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Easy Sudoku for 24/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen all
24/Jun/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
24/Jun/10 12:00 AM
That's a new first for me. First post of the day.
24/Jun/10 12:01 AM
Good maen John Old Hickory
24/Jun/10 12:01 AM
everyone! Old Hickory, John, anyone else who comes while I'm typing...
Yesterday I vegged-out big time! I didn't even check out Sudoku! Now, ...THAT'S REALLY LAZY!!!
24/Jun/10 12:01 AM
O>K> Sheila, We forgive you. I didn't get on until 11:30 yesterday.
24/Jun/10 12:08 AM
What a beautiful rose. Wonder who received that and what the occasion for such a wonderful thoughtful gift.
24/Jun/10 12:09 AM
I had one like it last week
24/Jun/10 12:11 AM
Flower or lazy day, John?
24/Jun/10 12:15 AM
A single red rose... Beautiful, classic, perfect declaration of affection.
24/Jun/10 12:17 AM
(Forgot to add the 's!)
24/Jun/10 12:19 AM
Good Morning to everyone!
24/Jun/10 12:20 AM
Both Shiela My wife asked me what I was going to do today,I answered NOTHING, she said you did that yesterday, Mt answer was I WASN"T FINISHED
24/Jun/10 12:39 AM
to you all from Portland, Oregon, where the sun has finally appeared!
24/Jun/10 12:39 AM
John, You "crack me up"!
24/Jun/10 12:40 AM
Mornin' All, Mornin' Thyra
24/Jun/10 12:42 AM
Maybe, summer has arrived. Underline "maybe".
24/Jun/10 12:46 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!

Beautiful red roseā™„
24/Jun/10 12:51 AM
I'm going to borrow that John...LOL
24/Jun/10 12:51 AM
To all who contributed to yesterdays discussion of flowers, I, for one, enjoyed it.
24/Jun/10 12:55 AM
24/Jun/10 1:00 AM
24/Jun/10 1:01 AM
I'm hearing thunder... See you all later!
24/Jun/10 1:02 AM

Gorgeous rose, but what's with the black box and ribbon???
Another scorcher here today. Unfortunately, I have to go out in a few minutes. Blech. I'll check back later for Fiona's puzzle if I'm not totally in liquid form.
24/Jun/10 1:15 AM
HI all! Hot day here today again, and rising...
NOt many riddlers yesterday, just two oldies - you can guess who they were! I wanted the following answer: H I J K L M N O = H2O=water! Simple as that! I heard a few groans, there!
24/Jun/10 1:32 AM
Here's today's one; answers to the liquified bat inbox, surely a sight to avoid!

Take away my first letter and I am a store.
Take away the second and people who look at me adore.
Put all my letters back and read me in reverse if you are able.
I am now cars suspended from an More...
24/Jun/10 1:34 AM
Good morning people of the world.
I am hiding out from three girls. The plan was to clean for a weekend of partying, but as I said, three girls.
One of those girls, aka, Thing 2, turns 1 year old today. Happy Birthday to my darling baby.
24/Jun/10 1:58 AM
Way to go, USA soccer!!
24/Jun/10 2:08 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Thing 2!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !
24/Jun/10 2:12 AM
Soccer??!!..Nahh..Say Foot Ball...F-O-O-T B-A-L-L...
24/Jun/10 2:50 AM
24/Jun/10 3:17 AM
Karen, Happy birthday to your daughter. I guess the girls keep you very busy these days.
What a lovely rose.
24/Jun/10 3:19 AM
Good Maen friends! Happy Birthday to "Thing 2", Karen - can't believe the year has blown by so quickly!!!
24/Jun/10 3:21 AM
24/Jun/10 3:22 AM
"A rose by any other name..."
24/Jun/10 3:25 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes. I thought you would have liked to know, since, well, each of you had no choice but listen to Jill and me last year. Yes, it is hard to believe a year has past, I was just holding a precious little being, and now I have my very own floor cleaner, though any moment More...
24/Jun/10 4:15 AM
It is nap time here, my favorite time of the day, wish someone would tell my three girls. BTW, I know I only have two, but for some reason I did not think there would be much difference if another one joined us. I thought wrong.
24/Jun/10 4:18 AM
Thing 2! How nice that you can crawl around and clean up all the cake crumbs today.
24/Jun/10 4:29 AM
How about a few new photos, Karen? I'm sure Morgan and Kendall have changed quite a bit in the last year!
24/Jun/10 4:31 AM
I'm just semi-liquid at the moment. What is worse than getting in and out of a scalding car as you run around town?? AC never has time to cool it down, and the thing is about 200° inside!

My brain has not been fried to the point that I can not solve that puzzle, Fiona!!
24/Jun/10 4:39 AM
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