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Easy Sudoku for 22/June/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
22/Jun/19 12:00 AM
Think I'll relax and enjoy the rarity of rays!
22/Jun/19 12:01 AM
'Our' skunk came for a visit last night about an hour after we went to bed. Although it's a beautiful skunk - mostly white - he was a real stinker last night. We are still trying to air the house out since we had most of our windows open when he left his calling card.
22/Jun/19 12:04 AM
What a colorful daisy! Ours are just plain white w/yellow centers.
22/Jun/19 12:07 AM
Shiela, our dog once made friends with a skunk. It took forever to get rid of the smell. I am here to tell you the tomato juice remedy doesn't work. Nor did anything else I tried. I finally hauled her into the groomers and let them deal with it.
22/Jun/19 12:34 AM
Dogs seem to like skunks - up to a certain point!
22/Jun/19 12:39 AM
22/Jun/19 1:11 AM
22/Jun/19 1:28 AM
While running around the marsh I get an occasional whiff of eau de skunk! And If I see them I usually clap my hands and yells as I approach from 20 yards away hoping they'll turn and run further into the marsh preserve!
22/Jun/19 1:38 AM
Good Maen, good people. The only time we had a dog to deodorize after a rendezvous with a skunk (our previous yellow dog), we used the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap recipe that is all over the internet. It worked pretty well. There was still a residual scent if you leaned in to More...
22/Jun/19 1:42 AM
22/Jun/19 1:49 AM
I innocently come here to have fun doing puzzles, and something smells really bad.
22/Jun/19 1:51 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
22/Jun/19 1:55 AM
One fall we had 5-7 skunks come regularly to clean-up under the bird feeders at our rather rural summer place; that was the first time I ever had reason to investigate the commonality of white skunks... most of our visitors were white with a black stripe. They were gorgeous & never left any 'calling cards' ... of course we never disturbed their activities either!
22/Jun/19 2:11 AM
Very pretty pink flower today!
22/Jun/19 3:03 AM
After having a better look at this flowerI believe it is an Echinacea.
22/Jun/19 3:23 AM
It does look like echinacea, and they are in the daisy family. Mine are just starting to bud & they make wonderful cut flowers!
22/Jun/19 3:44 AM
22/Jun/19 4:46 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone.
22/Jun/19 6:00 AM
Beautiful bright daisy flower
Thanks for sharing photo
22/Jun/19 6:02 AM
Morning all,gorgeous colour of that daisy.
Having a giggle about the skunk stories.😂😂
Easy puzzle today's!
22/Jun/19 7:13 AM
Where did that 's come from ?
Oops Keith's 22 !
22/Jun/19 7:17 AM
1:53. Good Day, everyone!
22/Jun/19 7:42 AM
Hello Everyone.
This is the first joint puzzle from Wombat and I. I take all responsibility for any mistakes :-)
It has been fun creating the puzzle with Dad (I have much to learn!)
I hope everyone enjoys solving it - send the answers to Wombat.
22/Jun/19 9:58 AM
This week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle,
We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of a word and a clue
as to what the word is. We will also give you the end of the word in alphabetical order,
and the first and third letters of the word also in More...
22/Jun/19 10:03 AM
Whoops sorry everybody, try again.

This week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle,
We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of a word and a clue
as to what the word is. We will also give you the end of the word in alphabetical order,
and the More...
22/Jun/19 10:05 AM
Sorry folks, a few problems at this end. I think we have sorted them out. Let me or Tyranids know if there are still problems.
This week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle, 
 We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of a word and a More...
22/Jun/19 10:23 AM
Hi Folks, There is still one problem with the puzzle, there is meant to be a few spaces between B and D letters and the clue, but you will work it out. The problem is that Word does not copy to this site very well. I always do mine in Notes on a Mac, without any problems We will work out a way of doing it. Apologies Wombat.
22/Jun/19 10:36 AM
2:10 Good morning all.

Thank you, Shosho.
22/Jun/19 11:20 AM
Good mAeN
Auto correct you drive me batty
It may be morning on the site but it the longest day here
22/Jun/19 11:25 AM
Must be skunk season
I smelled one a few nights ago
To lazy to get out of bed to close the window
22/Jun/19 11:26 AM
Son and I went for a walk and Scott spotted a eagle flying over the river - what a treat

I unfortunately went more for a hobble then a walk - but I get where I am going
22/Jun/19 11:28 AM
Barman, a round for the house, on my tab, if you please. Make mine a Canadian & tonic with a wee squeeze of lime.......
22/Jun/19 2:48 PM
to fraz

22/Jun/19 2:54 PM

And a good Sunday morning to all.
22/Jun/19 11:59 PM
Good Maen, good people. At the risk of ruining HalT’s LPOTD, a big THANK YOU to Tyranids and Wombat. I was going to post last night, got as far as Tyranid’s poozle post and eagerly got to work. I solved the easy or obvious clues and fell asleep. (No reflection on the puzzle as it was the middle of More...
23/Jun/19 10:21 PM
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