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Easy Sudoku for 25/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen all!
25/Jan/12 12:07 AM

25/Jan/12 12:08 AM
Vici... everyone!
DON'T think I'll need today.
25/Jan/12 12:09 AM
Good morning, Joe, too!
25/Jan/12 12:10 AM
Maen everyone
Just finished reading all of yesterday's posts and here it is EDST Sudoku tomorrow already
25/Jan/12 12:10 AM
Beautiful photo, Wendy. Great way to start my morning, thanks.
25/Jan/12 12:11 AM
And time for me to hit the hay! Can't keep my eyes open to do the puzzles and have to work at the school tomorrow
25/Jan/12 12:12 AM
No 'dilly dallying' in the morning. Will have to get my act together so I am not late
25/Jan/12 12:13 AM
Night all
25/Jan/12 12:13 AM
You are correct, Vici... lovely photo to start the day!
25/Jan/12 12:17 AM
Night, Meg! Sweet dreams!
25/Jan/12 12:17 AM
Am I in time?
25/Jan/12 12:20 AM
I hope so.
25/Jan/12 12:20 AM
I love painting orchids. They are such interesting flowers. I have painted orchids more than any other flowers. My favorite is the Paphiopadilum orchid.
25/Jan/12 12:25 AM
I take care of my two older grandsons on Monday nights. Last night I started a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle with my oldest grandson, Charles (age 6)and realized that I had learned to love doing jigsaw puzzles from MY grandmother. So, thanks, Grandma G! I'm passing that love on to your great-great-grandson!
25/Jan/12 12:33 AM
25/Jan/12 12:47 AM
Shiela - how nice that you are carrying on a family tradition & thought to acknowledge YOUR grandma. Jigsaw puzzles can be a great family activity. We do them at our beach house when all the grandies are together. They can come & go to contribute however much time & effort they choose. Some stick with it longer than others!
25/Jan/12 1:37 AM
Was anyone else as happy as I was to see Kim Clijsters win yesterday? I am a huge fan of hers. She has so much heart & always conducts herself like a lady. I would love to see her win the whole thing as I believe she'll be retiring from tennis soon to have another child.
25/Jan/12 1:51 AM
I miss Jane. Hope she is having a wonderful time skiing. Maybe she got to stay up late last night like I did to see Kim play, if they get ESPN2 in their condo?
25/Jan/12 1:52 AM
What a lovely orchid.
25/Jan/12 1:55 AM
We had a very nice day yesterday down at Pine Island. The weather was beautiful. We took a walk on the Calusa Heritage Trail among the burial mounds the Calusa Indians left back in the 1600's. We ate dinner with our friends at a wonderful restaurant near the water & watched the sunset from our table.
25/Jan/12 1:58 AM
25/Jan/12 2:01 AM
For some strange reason I have very good luck with orchids. I have them in small pots on the windowsills of the 3 windows in our dining room. They seem to like it there where they get the afternoon sunshine. I water them infrequently but make sure I mist them, too.
25/Jan/12 2:02 AM
Popped in just at thr right moment...
Sounds like a wonderful day trip. Kathy!
25/Jan/12 2:02 AM
Congrats on the #22, Shiela.
25/Jan/12 2:02 AM
Unfortunately, Kathy, I do not have luck with orchids. I wish I did. I think it's because I keep my house too cool at night.
25/Jan/12 2:04 AM
I was hoping we might get to meet up with Debby from MI while we were down in that area. I know she is in FL with her parents in preparation for her Dad's surgery on Feb. 3. I e-mailed her but did not hear back. Hope everything is ok.
25/Jan/12 2:05 AM
all. The sun just came out, after three dreary days.
25/Jan/12 2:13 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Jan/12 2:16 AM
Belly Laughing Day
Beer Can Day
25/Jan/12 2:16 AM
Have not counted the M&M's yet. So there is still time to guess how many pieces are in a 19 ounce bag.

You are more than welcome to put your answers and send more M&M's into my in box.
25/Jan/12 2:21 AM

I thought I would follow Keith's example and display my "Chinese Year of" avatar.

I'll also display my new Palm Pilot to celebrate Beer Can Day
25/Jan/12 2:24 AM
That's a good idea with the avatar, Kathy/MD and Keith.
25/Jan/12 2:29 AM
Ohhhhh... I got #33.
25/Jan/12 2:30 AM
HI all! I'm an orchid fan too Kathy and have three coming into flower, one having just started to open its first flower a few hours ago. Shiela, they benefit from being ignored in this house, shoved into a corner of the dim garage in the summer and watered oh so sparingly the rest of the year!
25/Jan/12 2:30 AM
25/Jan/12 2:34 AM
Looks like I got here just in time.
25/Jan/12 2:34 AM
Is anyone suffering from sunspots today?
25/Jan/12 2:35 AM
all. First sunny day of my vacation. Mild weather predicted, so will probably take a walk around the lake.
25/Jan/12 2:36 AM
Calling all those on this site who DIDN'T answer my puzzle yesterday. Would you please read the riddle which I will re-post and tell me honestly, truthfully if you all think the same as the naughty regulars. If you read to the end I will tell you what the most common answer submitted was...!
25/Jan/12 2:36 AM
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