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Easy Sudoku for 23/February/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone. Just getting a little bit of ironing in while watching the cricket, but should turn in soon.
23/Feb/14 12:00 AM
23/Feb/14 12:02 AM
Good morning to all!
23/Feb/14 12:03 AM
A Thought For The Day:

Being 'over the hill' is much better than being under it!
23/Feb/14 12:05 AM
Time for your Saturday/Sunday puzzle. Have fun!

1. When you clutched or grasped someone’s hand tightly –> when something is expired or no longer valid
2. A feeling of guilt or regret when you do something wrong –> something that is bogus, false or fictitious
3. A leader of a More...
23/Feb/14 12:06 AM
Answers to yesterday’s disemboweler:

1. Stomp, stop, sop
2. Cramp, camp, cap
3. Spurn, SURN, sun
4. Thrill, trill, till, til
5. Skimp, skip, sip

Responses from: CG, Judy, Kathy(MD), Lizzy G, Mads, Dottie R, Sarah, Serena, shosho, and Peter.
23/Feb/14 12:11 AM
I give. What is he looking at?
23/Feb/14 1:44 AM
It looks like either a moth or a butterfly Serena.
23/Feb/14 1:54 AM
I love that thought, Doug! It correlates very well with my mantra ... 'Every day that I wake up on the right side of the grass is a good one!'
23/Feb/14 2:08 AM
Happy Saturday!
HalT: Did you get my responses?
23/Feb/14 2:15 AM

Yes, looks like a moth.
Nice sunny and relatively warm day here. The snow is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I do believe Spring is on the way!
23/Feb/14 2:29 AM
80 comments yesterday. TOPP for page 3 went begging for an hour and a half before turnover.
23/Feb/14 2:30 AM
I wonder if Olympic watching is taking a toll?

Time to change my chilled and bundled up bat to something more in keeping with the warmer weather.....
23/Feb/14 2:35 AM
Awww.... He looks enchanted with that butterfly.
23/Feb/14 2:37 AM
Keith - We're all hibernating or all on holiday, maybe???
(Fondly known as Sudoku's 'H & H'!)
23/Feb/14 2:37 AM
Hehe, could be a moth, could be a butterfly, I thought it might have been a candy wrapper. I think it's a girl.
23/Feb/14 2:57 AM
When I was working as a janitor, ''on holiday'' meant you missed a spot while waxing the floor.
23/Feb/14 3:09 AM
B-B-But Keith - That means a person who takes a vacation is considered 'lazy'!!!
I don't like the sounds of that...
23/Feb/14 3:18 AM
Sorry, Aileen. Yes, I got your answers... and Jamie's also... but not Meads...
I'll blame it on my poor, poor condition.
23/Feb/14 3:43 AM
Thanks, HalT; wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining things
23/Feb/14 3:54 AM
Here I am.
23/Feb/14 4:01 AM
23/Feb/14 4:01 AM
No Shiela, picture putting a new coat of finish on a gym floor, never stopping working, but the mind has gone on vacation and is barely paying attention to the job.
23/Feb/14 4:05 AM
Good morning people of the world.
23/Feb/14 4:14 AM
I find myself in a 'What do I do,' situation.
The plan, was to spend the morning with my darlings, while Man ran errands. But my darlings, did not want to stay with me. Darn the luck. I could go take a morning nap, in preparation for my afternoon nap. I could give myself a mini spa treatment. But so far, all I have done is do those domestic tasks. Humph.
23/Feb/14 4:17 AM
I am on a rampage, on top of my soap box here, on people being so stupid. (Yes, I said that word, I really dislike).
Three months ago, three men moved in across the street. Nice, quiet fellows. We have done our greetings, though if I had ever met these guys on the street, I would not recognize More...
23/Feb/14 4:22 AM
23/Feb/14 4:25 AM
Anyway, Saturday night, when we were returning from our all day outing, there is a moving van in the front of the their house. One of the guys is in the process of planning a wedding, so we just thought he was going to her place, since, there has not been a clue to all moving out. I cannot imagine, going through all the moving in process, only to move out 3 months later.
23/Feb/14 4:25 AM
Yup, Karen, spent the morning, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen (oops the FPA!), fed the cats, cleaning the cat litter boxes, taking out the trash (darn, don't have sons at home to do that anymore). Finally I get to sit and eat my breakfast! Now the cats think I should be feeding them MY breakfast! Hmmmm cheeky little guys!
23/Feb/14 4:28 AM
Anyway, did not think anything of it, but noticed Monday, the fellows already gone, so no morning greetings. Thursday, I noticed their dog barking, but realized, I had not seen any vehicles or lights on, all week. Man, had no trouble going over and looking in their windows, everything is gone. More...
23/Feb/14 4:30 AM
Got so much to do today, my income taxes, my dad's, clean off my desk AGAIN. I know my desk has a glass top, (it's really a small dining table for four but when I bought it, I needed a lot of desktop space to sort through my students papers), also got a 3 drawer cabinet and a printer cabinet to fit underneath like a desk!
23/Feb/14 4:32 AM
Karen, you're such a darling to take on the care of the poor dog! Don't people know that when you take a pet, you're taking a living being that you're responsible for. Just because you move to a smaller place, would you leave a child behind? I don't think so and neither should you leave a pet!
23/Feb/14 4:35 AM
I have the machines going, Shosho, which is a no no, for the weekend, for me. But after a month of no accidents, I had one have an oops.
Have no idea, why she was scared to tell me, so she told Daddy, I heard, and just told the darling to put her bedding in the laundry room. End of discussion, More...
23/Feb/14 4:35 AM
Long ago, some apartments wouldn't allow kids! Families definitely wouldn't even think of considering them. Just as now, some apartments won't allow pets, if you have a pet, you shouldn't even consider them! Okay now I'll get off my soapbox and go quietly to eat my breakfast.
23/Feb/14 4:37 AM
Probably it's the martyred look your face takes on when you have to approach the laundry room!
23/Feb/14 4:39 AM
Oh, Shosho, I am right beside you.
When we moved I worried about my cats, since the old place was the only home they ever knew, but Busy died, just before we moved, and Poopers, who ranted and raved the entire drive here, has become very accustomed to city life and has the wasteline to prove it.
I would leave Man behind, before even thinking of leaving my little darlings.
23/Feb/14 4:39 AM
Golly so close and Karen's here . . .
23/Feb/14 4:40 AM
Race you, Karen!!!
23/Feb/14 4:40 AM
getting there . . .
23/Feb/14 4:40 AM
23/Feb/14 4:40 AM
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