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Easy Sudoku for 23/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I am not amusedx!!!
23/Mar/07 1:26 PM
Must be an aussie joke!!
23/Mar/07 1:42 PM
OK I got Easter Bunny Teddy and his friends in the flickr pics! they got a big kick out of it !
23/Mar/07 2:14 PM
A nice clear photo of the icy valley. One of Ian's/Syd is it. I thought the new anthem was funny, was sing it as I read it LOL.
23/Mar/07 2:18 PM
Wow, Mickey, I thought we were the most cared for generation because all the neighbor were watch over us. Note if we were in the wrong place or did any thing, our parents knew immediately because a neighbor would call them. If our parents had to go anywhere on an emergency, a neighbor would watch More...
23/Mar/07 2:31 PM
Well, everyone, it's almost officially 23 March 2007 in Ottawa, Canada, which means party time.


Have an absolutely wonderful day today and enjoy everything that comes your way. You still don't look a day over 21!!

23/Mar/07 2:47 PM
Get out the wine, beaver tails, nibblies, beer and the party hats and balloons.

23/Mar/07 2:49 PM
Greg, if Anne's right, and she always is, then happy birthday old friend.
You will have noticed that I took your adviceand changed my avatar.
23/Mar/07 3:15 PM
have a great birthday
23/Mar/07 3:23 PM
Ian, just because I'm at work and you think I can't see your comment, well, you're wrong.
Always right!!!! who me? Never!
But on this occasion I am.
Ha Ha (no smilies at work)
I like your koala.
23/Mar/07 3:25 PM
Canuk Greg, Have a great day!
23/Mar/07 3:30 PM
Sarah Beth... how about a third nailbiter. I couldn't even stand to watch the screen until after the buzzer. Go Bucks! Awesome effort by Tennessee, but WOW. Championship ballin' for the impressive comeback/Ohio State victory!
23/Mar/07 3:33 PM
I moved out of my parents' house the day I finished high school. I was still 17. I wasn't really prepared, but I learned on the job pretty quickly. I supported myself with dead end jobs and lived in poverty, but I was on my own and quite pleased with myself. I did some pretty stupid things, but More...
23/Mar/07 3:39 PM
bert, That's why I like the Sweet Sixteen. A lot of good basketball to be seen! Do you think we will have a Final Four with all the number one seeds for a change?
23/Mar/07 3:57 PM
Happy 32nd Wedding Anniversary Mr and Mrs CP
23/Mar/07 4:04 PM
Happy Birthday Canuk Greg
23/Mar/07 4:04 PM
Angie - I moved out when I was 21 (wanted to move out at 18 but I reached a deal with the folks). Moved back in before I was 22 (long story and absolute necessity). Moved out again when I was 23 and stayed out until 8 mths before my wedding. The only reason I moved back in before my wedding More...
23/Mar/07 4:06 PM
I think it depends on the family situation. As we live 2 minutes from the University - my children will probably stay at home until they have their University Degrees - unless they decide to marry first. I can't see the sense in them moving out to rent somewhere as a student when they have the More...
23/Mar/07 4:09 PM
I would like to add - that I am TOTALLY against a young married couple living with the parents. If they're old enough to decide on a commitment of that magnitude, then they are old enough to organise and finance a new life together on thier own.
23/Mar/07 4:11 PM
Greg.....you kept that to yourself didn't you?!
23/Mar/07 4:13 PM
Greg! Have a good one!
23/Mar/07 4:24 PM
Keep smiling

1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
2. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be 'meetings.'
3. There is a More...
23/Mar/07 4:30 PM
Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. CP.

Happy Birthday CG.

I chose a college far enough away from home that I couldn't drive home on week ends, and started college when I was still 17. It was important to me to start my own life. I lived at home summers, working to pay for the next year at More...
23/Mar/07 4:35 PM
It's still 3/22 over here, so EARLY

and many more...
23/Mar/07 4:38 PM
Shocking news about the Burley Tunnel accident today. I hope nobody's family or friends were badly affected or hurt.

Sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives.
23/Mar/07 4:38 PM
sorry - that should have read

'I hope nobody from this site's family or friends were badly affected or hurt'
23/Mar/07 4:40 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANUK GREG hope you have a wonderful day.
23/Mar/07 4:46 PM
Deb- that is so true !
no. 10 is a good one and so true,
but I don't agree with no.11 everyone wants a fuss on there birthday...this sites a good example!
23/Mar/07 5:16 PM
23/Mar/07 6:32 PM
23/Mar/07 6:45 PM
Canuk Greg - have a great birthday!
23/Mar/07 6:48 PM
I must have been in a unique situation in that our parents left the house and moved elsewhere and we were left to look after the house!

Happy Birthday CGreg - hope you have a great birthday
23/Mar/07 6:52 PM
Hey em - enjoy your salsa tonight - corn chips go well with it...

23/Mar/07 6:55 PM
One of the best Aussie songs ever on your page Angie
23/Mar/07 7:02 PM
corn chips billy?? that might make us all step in time!! lol
23/Mar/07 7:05 PM
Wooooo Hoooo
I finally got one right then Mel? lol
23/Mar/07 7:24 PM
2:18 Busy day. Hope everyone had a good one. We had our baby health visit today - according to their scales Veronica has put on 80grams in the past two days and now weighs a whopping 2.06 kg!
23/Mar/07 7:26 PM
Happy Birthday Canuck Greg!
23/Mar/07 7:28 PM
Rose /Sydney : I'm so pleased to hear Veronica is doing so well, tender loving care is all she needed.
23/Mar/07 8:44 PM
Happy Birthday Greg oh to be 40 again!! Have a wonderful day x
23/Mar/07 8:59 PM
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