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Easy Sudoku for 22/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:58 Good night one and all!
22/Jun/17 12:04 AM
22/Jun/17 12:04 AM
Good night Anne & HalT and all that follow
22/Jun/17 12:41 AM
Awww - the colorfully painted Victorian houses! Another spot with 'Painted Ladies' is Cape May, NJ! There are always jobs for house painters who specialize in intricate, delicate trim work! They are kept pristine!
22/Jun/17 1:45 AM
Here is a website which has Cape May's Ladies featured:
22/Jun/17 2:02 AM
So nice to see lovely trim on houses. Kudos to the painters.
22/Jun/17 2:02 AM
22/Jun/17 2:20 AM
22/Jun/17 2:21 AM
Good morning.
22/Jun/17 3:10 AM
I thought I was getting up at 0500, but I was wrong.
22/Jun/17 3:11 AM
Darn clock has put itself on 24 hr reading, 12 hours out of sync.
22/Jun/17 3:13 AM
So it read 1500, not 0500 as I thought.
22/Jun/17 3:15 AM
Sleepy eyes is all I can blame. Now to finish my cuppa and head back to bed.
22/Jun/17 3:16 AM

Just got back from the doctor's. Good blood work results. He says I'm ''golden''. That's effusive coming from him.
At any rate....Happy Dance!
22/Jun/17 4:28 AM
I didn't know bats could dance!
22/Jun/17 4:37 AM
I have seen the ''Painted Ladies'' in San Francisco.
There are row houses in Baltimore by that name, too.
I believe the Baltimore houses were painted because of a contest for ''Best Porch'' in the area. Sometime in the 90's, if I recall correctly.
22/Jun/17 4:38 AM
Bats have many talents, Cake Lady.
22/Jun/17 4:39 AM
Kathy, congrats on the good news... and thanks for the new vocabulary word!
22/Jun/17 4:41 AM
Morning all,beautiful painted ladies.
22/Jun/17 7:35 AM
Well I was a bit too late to be gracious, but I'm glad you got there Keith.
22/Jun/17 8:18 AM
That's a ghost post from yesterday, so it is just right for Keith.
22/Jun/17 8:24 AM
Hi guys! I just stopped in to sat hello.
22/Jun/17 9:07 AM
22/Jun/17 9:08 AM
Good to see you are posting again Greg
22/Jun/17 9:19 AM
Just learned that they found a body in a burning car at Morton Arboretum - a closed park that I love to walk in - didn't go today as I ran 4 classes - wow - I go there as it was safe
22/Jun/17 11:42 AM
So many children- families enjoy this park and on Wednesday nights they have wine nights with food and music - sad to hear this
22/Jun/17 11:51 AM
Well - good maEn - summer starts today !
22/Jun/17 12:04 PM
1:32. Good afternoon everyone.
22/Jun/17 12:44 PM
22/Jun/17 1:01 PM
Good Maen, good people. I am at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan for 3 days of 4-H Exploration Days. Skye is taking a sailing class in the Recreational Sports division and I am taking two half sessions: Iris Paper Folding in the Visual Arts & Crafts division and Marketing Mayhem in the Careers division.
22/Jun/17 9:39 PM
There is no danger of going hungry here. Being a premier land grant (Ag and sciences) university, the food is yummy and the dairy and vegetables are the best I eat all year. The strawberry yogurt here is the world's best. No fillers. Just farm fresh dairy.
22/Jun/17 9:44 PM
Trains go past campus all night! It probably bothers most people but I love the train whistles, so it's part of the enjoyment package.
22/Jun/17 9:47 PM
We may have some heavy thunderstorms today but hopefully not until overnight.
22/Jun/17 9:51 PM
Only hard thing is all the distances on crutches and a knee brace. Two years ago I walked miles back and forth across the main campus doing a geocaching half session. Now if it's not an adjoining building or near a shuttle bus stop, I'm not interested. Next year, hopefully. But not this year.
22/Jun/17 9:57 PM
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