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Easy Sudoku for 23/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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23/Jan/20 12:02 AM
1:51. Good Morning, Mr. Cee and everyone!
23/Jan/20 12:05 AM
Tom and those late starters

23/Jan/20 12:12 AM
2:10 Good night Mr Cee, Tom and all.
23/Jan/20 12:12 AM
Mr. Cee and Anne!
to everyone else!
23/Jan/20 1:26 AM
Mr Cee, Kathy, & all who follow!! Sleep well Anne.
23/Jan/20 1:45 AM
Oops, missed tom. sorry!
23/Jan/20 1:45 AM
Seeing Wombat's post about his visiting Koel reminded me of the time we had a robin lay her eggs in the hanging plant next to our front door. Everytime we went out she would get all upset. Feeling sorry for her, we just used the back door until the eggs hatched and the little ones fledged.
I More...
23/Jan/20 1:49 AM
I was sitting here diligently working on Wombat's puzzle this morning. Both dogs were lying on the bed not 2 feet away. I thought they were sleeping. Well, one was. The other was quietly chewing a hole in a pillow case. Stealth Chewer strikes again. With all his guilty cringing and cowering More...
23/Jan/20 2:12 AM
23/Jan/20 2:20 AM
Saw shadows on the snow. It must be sunny, but not shining brightly!
Hope your day is bright!
23/Jan/20 3:32 AM
23/Jan/20 4:31 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
23/Jan/20 4:32 AM
23/Jan/20 4:53 AM
23/Jan/20 5:16 AM
Morning. Crisp, cloudy with patches of sun.
23/Jan/20 5:53 AM
Morning all, never been to Orange ,looks like a nice place.
It's raining in Melbourne and we are to get another hot day.
23/Jan/20 6:10 AM
23/Jan/20 6:33 AM
Nice photo, Kate . Guess you're home by now!
23/Jan/20 6:40 AM
Hello all - no complaints - everything's fine here; I wish the same for all!
23/Jan/20 9:25 AM
all, Pretty cold here in Florida this morning - 34F (1C)! Off to bed with a warmed bean bag. Best wishes for a quickly healing return Sarah.
23/Jan/20 1:20 PM

Wednesday 22nd January.
Arachnid – Keeping tabs on the wildlife of the world. You have to ask, what would a Pom know about drop bears?

Thursday 23rd January.
Mr Cee – Starts the day. Woooohoooo, no jokes. He must have used them all up. One More...
23/Jan/20 3:54 PM
Uh, oooh! I just took Keith's favourite number.
23/Jan/20 3:56 PM
Just got a begging letter from my bank!!
They gave me a plastic card and said put it in the wall or magic machine at the shop and it will give you money or goods. So I did.
Now this begging letter wants me to pay it back. Why give me one in the first place if they want my money back?
23/Jan/20 11:44 PM
Just noticed I said MY bank. Possessive just like Sarah's doctor. Why do we use this terminology when we don't own them?
23/Jan/20 11:45 PM
Phantom we had rellies out from Pommieland and I took them to the local sanctuary where I pointed out fences to keep drop bears in. They walked around very close to me in case it did happen. I felt guilty
I'd rather meet a drop bear than a drop lizard
23/Jan/20 11:47 PM
thank you, google:
A drop bear is a hoax in contemporary Australian folklore featuring a predatory, carnivorous version of the koala. This imaginary animal is commonly spoken about in tall tales designed to scare tourists.
24/Jan/20 9:02 AM
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