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Easy Sudoku for 23/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
23/May/18 12:00 AM
Happy Anniversary to us!
23/May/18 12:00 AM
Wolf & everyone!
Overcast today.
Hope you have sunshine!
23/May/18 12:03 AM
Happy Anniversary, Wolf!
Who is 'us'? You and Mrs. Wolf?
How many years?
23/May/18 12:07 AM
23/May/18 12:17 AM
Must be Keith's lake!
23/May/18 12:43 AM
to you both, Wolf!
Not sure who ''us'' is, but, I'm going with Mrs. Wolf, too.
23/May/18 12:43 AM
23/May/18 12:46 AM
We are having our 'new' windows polyurethaned today. Yesterday they stained them. That was not so bad. Today - I think I need to go outside for a few minutes!
23/May/18 12:52 AM
I had a stab at Arachnid's puzzle. I found lots of varied answers to some of them. Some interesting little tidbits, too. It seems Queen Alexandra had some royal pull when it came to the Olympic marathon.
23/May/18 1:33 AM
Here's hoping that Mr. and Mrs. Wolf spend the evening howling at the moon!
23/May/18 1:46 AM
Wombat and I should go visit that lake together. I wish I was in good enough health to get back down that way. I wonder if Wombat has already been there.
23/May/18 1:48 AM
Fond Mamacita memories.
23/May/18 1:51 AM
Here's to Mamacita memories!
23/May/18 2:20 AM
Hello to all - hmmm - the sun is shining in countless places, just not here today; hope you find sunshine in your heart if it's missing from your weather~
23/May/18 2:23 AM
Anniversary greetings, Wolf
23/May/18 2:24 AM
..........a quick 1-9 solve today, revealing Keith & Wombat's Lake
23/May/18 2:26 AM
Happy Anniversary, Wolf!
Keith - I sure hope you are getting better - best wishes from Texas.
23/May/18 3:38 AM
Thx jamie. I'm improving, little by little. I got a kick out of your marshmallow/medicine picture on TOS.
23/May/18 3:56 AM
Well ... we're close enough now.
23/May/18 3:56 AM
23/May/18 3:57 AM
23/May/18 3:57 AM
23/May/18 3:58 AM
23/May/18 4:12 AM
It was a cute photo for sure, Jamie.
I never tried marshmallows. My go to was always cheese.

Perhaps I should explain....Jamie posted a photo on the Sudoku Friends Facebook page of his putting pills in marshmallows for his dogs. The photo showed the dogs sitting and looking at him More...
23/May/18 4:14 AM
A beautiful place in this photo. NZ must be a wonderful place to visit.
23/May/18 4:40 AM
One of the dogs was getting his pill in a marshmallow, the rest of the dogs were just getting a marshmallow, proving the value of being part of a group. The grandkids were ever so happy to also be part of the group.
23/May/18 5:31 AM
Lovely photo indeed
Beautiful NZ scenery surroundings wherever you visit
23/May/18 5:33 AM
Morning all,beautiful NZ photo, so serene.
Happy Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Wolf !πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽ‰
23/May/18 6:58 AM
Missing you Mamacita.
23/May/18 7:03 AM
Good afternoon to all!
23/May/18 7:06 AM
Had good news this morning. All the wounds on my right foot are now healed. I still have one being treated on my left foot, but the last 13 months are almost history.
23/May/18 7:09 AM
A Bud for me, thank you.
23/May/18 7:30 AM
Now that is fantastic news, Greg!
23/May/18 8:25 AM
So happy for you,Greg. It sure has been a long recovery for you.
23/May/18 8:42 AM
Yes Keith I have seen Lake Wombat and walked on the Franz Joseph Glacier, although is melting, and becoming very dangerous. The west coast of NZ is not one of the most scenic parts of Kiwiland, but that particular spot is an exception. Grey mouth is one of the larger towns in that area. A well chosen name.
23/May/18 9:16 AM
Glad to hear that you are still making progress. And congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Wolf.
23/May/18 9:19 AM
We are making up for yesterday with a quite goodly number of posts today. As a bonus Keith has snaffled his 22, and Hal has got himself another beer.
23/May/18 9:21 AM
I might have a go at turning the page, but if there is anyone out there, I'm happy to share.
23/May/18 9:23 AM
Well end of page one and a CP. That reminds me CP is back home but we haven't seen much of her on this site.
23/May/18 9:25 AM
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