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Easy Sudoku for 24/November/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
24/Nov/19 12:00 AM
1:49 I went to the cinema this afternoon to see 'Fisherman's Friends'. It was a wonderful movie; very funny, sad in places (I did my best not to cry as once I start, I just can't stop) and a great story. Well worth seeing.
Good night all!
24/Nov/19 12:12 AM
Wolf, Anne and all who follow. Have a happy day.
24/Nov/19 1:10 AM

Quite the jokefest yesterday! Thanks, jokesters, that was great!
24/Nov/19 1:13 AM
My friend thinks he's so smart.
He told me an onion is the only food that can make you cry.
So I hit him in the face with a coconut.
24/Nov/19 1:18 AM
Now to give the Team Wombat poozle a try!
24/Nov/19 1:25 AM
24/Nov/19 1:44 AM
1:45. Good Morning, all!
24/Nov/19 1:58 AM
24/Nov/19 2:12 AM
/ The sun is trying hard to shine through the overcast skies.
Hope your sun peeks through on you!
24/Nov/19 3:00 AM
Hubby took 71 bags of leaves to recycle today. Recycle is only once a month in our township and, unfortunately, we have about 25-30 more bags-worth still in our yard. Worse, there is no leaf recycle next month. Too bad it snowed and shortened the raking period. We hate to burn them.
24/Nov/19 3:08 AM
24/Nov/19 3:54 AM
Snow is melting, sun is shining, headed into town on errands.
24/Nov/19 3:54 AM
Morning all. Sunny but chilly here.
24/Nov/19 4:49 AM
24/Nov/19 5:04 AM
If you've never tried a Wombat puzzle, now is when to do one. Yes, it is true. Wombat's puzzle was posted with some answers as clues, so you get a head start.
24/Nov/19 5:22 AM
Ah, now I see Wombat posted a corrected version. Well, take advantage, first-timers, and take a look at the early one.
24/Nov/19 5:38 AM
I need some explanation for the photo on Hard. Someone go look at that and tell me what that is above and behind the hatchlings.
24/Nov/19 6:14 AM
YIKES! Too close for comfort!
24/Nov/19 6:15 AM
Got back at the right time.
24/Nov/19 6:26 AM
24/Nov/19 6:26 AM
24/Nov/19 6:27 AM
Morning all, alligators swimming around at the golf on TV and a pic as our prize.
I was wondering why Wombat had posted the puzzle twice.
Will get to do the puzzle after my friend leaves with her three boisterous dogs.
24/Nov/19 6:51 AM
Ireland has just declared a drought!

In response to this the Irish government have decided to close 2 lanes in every swimming pool.
24/Nov/19 9:24 AM

There will be no summary today, I'm not, just not going to wade through that drivel posted by Mr Cee, DoA and Arachnid. Just what were they thinking.

Some good ones in there though!.......

Until tomorrow, take it easy
24/Nov/19 9:32 AM
1:10, a straight-forward 1->9. Good afternoon everyone.
24/Nov/19 12:50 PM
Drivel? DRIVEL? Harumph!!!!!!!
24/Nov/19 12:56 PM
Sarah, did you see Bev's answer to your question on 'Hard'?
24/Nov/19 2:28 PM
24/Nov/19 3:56 PM
Oh well...at least it will be a nice easy day for you tomorrow Phanty. Seems like the demented drivelers have all dried up.
24/Nov/19 9:06 PM
DoA I think he/she/it is unkind. When I drivel it is normally in to my tot and not in writing!!
24/Nov/19 9:08 PM
Just seen the film Fisherman's Friend. Gentle, soothing and a good dose of 'goodness wins'. Really enjoyed it and like Anne had a good cry. By the way if you came from London you are unlikely to cross the Tamar Bridge to get to Port Issac - a little bit of directorial licence
24/Nov/19 9:12 PM
This film has just inspired me to re-visit some of my naval haunts of long time ago during our trip in June next year. We were based in Plymouth for some time and spent happy hours exploring the surround Cornish countryside. And so to celebrate come join me in a pint of scrumpy - if you do leave your car keys at home
24/Nov/19 9:15 PM
How do you drown a hipster?

Throw him in the mainstream
24/Nov/19 9:17 PM
What's the oddest thing about belonging to a sup[port group for hypochondriacs?

They all call in sick but still show up for the meeting
24/Nov/19 9:18 PM
I'd just like to say to all women on this site having trouble keeping the hair out of their eyes

get a grip
24/Nov/19 9:19 PM
I just poured some super glue in to a non-stick fry pan

Someone is about to be proved wrong
24/Nov/19 9:20 PM
The bartender asks the guy sitting at the bar, “What’ll you have?” The guy answers, “A scotch, please.”
The bartender hands him the drink, and says, “That’ll be $10,” to which the guy replies, “What are you talking about? I don’t owe you anything for this.”
A lawyer, sitting nearby and More...
24/Nov/19 9:22 PM
A university football coach called out the new member saying, “Look, I’m not supposed to have you on this team because you failed your maths exams but we really do need you to play for us. What I’ll do is ask you one simple maths question and if you answer it correctly I’ll sign a slip to say that More...
24/Nov/19 9:23 PM
This should take us to the bottom of page 1. C U Ova
24/Nov/19 9:24 PM
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