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Easy Sudoku for 23/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, everybody!
23/Jan/17 12:03 AM
Hi all
23/Jan/17 1:08 AM
So! If someone was shooting at President Trump, would the secret service say, ''Donald duck!''
23/Jan/17 1:14 AM

23/Jan/17 1:41 AM
One eye Jack -
23/Jan/17 1:52 AM

It's rainy and cool here. A good day to watch football games. I'm going to get some laundry done, then that's what I plan on doing.
23/Jan/17 2:42 AM
Happy rainy Sunday (is that an oxymoron?)
23/Jan/17 3:33 AM
Good morning all - we had so much fog this morning that everything, including both porches, is still dripping wet! - fog's gone though!
23/Jan/17 3:34 AM
Aileen, are you in harm's way of the storms in 'southern' California - hope not, & stay safe, please.
23/Jan/17 3:36 AM
Not sure where the biggest, most powerful storms in years are devastating southern California folks ... hope all our members stay safe!
23/Jan/17 3:42 AM
23/Jan/17 3:53 AM
Oh most of us are doing fine. Definitely not going for a run this morning! I did do a run on Friday and saw that the water level at the marsh was up to the path! The path is very close and level with the street! We haven't had a flooding of Madrona Street in decades!
23/Jan/17 3:56 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
23/Jan/17 3:57 AM
I am enjoying a lilikoi (passion fruit) pancake breakfast with puree strawberries as syrup. Yum! All without added sugar (an added note for the diabetic patients here) I live in fear of diabetes because both my parents had it and my baby bro has it now.
23/Jan/17 4:01 AM
A CP, and I'm onto the medium level!
23/Jan/17 4:02 AM
No serious water problems here, other than not-too-dangerous street and sidewalk flooding. The major consequence has been that we have been called to take dry shoes to our grandchildren at school. One grandson was wet to his knees, so the assumption is that his skirmish with a deep puddle was NOT completely innocent! Little boys and puddles! Grrrrr!
23/Jan/17 4:16 AM
Since it's the 22nd here in the States,
23/Jan/17 4:45 AM
I'm going to start now
23/Jan/17 4:45 AM
to make a run for it.
23/Jan/17 4:46 AM
Anybody ...?
23/Jan/17 4:46 AM
23/Jan/17 4:46 AM
23/Jan/17 4:46 AM
Morning all, a blurred one eyed Jack.
Lucky for you Keith that I slept in this morning.
23/Jan/17 6:13 AM
If Socialist college professors
believed their own propaganda ~~~

Wouldn't they teach
for free?
23/Jan/17 6:26 AM
It seems that uno hu is in his usual good form.
23/Jan/17 6:27 AM
Good morning. Looks like it will be a rather warm day here. I should be out watering the garden.
23/Jan/17 6:49 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone. I haven't been on the site for a couple of days, I got back last night from a fantastic training camp in the Blue Mountains (for those that know where it is, at Jenolan Caves.) There are some very rugged and spectacular running trails out there, and I got back home last night very tired but still on a natural high from the weekend.
23/Jan/17 7:01 AM
We had lots of coming home today.
23/Jan/17 10:06 AM
Morning all, or what ever time it happend to be where you are. Today's puzzle asks you to start with a single letter and make a seven letter word, and then go back to a single letter. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a word each time. You can rearrange More...
23/Jan/17 10:11 AM
I just saw on the TV that Obama actually did give Trump a letter.........remember, you saw it first on this site.
23/Jan/17 1:56 PM
And for those of you who are wondering, What the ....?

Refer to yesterday's joke.
23/Jan/17 1:59 PM
O.J. I won't do that again. It comes with frustration at rarely being able to find words ending in J or Q, so I thought I'd cheat a little and go for an abbreviation. It's okay to have an abbreviation, but not a two letter one, so apologies folks and I won't use NJ this coming Saturday. Despite my cheating, with, with a bit of to and froing we got there.
23/Jan/17 2:35 PM
What I thought the right answers were are as follows
23/Jan/17 2:49 PM
Well we are just over half way to Peter's favourite number. In recognition of his achievement in predicting the Obama - Trump correspondence I think we should help him to get there.
23/Jan/17 2:53 PM
Mrs. Wombat and two of the grandkids have gone down to the local Water Park, which features 9 water slides. Swimming in our pool is not enough, they need the extra thrills.
23/Jan/17 2:56 PM
In my day (violin accompaniment please) the farmer's dam or a local creek were good enough for a swim, while swinging on a rope tied to a tree was the thrills. Just call me Huck.
23/Jan/17 2:58 PM
Well gives me a CP and takes me in striking distance of the bottom of the page.
23/Jan/17 3:01 PM
Greg, I see that a Canadial golfer shot a 59. It will take someone like Kim Jon Un (or was it Kim Jon Il) who allegedly shot some impossibly low score.
23/Jan/17 3:04 PM
I've never been more than a hacker at golf, but then we only played when we were away on holidays. I can recall once getting a birdie on a par three hole.
23/Jan/17 3:07 PM
It really is bottom of the page stuff now, so here goes, BOTP.
23/Jan/17 3:09 PM
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