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Easy Sudoku for 23/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well not really Just forgot to hold down the shift key for a capital I,I,I,I,I, as at the sametime I was typing the kids started to do a screaming act on me? Well I do have to go as people just turned up? so it's Byeeeee!!!!! from me will catch up with all tomorrow, or at least try to.
2.54 best time yet, easy today
Well, thank you Cathy! 'Tis I who am improved by the privilege of chatting with others such as yourself.
Have to go and do a few jobs now. Hopefully back tonight.
5:12 okay for me. lazy day.
After thinking it was FUBAR, I salvaged it! Thanks to the transit strike, I am exhausted from walking 10 miles each way to work today in the cold. 3:30...not bad.
Samantha Jean..sounds rough walking! 4:20
The waterfall reminds me alot of one we have here, althought the ones here are cleaner.
makes me wish i was in the water now
Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays to all.
Today's puzzles were easy.
Samantha Jean, at least the strike is over. You can get back to normal now.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. See you tomorrow.
wow 5 pages of posts and on site late so haven't even completed the puzzles yet. hello fraz pleased you arrived safely in england. will catch up when things settle down.
mo have a lovely holiday, merry christmas and stay safe and look forward to more sudoku fun in the new year.
will try to More...
that sounds lots of fun!!
WOW 1.56 must have been easy!!! couldn't mouse it any faster.
cathy SA is it still hot over your way or has it cooled down yet?
Merry Christmas or happy holiday season to all those heading off for a break. stay safe, have fun and return to your sudoku family rested for a new year of fun and laughs!!
5:33 getting rusty again
Merry Xmas everyone!!!
Forgot to time, but beautiful waterfall! Anyone learn where this is? Merry Christmas, y'all!
this game is fun!!!!!!!!!Happy Holidsys to everyone out their!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Hi all, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year from lovely, warm NZ!
cathy, we seem to be on at different times. In response to your comment from yesterday, it is great to have them home again; even if when mine is dragging me from store to store never to find the perfect pair of pants. We are trying to cram a year’s worth of mother-daughter outings in just five More...
10.24 bit slow thinking and mousing
Merry christmas and happy holidays to you all and if you are travelling stay safe.
going stupid me thinks as had both pages easy and tough open and posted tough comment see above on easy.
I think I have lost the plot.
trying to do too many things at once.
HSola back i am a beginner and I am slow so my time was 7:52 i think.
Gath, Jim, Mo, col, Kathy, Ted, Fiona, Susan, Dennis, KRP, QRP, andré, et al at sudoku land:
Peace, Love, & Happiness.
All the best for the holidays, and 2006
Have a blessed Holiday Season and a healthy 2006.
5:25 -- not too bad. It's good to check to see if the number you are working on will result in too many possibilities. If so, then temporarily skip it and come back to it.
2:54. thats a awesome pic. where abouts is it? does anyone know??? i would love to find out ae.

merry christmas to all
3.36 pretty good today i reckon. getting better aas time goes on.
Hi Karen, took me a bit longer, I'm a beginner. What part of MD are you in?
I wish everyone a happy & holy Christmas. I have enjoyed our company together for these past few months sharing everything big & small, the trials & tribulations that life has sent us have been handled most admirably with thoughtfulness, tenderness and compassion. I look forward to sharing with you all again soon. Love Ted XOXO
I love these puzzles they are addicting. Have A Merry
Christmas And A Happy New Year.
3:35 ..
Bit late on-site today, and Wow! What a lot of messages. Went exploring some local volcanic lava tubes and caves this morning. Beautiful day over this way. Looks like a storm coming in for this evening though. Have fun everyone, and enjoy your xmas festives!!
Good night to all.
2:36 - No cheating
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