. Pics will follow the event.
22/Mar/14 11:28 PM
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