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Easy Sudoku for 23/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone, Happy Monday!
23/May/16 12:00 AM
23/May/16 12:01 AM
I must be better: I played 3 oncerts last week.
This week chance of rain every day but not high.
23/May/16 12:02 AM
1:44. It's unusual for me to be on the site at this time of night, I think the pain killers are keeping me awake!
23/May/16 12:03 AM
Time for some XX here. Good Maen.
23/May/16 12:11 AM
Not unusual for me....but I had planned to go to bed earlier than this so I can get up and go for a walk with my 'running' club. Maybe not......
23/May/16 12:14 AM
23/May/16 12:14 AM
Hi Meg. You were right about your last comment yesterday - I'm planning to get out there again as soon as I possibly can!
23/May/16 12:15 AM
Goodnight everyone.
23/May/16 12:16 AM
If you do get up in time Meg, a couple of extra km for me would be appreciated!
23/May/16 12:17 AM
How's the Canadian connection enjoying the long weekend? It's snowing in Carstairs! I hope the frost blankets are enough to protect the tomatoes.
23/May/16 12:34 AM
A day to remember Mamacita.
23/May/16 1:56 AM
Ooooh, Mamacita ... the world is NOT a better place without you ... but Heaven's choir is singing more sweetly with you in it ... miss you ...
23/May/16 2:21 AM
Good morning.
23/May/16 2:38 AM
Happy Birthday, Mama.
23/May/16 2:40 AM
It was 4T's birthday yesterday. I sent him a text asking were we going to see him at all on the day. His reply, ''Umm, no. how about dinner on Thursday?''
23/May/16 2:43 AM
23/May/16 2:44 AM
Had to go back and read yesterday to see what happened to Chris.
23/May/16 2:48 AM
23/May/16 2:48 AM
Was told last year that rib pain is the worst there is.
23/May/16 2:49 AM
Hope the ribs settle soon.
23/May/16 2:50 AM
No Gallumps, so
23/May/16 2:50 AM
He must've gone back to sleep or is off playing puzzles on other pages.
23/May/16 2:52 AM
How I miss our wise and wonderful friend. Mama.
23/May/16 3:07 AM
I will be among the missing for a few days next week. I am having a basal cell carcinoma removed from my head. Nothing to worry about, they are very common. I opted for the Mohs surgery, which is quite involved as they biopsy tissue removed during the operation. That way, they can tell when all More...
23/May/16 3:22 AM
I had to go back and see why Chris is on pain meds. You have my sympathy, Chris. Been there, done that. It hurts! Take it easy and pop those pills!
23/May/16 3:28 AM
I am waiting to see if the rain stops before I get my act together and go grocery shopping. I may just have to get wet.
See you later
23/May/16 3:30 AM
Luckily your rain Kathy is just skimming by us, so the sun is shining brightly here. Off to enjoy it now - enjoy your day everyone!
23/May/16 3:49 AM
No where to go? This cutie would be welcome just about anywhere , I'm sure.
23/May/16 3:50 AM
Another repeat pic... Surely there are unseen pictures in the files.
23/May/16 5:26 AM
Good morning all.
23/May/16 6:29 AM
Good luck with the surgery Kathy. I hope everything goes well.
23/May/16 6:30 AM
Never had a cracked rib, but I've a slipped one. Very painful - you have my every sympathy Chris. I hope it heals quickly.
23/May/16 6:33 AM
Heavy rain forecast today. I guess I'll be inside all day.
23/May/16 6:34 AM
My horoscope says: You will be engaged in much needed housework.
23/May/16 6:35 AM
As some of you may know I am a bit passionate about photographing birds. I have put my favourite efforts for this year on my page if anyone wants to take a look. I've thrown in a couple of insects for good measure. Feel welcome to visit.
23/May/16 7:36 AM
Wonderful photos, Sacky! Thank you so much!
23/May/16 8:32 AM
Thanks Judy. I'm glad you like them.
23/May/16 8:42 AM
Yes, very impressive photography.
23/May/16 9:13 AM
Can I resist? I think not.

23/May/16 9:13 AM
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