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Easy Sudoku for 24/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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from the prodigal player!
24/Jan/15 12:00 AM
2:09 Avagudweegend. (Read it slowly)
24/Jan/15 12:24 AM
Maen! The picture reminds me of family camping
24/Jan/15 12:44 AM
There's a caption but I have know idea what it means. I guess I'll have a date with google later.
24/Jan/15 12:45 AM
, y'all! Medieval reenactment... could be like our SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism). Looks like some of the pics I've seen from buddies who are involved in the local group.
24/Jan/15 12:59 AM
Axel, family camping as in hunting together or getting on one another's nerves?!
24/Jan/15 1:00 AM

1) R
2) RI
3) Rid
4) Dire
5) Drive
6) Drivel
7) Rivaled
8) Overlaid - Silvered

In the today we have lonewoof, Joyce, Halt, Silvergal (7/8), and Judy (7/8). The winners can take this for a drive.
24/Jan/15 1:14 AM
'Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits'... I could NOT get #8!
24/Jan/15 1:56 AM
Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the average oldness of a tablet (pill + age = pillage).

1) This means to change an More...
24/Jan/15 2:02 AM
When I do the pyramids, it's interesting to see the difference between how I think the clues will be perceived and what people come up with.
24/Jan/15 2:06 AM
Little boy created a new word today. Little girl had him in a death grip hug. He said, ''will you unhug me''. I thought it was cute but I'm completely aware that I'm biased.
24/Jan/15 2:08 AM
Oh yeah... Ba Moui Ba.
24/Jan/15 2:09 AM
What they do after they fall off their horses while joisting.

It's starting to snow here. We're only expected to get up to an inch accumulation. Nothing to panic anyone.
24/Jan/15 2:12 AM
24/Jan/15 2:13 AM

I made the above comment yesterday, not today.
24/Jan/15 2:15 AM
Beautiful day in OK
24/Jan/15 2:15 AM
I checked this morning and my VISA has already been attached to my passport. The VISA is good for one year starting yesterday. I will carry a copy of the confirmation number with me as they recommend.
24/Jan/15 2:18 AM
The gremlins are after Hal, watch out!
24/Jan/15 2:20 AM
I promised myself I would get some work done today. Thank goodness the day is still young.
24/Jan/15 2:21 AM
Off to do some chores then
24/Jan/15 2:23 AM
Mothers are allowed to be biased Serena!! as are grandmothers......besides I smiled at your new word too, especially in the way it was made.
24/Jan/15 2:28 AM
24/Jan/15 2:50 AM
Impressive joist.
24/Jan/15 3:31 AM
Fake battle for an audince?
24/Jan/15 4:34 AM
24/Jan/15 5:40 AM
Morning all, could this photo be Kathy/ V son in law. I think he represented USA at a tournament in France.
24/Jan/15 6:06 AM
Good morning. I battled with Serena's pyramid yesterday but could not get #8.
I think the Medieval Tournaments are becoming quite popular.
24/Jan/15 6:38 AM
24/Jan/15 6:49 AM
Happy Friday!
24/Jan/15 7:04 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
24/Jan/15 7:11 AM
everybody. Amelia, you have a great memory! My son-in-law Alex is not in today's photo, but he is very active in medieval combat. He joined the SCA (which Silvergal mentioned) at the age of 17, and more recently joined a group called IMCF (the International Medieval Combat More...
24/Jan/15 7:14 AM
Y'all going for fast times may want to try the Parent's Page today.
24/Jan/15 8:44 AM
Anyone try the poozle 9-1 very easy today.
24/Jan/15 8:56 AM
Kathy, thank you for the information about your SIL. I remember when we were in Maryland they had a Medieval Festival every year. Yes, the jousting was just for show but fun to watch. I liked the people who dressed in costume for the event.
24/Jan/15 9:07 AM
24/Jan/15 9:26 AM
Silvergal, the parents page is often very fast. I used to love watching my daughter Sharon(who introduced me to this site) do the Sudoku puzzles. She was so fast and then she would watch me slog away and used to say 'can't you see the pattern?'. I spent hours looking for the 'pattern' until I realised it was her unique mathematical mind.
24/Jan/15 9:55 AM
Well, lookee here! My timing is impeccable!
24/Jan/15 11:15 AM
Over an hour and no one has showed up!
24/Jan/15 11:16 AM
Getting there . . .
24/Jan/15 11:16 AM
24/Jan/15 11:16 AM
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