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Easy Sudoku for 24/December/2016


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Submitted by: Gath

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Dang, up before revielle in a bunch of years and first on the scene. Celebrate that 'cause it'll more than likely never happen again. Y'all have a fine day. We're off to visit the grandkids.
24/Dec/16 12:07 AM
Good morning all!
24/Dec/16 12:07 AM
24/Dec/16 12:17 AM
Wow that is the first ghost post from me. I feel like I have just joined some sort of club.
24/Dec/16 12:20 AM
Good morning to all! Another beautiful rose. Thanks Kate.
24/Dec/16 12:36 AM
Good news for my sister Rosemary. The preliminary results from her colonoscopy show no traces of cancer and indicate an ulcer in her rectum is healing well. More analysis of the results are being done as they still haven't determined the causes of her digestive and bladder problems. The results of this analysis will be available in the early new year.
24/Dec/16 12:40 AM
Needless to say my sister will enjoy Christmas more now knowing that she is cancer free.
24/Dec/16 12:41 AM
Lot's of snow on the ground here but a mild day (above zero) today. A nice change.
24/Dec/16 12:41 AM
Early Christmas wishes to all!
24/Dec/16 12:42 AM
Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukkah to all
24/Dec/16 12:52 AM
Great news Greg!
24/Dec/16 1:00 AM
Wonderful news, Greg! Thanks for sharing!
24/Dec/16 1:08 AM
Overcast today.
Wow! It's Christmas Eve in Aussieland!
TWO days until Christmas here! Making Christmas cookies today.
24/Dec/16 1:26 AM
(I'm trying a new cookie recipe this year. I'll let you know if it is successful!)
24/Dec/16 1:27 AM
Greg, good news for your sister, now to find out what is wrong. I wish her
24/Dec/16 1:50 AM
I know I have not been here much lately, have been spending a lot of time in Arkansas. Taking care of the great nephews and other tings.
24/Dec/16 1:52 AM
We are leaving this morning and going to Branson. Daughter and SIL are coming up from Texas and meeting us there. We are having a quiet holiday just our family. The extended family will be the 26th and 27th.
24/Dec/16 1:55 AM
I need to go throw the last of the things into suitcase.
But first..................
24/Dec/16 1:56 AM
24/Dec/16 1:57 AM
Happy Holidays to all no matter how you celebrate.
24/Dec/16 1:58 AM
Morning, and Happy Holidays.
24/Dec/16 2:47 AM
24/Dec/16 2:47 AM
Your turn now Keith
24/Dec/16 2:47 AM

I was way too slow but my heart was in the right place!!
24/Dec/16 2:48 AM
glad to hear the good news about your sister Greg.
24/Dec/16 2:49 AM

Now its time for back to bed. We are having a family breakfast this morning, not often we get 2 sons and 5 grandsons together. Luckily for hubby & I we are all meeting at an almost local (half hour drive) cafe so no cooking for me! Yipee..
24/Dec/16 2:52 AM
Everyone! I slept in late today. Guess I am resting up for grandkids on Christmas morning!
24/Dec/16 3:11 AM
That's the very BEST-est news, Greg - couldn't be happier for her! What a Christmas present to be given.... merry, merry for you too!
24/Dec/16 3:58 AM
24/Dec/16 5:09 AM
A heartfelt gladness to hear great news of your sister, CG! Now, have a truly Merry Christmas for you and your family!
24/Dec/16 5:13 AM
Right now, I'm sequestered in my office away from the kitchen where my new microwave oven is being installed. Hubby is helping the installer. Seems I just get in the way with my curiosity which irritates my hubby.
24/Dec/16 5:15 AM
Great news, Greg! What a relief ...

Safe travels, Sue!

Holiday feasting starts tonight--we're dining with friends (and okay, there might be some wine involved too).
24/Dec/16 5:37 AM
Morning all, love the rose,Kate.
Greg ,so pleased that your sister is cancer free , a great way to start Christmas.
24/Dec/16 5:50 AM
Lizzy, enjoy your time with your family and don't forget your camera.
24/Dec/16 5:57 AM
Merry Christmas to everyone in Sudoku land.
24/Dec/16 6:29 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
24/Dec/16 6:41 AM
Time to get ready for the normal 5 km run (parkrun) this morning, but this time I'll be dressing up as Santa so nothing fast today! :) It'll be lots of fun being there with about 200 other Santas!
24/Dec/16 6:53 AM
Good morning'
24/Dec/16 6:57 AM
Happy Christmas Eve Eve!
Greg: Thanks for sharing the good news about your sister Rosemary.
I'm 50:50 with the new Christmas cookies I tried this year. The bar cookie was too sweet for my taste, but my guests enjoyed them. The Pioneer Woman cookie recipe is a keeper, though (oatmeal, choc chips, mint candy, pretzels: what's not to like?)
24/Dec/16 6:59 AM
First part of family arrives this afternoon.
24/Dec/16 7:00 AM
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