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Easy Sudoku for 24/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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and TOPP!
24/Feb/13 2:38 AM
24/Feb/13 2:40 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Feb/13 2:46 AM
Open That Bottle Night

Will have to check into that other celebration.
24/Feb/13 2:48 AM
Really?! I would think that 'Open That Bottle Night' would be on New Year's Eve!
24/Feb/13 2:51 AM
I did not find anything about swallowing swords, yet, but I did find this:

Tennis Day
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
24/Feb/13 2:59 AM
Looks like I'll be 7/8 on Mr Cee's puzzle again.
24/Feb/13 3:02 AM
Yes, Shiela, today is Sword Swallower's Day.

Hope you enjoy yourself.
24/Feb/13 3:13 AM

24/Feb/13 3:14 AM
I also learned, that Open that Bottle Night, occurs several times a year.
24/Feb/13 3:43 AM
Darn, I won't get to play tennis on Tennis Day & will skip the Sword Swallower's type celebration, but Ebony will happily Appreciate a Dog Biscuit & I think Rob & I will participate in Open that Bottle Night with a nice Chardonnay to accompany our salmon for dinner!
Have a good weekend everyone.
24/Feb/13 4:30 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is that a man-made creek flow in this photo?
24/Feb/13 4:37 AM
Keith, a great link! Thank you! The singing was wonderful and the dancing was out of this world. The only thing missing was Sheila's yellow taxi! Now I wonder (without trying to age her) if Sheila was the 'gal in Kalamazoo'?
24/Feb/13 4:49 AM
Hal, you've gotten 7 out of eight? Beats me for sure!
24/Feb/13 4:51 AM

not too sure who to apply the steel capped boots to!!! The power went out at 10.30pm and as I lay in bed listening to the rain and the frogs #7 finally came to me but couldnt send Me Cee the answer Power only came back on around 4.30am
24/Feb/13 5:06 AM
24/Feb/13 5:08 AM

Now to be more civilised.... fellow puzzlers. Hope today/evening is a good one where ever you are
24/Feb/13 5:08 AM
Sitting here watching the kitties watch kittievision. They nearly took out the window a little while ago..
24/Feb/13 5:09 AM
24/Feb/13 5:10 AM
Colo Jim, TM told me this morning that we are expecting another foot of snow, accompanied by blowing. To which I replied 'So?'. He does not understand the concept of having lived in Colorado for 26 years, or having survived Mayor McNichol's failed experiment in having the trash trucks provide snow control while driving a Mazda GLC...the rear wheel drive model.
24/Feb/13 5:13 AM
Pretty picture. I agree with Vici, it looks manmade. Palm trees in the background, not pines.
24/Feb/13 5:14 AM
One more for a CP, then off to read the paper.
24/Feb/13 5:15 AM
Look like a lovely spot for a picnic!
24/Feb/13 5:56 AM
Who is too old to fly. A feel good story.

24/Feb/13 6:06 AM
Alright, Mr. Cee, I conceded de Could only manage 5 out of 8!
24/Feb/13 6:24 AM
Oh DorA, tears threatened to spill over that video. May I be as spry as Dorothy when I'm old and grey! (why do I prefer that spelling over the gray? somehow grey seems closer to the color!)
24/Feb/13 6:38 AM
Wait a minute, I am getting older, but I'm NOT OLD!!! Even though the top of my head is getting grey! The rest of my hair is black!
24/Feb/13 6:40 AM
Must be going - got to pick up niece from where she's doing community service, take her home, pick up my dad to visit my mom. So I won't be here for a long while!
24/Feb/13 6:42 AM
I thought the difference in her before and after demeanor was great.
24/Feb/13 6:42 AM
CP!!! before I go! Then I'm outa here!
24/Feb/13 6:42 AM
Argh. DorA! Oh well, c'est la vie ou la guerre en la vie!
24/Feb/13 6:43 AM
DoA - My mother would have loved that. Wish those flights were available around here then.
24/Feb/13 7:15 AM
And that's the way I want to go.
But I want to be in the front seat.
24/Feb/13 7:17 AM
Good morning everyone. Mr Cee that was a good one!
24/Feb/13 7:40 AM
I don't have time today to ''over ponder'' Mr. Cee's poozle! I only have 5! I have to go out in a few minutes. I'll just wait for the answers.....
24/Feb/13 8:06 AM
Aw, c'mon Kathy, give it a try.
24/Feb/13 8:48 AM
Hmmm. 77?
24/Feb/13 8:48 AM
24/Feb/13 8:49 AM
24/Feb/13 8:49 AM
24/Feb/13 8:50 AM
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