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Easy Sudoku for 22/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Afternoon to everyone.

That is a nice picture of "Buddies!"
22/Aug/09 2:17 AM
An oldie....
It was the first day of school and Pedro Martinez, recently arrived in Dallas from Mexico, entered the fourth grade.
The teacher said, "Let's begin by reviewing some American history. Who said 'Give me liberty or give me death'?"
She saw a sea of blank faces, More...
22/Aug/09 2:17 AM
...and with the government comes the abuse of said power. Recently our government has come under intense scrutiny due to the massive handouts given to members regarding their pensions, expenses et al, a fraudulent activity which is being contested by the politicians and for which they seem to be More...
22/Aug/09 2:20 AM
Jerry, you need to be on Skype so that you can see how many people actually join you in dancing!
22/Aug/09 2:20 AM
I am off to play at a nursing home this afternoon with my Mountain Band. Have a great day everyone!
22/Aug/09 2:45 AM
I hope it is still not 'naked' Friday on sudoku, Greg...I won't log into Skype just in case...
22/Aug/09 2:46 AM
Anyone good at repairing clutches on cars? Mine sadly burnt out yesterday...
22/Aug/09 2:47 AM
I have never met anyone as hard on mechanical devices as you are, Andre!!
22/Aug/09 3:03 AM
Okay André, let me get this straight. You burned out your clutch, your health care doesn't cover it and as such you MIGHT consider "naked" Friday dancing on Skype to help with the costs as they are not going to be tax deductible and you are not a retired teacher? Is this a correct assumption?
22/Aug/09 3:35 AM
Well, I guess I'll add my two cents worth. Everyone in almost every country can point to government waste, mismanagement, health care issues, etc. These issues are NOT limited to government or public sector employees. In this recession, thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people are being More...
22/Aug/09 4:00 AM
cute puppies.
22/Aug/09 4:07 AM
I recall someone mentioning a "Banana crumble with apple and pineapple" dessert awhile ago. I can't find the recipe in the Sudokuland cookbook. I just made a note of the recipe name and not who made it.
22/Aug/09 5:40 AM
Greg, I agree with you. It's called democracy, if we don't like what the Government is doing or the way they are doing it - don't vote for them. It's our choice.

I know that is being a bit simplistic, but it is the bottom line.
22/Aug/09 5:57 AM
Kathy, yet your messages. Not sure, but what the heck....
22/Aug/09 5:57 AM
Quick hello - then off to work for me! Bye!
22/Aug/09 6:00 AM
Not simplistic Ian. A sad reality. It is unfortunate that those in the private sector don't have a vote, but they do have a voice!
22/Aug/09 6:00 AM
Kathy, that was supposed to read "check your messages."
22/Aug/09 6:01 AM
The power that is wielded by Governments attracts all kinds of crooks and rogues - and a few good men (and women).

My particular beef is with Governments that can't plan beyond the next election. And corrupt officials - at all levels of government.

Now I'll have brekky and go back to sleep.

Welcome back Danstell.
22/Aug/09 6:03 AM
Ian, time for me to reality check here and watch what I say. I meant to say "those in private sector don't have a vote on who their management is, but they do have a voice." Time to quit while I'm behind.
22/Aug/09 6:05 AM
Too much Crown Royal Greg?
22/Aug/09 6:07 AM
Got it! Thanks, Greg!
22/Aug/09 6:15 AM
Sorry, I forgot my manners - or Crown Royale.
22/Aug/09 6:24 AM
Either way Ian, I wish! Kathy, enjoy and don't get your hands too sticky!
22/Aug/09 6:56 AM
Hello everyone, those puppies are certainly posed. I've enjoyed the debate about the medical fees. Jerry I did get up to dance love Kenny Rogers songs.
22/Aug/09 7:29 AM
An interesting aside, in Bristol the local government gave the people the opportunity to decide how much money they wanted to pay in council tax (local tax paid annually for services ie: road cleaning, rubbish removal etc.) The people elected to pay less and then realised that the money ran out More...
22/Aug/09 7:35 AM
Greg...I was thinking of Jerry...

I didn't know that Lemon Sicilian cheesecake could taste so good...devine...is an understatement really...
22/Aug/09 7:37 AM
Judy you should meet Fred he is a terror with a blowtorch...
22/Aug/09 7:39 AM
Electra was frozen with fear...which is good considering she has been a fridge/freezer all along...no gender testing allowed, she gets frightfully upset at the mention of ice-cubes...and candles...
22/Aug/09 7:49 AM
CP'd out now, night x
22/Aug/09 7:51 AM
Ahem - Everyone's attention, please.
Announcing the Michigan Sudokufest a/k/a "Jane Jam" Sunday, September 13, 5 p.m.
We are working out final arrangements for the location, which will be a restaurant easily accessed from I-94 somewhere between Battle Creek and Paw Paw (but it More...
22/Aug/09 8:10 AM
22/Aug/09 8:32 AM
Karen, congrats to you and Girl 1 and man. Know you both are proud of her and for her.

I am still around. Have been reading posts daily but lost password to log in. Finally found it.
Greg, we especially enjoyed the jokes today. Too much!! Used to hear a lot of Aggie Jokes, but not so More...
22/Aug/09 8:47 AM
Good Morning everyone..

Today we have a BIG PARTY happening at my house.. celebrating my Mum's 90th Birthday (on Tuesday 25th Aug).
Relatives (11 of them) from Sydney have flown in to Perth for the big event including Mum's Older Brother (93). Mum will have all her Children, More...
22/Aug/09 9:29 AM
Rolanda, Happy 90th birthday to your Mum. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful party. Make sure you take lots and lots of photos.
22/Aug/09 9:41 AM
Oh, Rolanda, please give your mum my best wishes, too! What a long trip - Sydney to Perth - but what a grand occasion. Best wishes to you, too, Rolanda. Hope you keep your sanity and enjoy the BIG PARTY at YOUR house.
22/Aug/09 9:43 AM
Regarding health care.
This week I have had a blood test (paid for by medicare-gov't funded), a trip to the dentist (partly covered by private health insurance extras), a visit to the podiatrist (health insurance extras), a visit with the optometrist (fully covered by medicare) to get a new pair More...
22/Aug/09 10:03 AM
Now, I'm off to start my day. I'm still in my pjs and it's 10am. I love Saturdays!!!
22/Aug/09 10:08 AM
Have a great time today Rolanda
22/Aug/09 10:10 AM
Rolanda - Birthday wishes to you Mum! I know you're all going to have a blast at the party!!!
22/Aug/09 10:29 AM
that should be "your Mum" - not "you Mum"!!!
22/Aug/09 10:30 AM
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