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Easy Sudoku for 25/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Saga #1 Harry has a diabetic ulcer on his left big toe. This started back in August. The wound healed then opened up, this happened 3 times. This last time we saw infectious disease. Harry just finished 6 weeks of intravenous antibiotics. The toe looks healed, he sees the doctor next week.
25/Jan/19 11:02 AM
Condolences to Arachnid. My father's death, too, ended an ever-increasing list of indignities, as his body and brain forgot how to do one thing after another. The doctor completing the death certificate asked me what illnesses he had. When I said he had none, he was healthy except for dementia, More...
25/Jan/19 11:07 AM
Neither Sue nor I bothered noticing or counting, so a belated welcome to Page 2 to all.

And Happy Birthday to Peter, while I am at it.
25/Jan/19 11:15 AM
Bit late, Cheers Peter. Hope your son, his family if any and house are ok.
25/Jan/19 11:55 AM
@new member Gary. Summer Hill sounds like a great place for a Brewer.

I'll drink to that
25/Jan/19 11:59 AM
25/Jan/19 12:55 PM
Just another 19 posts to get to Peter's favourite number, surely we can do that for his birthday
25/Jan/19 3:47 PM
It is a big sporting time in Oz at the moment with the Australian Open Tennis Tournament reaching its culmination at the weekend. The are also lots of different forms of cricket going on from THE Big Bash League, over in about 3 hours to test matches which normally last about 5 days.
25/Jan/19 3:51 PM
And it's not only the guys, for there are women's leagues in almost all sports. And more and more they are become professional, as in paid and in many cases it is their full time job.
25/Jan/19 3:53 PM
Mind you the present hot weather is playing havoc with some of the events. A number of arenas have sliding roofs that reduces the temperature somewhat, and some even have air conditioning. IT IS NOT LIKE THE OLD DAYS!
25/Jan/19 3:57 PM
But we still enjoyed it back in those Olden Days. Playing football (that's Aussie Rules) in the snow, or in a cow paddock with our boots underwater and searching for a tuft of grass to stand on that allowed you to keep your feet out of the water and mud. Cricket was better, but those sweltering days where you might have to field most of the afternoon. We must have been mad.
25/Jan/19 4:03 PM
Well that is a CP + 1, so I'll pass the baton to some others.
25/Jan/19 4:04 PM
I just heard some gruesome news about the heat in Australia: Wild horses are dying in the unusually prolonged hot weather.
25/Jan/19 6:29 PM
Without wishing them any harm, it is likely that these are feral horses (often called brumbies). They are regarded as pests in some of the areas they frequent, particularly the Snowy Mountains because they cause so much damage, especially around water holes. They have been instrumental in the More...
25/Jan/19 6:38 PM
1:18. Good evening everyone.
25/Jan/19 6:57 PM
Peter, I hope it was a bit cooler in your neck of the woods than it's been in Canberra today!
25/Jan/19 6:58 PM
Goodnight everybody!
25/Jan/19 10:42 PM
Peter. I'll save you 'gulpers' of my tot to celebrate.
25/Jan/19 11:30 PM
Sarah your father's condition closely mirrors my own fathers. There is a real cruelty to this insidious illness. It is sometimes very difficult to watch . That's why I said no sadness
25/Jan/19 11:33 PM
to all for your kind words and support. I am very glad I joined this site occupied by some of the most caring and considerate people I have ever met
25/Jan/19 11:35 PM
OK that's the being nice bit over - back to the chiaking and general mickey taking
25/Jan/19 11:37 PM
Wombat, I too have done my bit so if Peter can still stand he can make his way to the bar where there is one in the tap
25/Jan/19 11:38 PM
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