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Easy Sudoku for 24/August/2010


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Shannon - Tell your sweetie that it's the sinners who need to go to church. Healthy people don't need a doctor but sick people do, and "good" people don't need to go to church but sinners do. Actually we're all sinners, some more than others.
24/Aug/10 6:44 AM
Plum - I teach a Ai Chi class on Mondays and Wednesday - think Tai Chi in water - how you described your outdoor morning - is what we "mind eye" during the class -- going to our happy place and just letting our thoughts drift away ....
24/Aug/10 6:46 AM
Well...... I found out I was the Grand Winner of the Tall Ships Pepsi challenge -- so on Thurdsay at 4:30 pm - I'll be setting sail on one of the Tall Ships that are coming to Chicago this week - how exciting - I also won 2 nights in Chicago - but that may not work out --
24/Aug/10 6:48 AM
Google - Tall Ships Chicago if interested in seeing my Ship - Appledore --- I do have to admit - the ship looks a little small on the site
24/Aug/10 6:50 AM
Nothing wrong with what you said there Plum, at least not to me. I think where a lot of people take issue, is with 'organized' religion. A lot of horrors have been committed throughout the ages in the name of organized religion. I think it's great to have respectful conversations with different points of views.
24/Aug/10 6:52 AM
will have to miss the opening of bowling season -just glad the win is on my "off" day. hope your luck is just as good ---
24/Aug/10 6:52 AM
Speaking of Church dress - one of our Pastors spoke about proper dress - dressing your age -- HUH !! - oh, well, anyway - on that day - my dress that had a slit up the front - ripped up all the way to the waist when I reached down to pick up the recycling to take out of the Church - I just twisted my skirt sideways to walk out -- I hope he was talking about little 'ole me....
24/Aug/10 6:56 AM
wasn't - Mare -- wasn't -- sorry FFS
24/Aug/10 6:58 AM
mymare, that sounds awesome. I used to always love going down for Venetian night...DotCom, then I probably need to walk directly to church (do not pass GO, do not collect $200)and never come back out..
24/Aug/10 7:00 AM
Had to go google zumba, as I've never heard of it. So when can we expect to see you on 'you tube' dancing with your fabulous new abs?
24/Aug/10 7:07 AM
we have Zumba at our fitness center -- latin beat what swings your hips -- they say it's alot of fun
24/Aug/10 7:12 AM
well, off to finish the Monday housecleaning - I clean my house on Monday - if it needs it or not !! Please don't look in the corners -- it seems I just keep going the same thing over and over -- just noticed -- I still have my spring decor up in the front room -- and St.Pat's cloth "hiding" my bookcase -- well, I guess, I'll just jump into fall ....
24/Aug/10 7:14 AM
My goodness, I have had the girl back for one hour and nine minutes, how much longer until I return her. In all her chattering, she had a great day and got a sticker for being quiet! I asked, how.
24/Aug/10 7:19 AM
Congrats, to mymare. Enjoy your trip.
24/Aug/10 7:19 AM
And Plum, darling, never apologize for stating an opinion. If we had to do that, all I would doing all day is apologizing.
24/Aug/10 7:21 AM
Now, how will the Phantom, summarize today.

Personally, I would just Amen.
24/Aug/10 7:21 AM
Then again, that is just an opinion.
24/Aug/10 7:22 AM
hee,hee mymare. I realized not too long ago that I still had a bowl sitting out that had 'winter ornaments' in it. And my 'living room' mantel is still covered with pinecones and winter red berries. luckily, being in Colorado, I can justify pinecones and snow just about 10 months of the year....
24/Aug/10 7:48 AM
Just got back from exercise class (cardio cycling, not Zumba tonight) and only have a couple minutes before I have to turn the computer off - major T-storm heading this way. Plum, I am in awe of your steadfast belief. I wish all Christians were like you. There is a certain denomination down here More...
24/Aug/10 7:55 AM
I should do a study. Send my girls to Jane and Shosho and see who gets tired first. It is really hard to even guess the end result.
24/Aug/10 8:26 AM
Food is being heated by the sadist machine in that horrible room. The girls and the male person are not bugging me. Peace has decended, only for a short time again and my head feels like any moment it will explode. Might try pillow therapy.
24/Aug/10 8:30 AM
A glorious sunny morning here if you can stay out of the wind,its still a bit on the cool side.
Religion and politics are off limits when anyone comes to this house, causes too many fights.
24/Aug/10 8:37 AM
Oh, Mary, mymare - I'd love to be in your water class. It's always bliss to be in the water (I say, trying hard not to remember the "swim a mile" assignment in high school). And "OHHHHHHH!!!!!" congratulations on the ship trip. What a wonderful, memorable time you'll have. I'm so happy for you.
24/Aug/10 9:02 AM
Shannon, last week I went through a file cabinet. OMgoodness, 2007 junk mail. Yuck. I filled my woodstove three times. I put up artificial Christmas swags above my windows about 5 years ago with white berries and tiny little pinecones on an open evergreen looking branch. I've never taken them More...
24/Aug/10 9:08 AM
Karen - you do know how to turn a phrase: love "pillow therapy."
24/Aug/10 9:09 AM
Plum, dear, I had a plan with the pillow therapy, first I was going to try the pillow under my head. If that did not cure whatever ailed me, the plan was to put over my face and press. One way or another, I had planned on being knocked out. Though, the plan thought 30 minutes, then finish that More...
24/Aug/10 9:56 AM
The boys went off to Wingstop to pick up dinner - once I clean the kitchen - I would like it to stay clean - at least until tomorrow -- wait !! is that a glass on the counter .....
24/Aug/10 10:07 AM
24/Aug/10 11:18 AM
, ,
It has been busy here today. I have spent most of the afternoon in bed with a sinus headache. Took my meds went to bed and slept for four More...
24/Aug/10 12:50 PM
I agree with Amelia, no talk of Religion or politics allowed in this house either. I respect everyone's views on either or both but I also agree they can cause too many argurments.
24/Aug/10 12:54 PM
Guess I should go lay down my head.
24/Aug/10 12:55 PM
I don't mind religion or political talks, as long as they're talks and everyone is respectful of each other. I know, I know, easier said than done. Sinus headaches are the worst. Hope you feel better in the morning Sue, sleep well.
24/Aug/10 1:03 PM
Yep, Sue and Amelia - another who totally agrees!
Hope your headache clears soon, Sue.
24/Aug/10 1:06 PM
Plum that sounds so pretty (okay, not the file cabinet part). I always hate having to take down the Christmas decorations, the house seems so blah after that. I now have separated my decorations into 'Christmas' and 'Winter' so it eases the transition. Problem is my Winter decorations are still More...
24/Aug/10 1:12 PM
I love white lights year round. On summer nights it's like melding with the starry skies.
24/Aug/10 1:22 PM
Contrary to the topics lately, I agree, there are certain topics that are taboo. In my, Emily Post, (I think) etiquette book, she lists three things never to discuss at a party. Politics, religion, I sure wish I could remember the third one. I also added age and diets.
24/Aug/10 1:27 PM
While we avoid discussing politics and religion with "outsiders," we often do so with family. It probably helps that everyone in the family has similar views and beliefs!
24/Aug/10 1:28 PM
Lucky you having 5 seasons of the year...we have (that old saying) two seasons...winter and road constuction
24/Aug/10 1:29 PM
Who do hairy, howling mountain people consider as outsiders?
24/Aug/10 1:31 PM
But how do we foster education, tolerance and understanding if we never talk to each other? Although I know, many people aren't interested in a discussion as much as 'ramming' their point home.
24/Aug/10 1:35 PM
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