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Easy Sudoku for 23/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Celebrating 36 years today.
23/May/17 12:00 AM
23/May/17 12:02 AM
We had a nice time in Bermuda. Lots of things to see. I'll post some pictures (if they're any good ones) after I edit them.
23/May/17 12:11 AM
Good MaeN, good people. What a striking photo today!
23/May/17 12:27 AM
Welcome back Hal!!
23/May/17 12:29 AM
I have an anniversary on the calendar, too. I joined this site nine years ago today.
23/May/17 12:31 AM
Sunny with mild temperatures.
An all-around gorgeous day! Hope yours is, too!
23/May/17 1:07 AM
(For Shosho!)
23/May/17 1:07 AM
It rained torrents yesterday. It's a good thing it's nice today - I have about 10 flats of flowers to plant!
23/May/17 1:12 AM
Morning. Beautiful morning here. Supposed to get hot.
23/May/17 1:30 AM
23/May/17 2:08 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
23/May/17 2:09 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
23/May/17 2:10 AM
That's about what the sky looks like around here right now.
23/May/17 2:36 AM
Happy Monday!
Serena: Long time no see! Hope you and the family are doing well
23/May/17 3:11 AM
Now that's a storm warning for sure!
23/May/17 3:43 AM
Though it doesn't say, Sandy Point is where Dino lives, which makes me think this is one of her photos.
23/May/17 4:29 AM
Guess I'll make a run for it.
23/May/17 4:29 AM
Looking around for any fellow racers.
23/May/17 4:29 AM
Gotta hurry. Somebody might sneak up.
23/May/17 4:30 AM
23/May/17 4:30 AM
23/May/17 4:30 AM
Exhausted now. Off to take a nap.
23/May/17 4:31 AM

I have been off playing cards. We tried a new game today. KARMA. Lots of fun once we got the hang of it.

Hi, Serena! Nice to see you posting!
23/May/17 5:46 AM
Happy Anniversary Wolf. Nice to see Serena. Treatment day for me so I am doing the puzzles early.
23/May/17 6:01 AM
1:29. Good morning everyone.
23/May/17 6:02 AM
Morning all, we have fog rolling in blocking out the sun.
23/May/17 7:22 AM
Wishing Mamacita a heavenly birthday, miss you .
23/May/17 7:23 AM
Hello Serena, nice to see you commenting.
23/May/17 7:26 AM
Good morning.
23/May/17 8:03 AM
I've been up since 0320 and I can't believe I haven't come here yet.
23/May/17 8:04 AM
I miss Mamacita too. Happy Birthday, mAMA.
23/May/17 8:06 AM
Grey day so far in Canberra, hoping for some sun later.
23/May/17 8:08 AM
Mr P just reminded me I'm going to the movies today, and to lunch after. We're going to see The Viceroy's House. Better go and get ready.
23/May/17 8:11 AM
Strangely, I occasionally I get an e-mail 'from' Mamacita. I know some nasty person has scammed her old e-mail address, but on the positive side... it always brings me memories of our lovely Sudoku friend.
23/May/17 8:46 AM
Aww Shiela, that is nice.
I have been scrolling through the archives and found my first comment on the 4th of Nov 2006 . Also found a lot of Mamacita 's comments that were a pleasure to read.
23/May/17 9:12 AM
Good maeN 👩🏼‍🌾 passing the time until I need to go to the train station to pick up my son - I would be napping if I could
23/May/17 11:50 AM
Just can't seem to get into any of my books - but I do listen to books on CD when driving
23/May/17 11:51 AM
Big change in my life - after having a wonderful day on Saturday, my mother had a massive stroke on Sunday morning and died about ten hours later.
May we all enjoy our lives to the end and have such quick deaths.
23/May/17 12:59 PM
Today I spent seven hours on the phone, on the mobile phone (calls and texts), on my computer, and on the fax machine, sometimes more than one at a time, with the funeral home, the cemetery, the synagogue, etc etc to arrange for Wednesday's funeral and receiving visitors that night and Thursday. Whew. I finally ate breakfast around 4 pm.
23/May/17 1:00 PM
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