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Easy Sudoku for 24/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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24/May/15 12:01 AM
The rain and floods continue.
24/May/15 12:04 AM
Morning all.
24/May/15 12:15 AM
I'm retiring the bat for the weekend and remembering our fallen.
I'm about to walk over to our main street and watch the Memorial Day parade that occurs here every year.
24/May/15 12:31 AM
Hi all! Hope all is well here. I'm dusting down the sofas for next week's visitors...have you packed those bags yet Kathy? Looking forward to seeing you and Rob again.
Happy Birthday to Mamacita who knows how to have fun, lovely lady!
24/May/15 1:22 AM
24/May/15 1:27 AM
Hello Everyone
Hope you all have a good day
24/May/15 1:41 AM
Happy Saturday, and

24/May/15 2:07 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
24/May/15 2:09 AM

Work has been hectic tonight, we have our Vivid Light Festival on here in Sydney. Wish I had time to go see it instead of telling everyone who has been how to get home!!! Oh well thats the way it is sometimes
24/May/15 2:13 AM

Im trying Keith, but we still have a loooong way to go.
24/May/15 2:14 AM
Yes we do, Lizzy, but thanks for the push.

Thanks for the reminder, Kathy. Changed mine too, in memory.
24/May/15 2:21 AM

Boy, oh boy, what a slow night tonight. All the topsiders must be out at Memorial Day services.
24/May/15 4:01 AM
Truth be told, Lizzy, yes, we remember, but then we pop a cold one and fire up the BBQ.
24/May/15 4:34 AM

My town has its Memorial Day parade and service on Monday, the actual holiday. I'm surprised to hear that Kathy's town has theirs on Sat.
24/May/15 4:36 AM
Still not warm enough for shorts here, but lots warmer than we've been the last few weeks. Maybe warm enough for shorts tomorrow, but definitely Monday. I want to be able to enjoy being outside for our picnic!
24/May/15 4:37 AM
24/May/15 6:25 AM
This will be the first Memorial Day family get together, visiting the grave sites of my grandparents and my sister, without my dad. Tomorrow the VFW won't have my dad participating in the ceremony as a past commander. I can still hear and feel the twenty-one gun salute the VFW gave my dad at his burial. I salute you, Dad/
24/May/15 6:29 AM
Morning all,even the dogs do sudoku.
24/May/15 6:40 AM
Shosho, thinking of you and your family as you face this Memorial Day without your Dad.😔
24/May/15 6:53 AM
Many happy returns of the day, Tony .🎂🎁
24/May/15 6:56 AM
1:49. Good morning everyone.
24/May/15 7:18 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's quiet here today.
24/May/15 7:21 AM
Hi Chris. I've been out watching some of the runners in one of the Ottawa Marathon races. The big one is tomorrow. Sad that you're not here to participate.
24/May/15 7:23 AM
Good morning.
24/May/15 7:30 AM
Good to see Fiona and Scarby here.
24/May/15 7:30 AM
Happy Birthday Mamacita and Tony.
24/May/15 7:31 AM
There's frost on the ground here.
24/May/15 7:32 AM
But the promise of a beautiful day to come. Cya later.
24/May/15 7:32 AM
24/May/15 9:06 AM
Binge watching Outlander. A liking I acquired thanks to Sudoku!
24/May/15 9:10 AM
Lynne and I are watching it, too, Sarah Beth. I think the TV representation is quite well done.
24/May/15 10:11 AM
24/May/15 12:20 PM
a whole day on one page!
24/May/15 5:01 PM
Well we can't have only one page...
24/May/15 10:06 PM
Did any aussies watch the eurovision song contest last night?
24/May/15 10:06 PM
Australia did well...don't even ask why Australia was there...Eurovision????
24/May/15 10:07 PM
Sweden won...fifth time.
24/May/15 10:07 PM
The Brits and the French fought hard for last place!
24/May/15 10:08 PM
We are at the end of the page...who wants to carry on?
24/May/15 10:09 PM
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