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Easy Sudoku for 22/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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22/Jun/18 12:00 AM
And #1. all.
22/Jun/18 12:00 AM
22/Jun/18 12:07 AM
22/Jun/18 12:07 AM
Halt & shosho!! Hopefully more folks will show up soon.
22/Jun/18 12:56 AM
Amelia, sending every good wish that Narrelle is released from the hospital soon.
And, Plum, I'm happy to hear that Skye arrived in Norway safe and sound. It is such a beautiful country, she's going to love it!
22/Jun/18 12:59 AM
22/Jun/18 4:31 AM
For shosho.

22/Jun/18 4:40 AM
Good mAen, good people. I've been on the internet most of today searching for a new glaze that has the qualities I'm looking for. I think I'll reward myself Saturday and/or Sunday with a trip to visit my folks.
22/Jun/18 6:18 AM
All I know today about Skye is that she and the other delegates are super duper exhausted from the time change. I expect they are all asleep by now. Their schedule promised an early night so they could catch up on their . I may have something to report tomorrow.
22/Jun/18 6:20 AM
Morning all, I just had text from Narrelle saying she was feeling a lot better this morning. Hopefully it will stay that way as she has her chemotherapy needle and tablets this morning.
22/Jun/18 6:28 AM
Good morning.
22/Jun/18 6:34 AM
Quick hello before head for the shower.
22/Jun/18 6:35 AM
Taking the car in for a service this morning.
22/Jun/18 6:36 AM
See ya.
22/Jun/18 6:36 AM
2:20. Driving is certainly great fun as in photo
Lovely scenery
22/Jun/18 6:39 AM
Thanks for all the good & getting better news; who could ask for more? Skye has arrived safely, Narrelle is experiencing an improvement, and CP's car will be in prime shape - won't need that horse & buggy after all!
22/Jun/18 7:42 AM
I could wait for somebody to get me closer,
22/Jun/18 8:41 AM
or I could go for it myself,
22/Jun/18 8:41 AM
so Peter doesn't snatch it out from under me.
22/Jun/18 8:42 AM
22/Jun/18 8:42 AM
22/Jun/18 8:42 AM
Some days, you're the windshield,
22/Jun/18 9:01 AM
and some days you're the bug.
22/Jun/18 9:01 AM
Being the bug is OK, as long as you use the pedestrian crossings.
22/Jun/18 9:21 AM
Car will be in tip top shape (almost) when I pick ir up (well. almost). Battery became an issue while it was at the garage, so it's got a new one, and the tell me the tyres need replacing so that'll happen in the nest few days.
22/Jun/18 12:32 PM
22/Jun/18 1:11 PM
I have had a lovely morning watching native birds visiting our back garden. We the superb blue wrens on a regular basis, but the eastern spine bills are less frequent visitors. They are rather like large humming birds with long curved beaks and they sometimes hover while sipping the nectar.
22/Jun/18 3:07 PM
Amelia, it is good that Narrelle is showing signs of improvement. Let's hope that the latest round of treatment further improves her health and that any side effects are minimal.
22/Jun/18 3:12 PM
2:04 Looks like a fun photo.
22/Jun/18 3:25 PM
Amelia that is very positive news for your and Narelle. I will keep my fingers crossed that there is improvement every day and good health is restored
22/Jun/18 5:42 PM
How bout I crack open a Lazy Yak cause I'm too lazy to wait for 33.
22/Jun/18 7:21 PM
1:47. Good evening everyone.
22/Jun/18 8:27 PM
22/Jun/18 11:59 PM
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