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Easy Sudoku for 24/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
24/Nov/16 12:07 AM
24/Nov/16 12:13 AM
Its been far too long since I've been to Toronto. Spent my honeymoon there 33 years ago and haven't been back since.
24/Nov/16 12:17 AM
Have a good day everyone! Prep day for tomorrow's Thanksgiving Holiday; safe travels too!
24/Nov/16 12:47 AM
Gobble gobble folks- have classes to lead this morning but the power is off - hope it comes back on so I can get my car out of the garage
24/Nov/16 1:14 AM
Well, I always like quiet time !
24/Nov/16 1:14 AM
I live on a mixed till moraine, for those of you who understand glacial terminology. What that means is that there is no level land on our properly that we haven't paid excavators to come in and make.
24/Nov/16 1:50 AM
We are having a turn around (and small parking) area made so the new, larger LP gas delivery trucks can still come up and fill our tank for this winter. The last couple times they've delivered they almost rolled off an embankment trying to turn around!
24/Nov/16 1:51 AM
So, here I am, the day before Thanksgiving, with no gas for my stovetop and cooking oven because they had to cut the line and move the tank out of the way of the earthmovers who rolled up this morning.
24/Nov/16 1:52 AM
They are unearthing yet more big boulders. They are everywhere on our property due to said glaciers. We will need the boulders to use in building a DIY retaining wall so our kiln shed doesn't slide down the back driveway in the next rainstorm.
24/Nov/16 1:56 AM
Burl is coming home early. Its fascinating to watch excavators at work. Especially when you're the one paying them to do work for you.
24/Nov/16 2:04 AM
Good morning, all.
24/Nov/16 3:52 AM
Woohoo broke my two minute barrier!!! 1:56
Okay, okay, I know not by much but for a slowpoke like me that's great!
24/Nov/16 3:57 AM

I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
24/Nov/16 3:59 AM
This 'skit' is hilarious!

https://www.youtube.com/embed/DR8W_O_TRAk?autoplay=1&autohide=1&showinfo=0&iv_load_pol icy=3&rel=0

As usual, watch out for and remove any 'pesky spaces' that appear...

Happy Turkey Day, all Y'all - Gobble 'till ya wobble.
24/Nov/16 4:03 AM
There is a space in 'pol icy'.
24/Nov/16 4:04 AM
Happy Wednesday!
Thankful for 2 days off: can prep tomorrow's side dishes today, so I can dedicate most of tomorrow for the big bird (20 lbs fresh!)
Happy Thanksgiving one and all!!!
24/Nov/16 4:23 AM
DorA, that skit tripped one of my triggers. I'll not share which one so as not to alert others with similar sensitivities or to encourage those who revel in causing others....nope, I just can't hold it in. That was satirically funny as he!! and a little sad because there's really folks like that running loose.
24/Nov/16 5:11 AM
My dentist called in sick, so my surgery is postponed until Friday. Darn it. Already had my outfit picked out ...
24/Nov/16 5:13 AM
Thank you for the video DoA. Very good.
24/Nov/16 5:23 AM
Morning all, I love going to the markets especially at this time of the year. I have found some lovely Christmas gifts at those places.
24/Nov/16 5:41 AM
Is Keith awake ?
24/Nov/16 5:42 AM
To market, to market ...
24/Nov/16 6:26 AM
1:22. Good morning everyone.
24/Nov/16 6:39 AM
1:32 Good morning one and all! I was asked to work for just one hour today to collect someone from out of town. I've just had a 'phone call to say I'm not needed now. I never say 'no' when asked to work extra but to drop everything for one hour as it's my one day at home to catch up on everything here.
24/Nov/16 12:06 PM
I had hoped to turn the page, but I don't think that we'll make it to 40.
So... night all.
24/Nov/16 2:49 PM
Good evening.
24/Nov/16 6:28 PM
It sure has been a quiet day here.
24/Nov/16 6:28 PM
Guess all you far easterners are making Thanksgiving preparations.
24/Nov/16 6:29 PM
We've had a quiet day here too. Just one errand to run this morning and the rest of the day to catch up on little jobs here.
24/Nov/16 6:32 PM
Tomorrow is busier. We're off on a 2 hour or so drive to Wagga Wagga for my nephew's marching out parade at the Army training base there. We'll come back on Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating - just in case I don't get here tomorrow.
24/Nov/16 6:38 PM
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