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Easy Sudoku for 23/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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In honour of the Olympics Hop, Step and Jump
23/Aug/08 1:48 AM
Nice one I jumped and Anne's joke appeared
23/Aug/08 1:49 AM
If you check the times Annes poem was posted 1 hour and 20 minutes before my post on previous page
23/Aug/08 1:51 AM
GannieMo - This is what happened yesterday. All the jokes were pushed along whenever a new page started. Must be something about the "joke" designation that triggers it.
23/Aug/08 2:05 AM
GMO That moving of Anne's joke removes you from your first "22" & the top of page - are the fates moving against you? What did you do to deserve such disresepct? That is worse than being sent to the NC.
23/Aug/08 2:05 AM
As an experiment, I will designate this a "joke" and see if it's forwarded to page 3 when the time comes.
23/Aug/08 2:06 AM
Congratulations, Eve! You're the "new 22" by default!
23/Aug/08 2:10 AM
A secret ..is something told,
to one person at a time...
23/Aug/08 2:33 AM
and if you want to know how to protect your retina from age damage, chk the science page :)..
23/Aug/08 2:41 AM
and a riddle before signing off..
Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it,
Five in the middle is seen;
First of all figures, the first of all letters,
Take up their stations between.
Join all together, and then you will bring
Before you the name of an eminent king.
G'nite all
23/Aug/08 2:51 AM
What's this about jokes being moved to the end of each day.
How is 'a joke' clearly defined?
23/Aug/08 2:55 AM
Where is Grandpa?

The computer swallowed grandpa.
Yes, honestly it is true!
He pressed ‘control and enter’
and disappeared from view.
It devoured him completely;
the thought just makes me squirm.
He must have caught a virus
or been eaten by a worm.
I have More...
23/Aug/08 3:05 AM
to all ...I had problem 2 days ago to summit jokes but no problem with last one!
23/Aug/08 3:07 AM
Summmit as general comment... not as joke
23/Aug/08 3:09 AM
Well hello everyone, it looks like we are all in fine form today, and why not, in Pgh, PA it is a beautiful, sunny Friday, halfway done with work and looking forward to the weekend ahead, i hope all of our fellow Americans or visitors to our country in Florida are safe and sound, take care all and enjoy your mAen whereever you are in this wonderful world of ours!

Aimee :-)
23/Aug/08 3:17 AM
What a beatiful picture of a bird ... you have so much talent and patient! Thanks Nal
23/Aug/08 3:18 AM
Rayray - before you post a message, you select "general chat", "joke", etc. Supposedly, folks with dial-up modems can elect not to have the jokes appear. To be honest, I don't know how that works. All I know is we're supposed to label our jokes as such.
23/Aug/08 3:49 AM
Some very bad news - it looks like most of the Georgia coast sea turtle nests are lost. With the storm surge and extremely high tides, there is very little likelihood many of the nests survived. And this was such a good year, with a record 1,544 loggerhead nests documented as of August 1st and a More...
23/Aug/08 4:15 AM
Good afternoon to all! No problem today Ian, Keith, and Rayray. I can easily identify this bird as a rather tall seagull.
23/Aug/08 4:58 AM
Et al, I reported the site problems (Joke category shifting, server not responding, time outs accessing the archives, etc.) to Gath previously. I'm sure he'll get to it when he can, but I'm assuming he has other things on his mind right now, like the arrival of his and Kym's first child!
23/Aug/08 5:03 AM

For those who remember.... Janis Joplin performing "Me and Bobby McGee." Enjoy!
23/Aug/08 5:05 AM
Why lawyers should never ask a witness a question if they aren't prepared for the answer........
In a trial, a southern small town prosecuting attorney called his first witness to the stand - a grandmotherly, elderly woman. He approached her and asked "Mrs. Jones, do you know me?" She More...
23/Aug/08 5:07 AM
I just have to CP.... have a nice weekend all!
23/Aug/08 5:08 AM
Thanks for the giggle, Canuk, and have a great weekend, everyone!
(Very sad to hear Jane's news about the turtles, though ...)
23/Aug/08 5:14 AM
Another beautiful, bonkers bird from Nal. Wonderful!
Nature is so marvellously schizo!
23/Aug/08 5:41 AM
Good morning all.
Jane, I am delighted that you are safe and sound.
nal, that is an exquisite photo, I love the reflections.
Greg, obviously you haven't seen a photo of seagullus giganticus before.
23/Aug/08 5:55 AM
Does anyone know when Kathy/ Maryland is coming back from Peru???
23/Aug/08 5:59 AM
Appy, we've seen that riddle before I think. I sent you an answer....
23/Aug/08 6:00 AM
Ian, are you pulling that seagulls rather long leg???
23/Aug/08 6:06 AM

A doctor and his wife were having a big argument at breakfast.

"You aren't so good in bed either!" he shouted and stormed off to work.

By midmorning, he decided he'd better make amends and phoned home. After many rings, his wife picked up the phone.
23/Aug/08 6:19 AM
Cute Daplap!
23/Aug/08 6:23 AM
"My Page"
23/Aug/08 6:26 AM
Obviously I'm not too good at these covert operations
23/Aug/08 6:27 AM
Greg, nope - yours.
23/Aug/08 7:02 AM
Greetings to all!
23/Aug/08 7:12 AM
The day has finally arrived that the family are home together.Its been a lovely treat to have babies in the house again...moving pot plants etc.
Tomorrow we celebrate the girls 1st birthday.Off shortly to do the final shopping for the party.
Rayray..did you get my email?
23/Aug/08 7:22 AM
Nola - sounds like you're having a ball! Happy birthday to the little ones!!!
23/Aug/08 7:29 AM
Pardon my CP, but I want to see what happens when we turn the page...
23/Aug/08 7:29 AM
This should be post 79 for page 2
23/Aug/08 7:30 AM
This should be post #80
23/Aug/08 7:30 AM
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