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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Jessica - smoking's not good but have you ever thought how strange hospitals are - they give you water to drink and wash you in alcohol!
Nice picture. Where was it taken, I wonder 2:05
Susan St Louis is playing the horn, Trevene I have to go now take care and finish work early the concrete mixer is due to arrive at 15.30 your time.
HH - I had to fax Spanish lawyer today forgot lunch was from 10.00am until about now, relentless pushing of buttons time wasted 2hrs.
pg :))
Nicky lol. Did you know you have to build with bricks (go figure) Would we be needing more than one room? Do we need toilet and bath?
Lisa did you get the message about setting up a PO Box so we could all get you a card?
Hi Liam xxx mwah xxx that was a big kiss for you!
bye everyone.
2:43 finally broke down and bought me a Sudoku book since I don't have a computer at home. I thought it would keep me from playing while I'm at work - but I was WRONG!
Pam from Canada: My hubby of 29 years now had smoked for 36 years when he had his first of 5 strokes, 2 of them requiring physical therapy. His doc said if he didn't quit smoking he may have a fatal stroke or end up a veggie. He quit that day using the patch and hasn't smoked in nearly 8 years! No more strokes.
What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer?

A brick layer!

I always wanted lake front property. . .now I have it. At least its in the back half acre and staying away from the house. A few trees down . .still raining and blowing, but not too bad. I haven't been able to check yet though. Electricity is on and off. Looks like Jim in Jupiter and those further More...
ty for all the smoking comments...... I've been doing good at not smoking but the little devil on my shoulder is still there. all your comments and advice are welcomed!
cee cee........ glad to hear part of Florida is over the worse part...... here is hoping thats the worst of it!
thank you Sweetrascal and BCG for your book recommendations. i will definately start the series and watch for 'Forever: i have just finsihed reading Alexander McCall Smiths series, '#1 Ladies Detective Agency in Botswana'. beautifully written. humorous, touching, a little slice of life in lady detective's life.
Pam from Canada: Swat that little devil with the Bible..it works!
SweetR-I just finished the Stephanie Plum stories-LOVED them.My neighbor supplied all of them-lucky me.
R/PocoBC- another good one'Fifty Acres & a Poodle' by Jeanne Marie Laskas. followed by 'Fifty Acres & a Family' humorous also.
Thanks for the well wishes Pam. Just ventured outside for a closer look. The tree with the osprey nest is down, so is the basketball hoop. . .on top of the car! Good sized dent. It blew 20 feet. Dirt road is flooded. Darn, I can't get out to go to work. Power has stayed on for an hour now. Maybe I can get pictures on the TV of points further south.
maybe Jim is taking a rest-sounded like he was up all night reporting on Wilma.
Andre, eng. Am i to be the mother of the Bride? i will be the hysterically weeping one, with the lovely outfit and blue rinse of course, who is wondering what ever happened to her daughter... Running off to a villa in Trinidad. speaking of Dad? i am busy narrowing down the possibilities.
2:11...not bad
Ali from A-tks! sounds like life, get the puppy, next comes the baby!
andre - how frustrating is that?! I hate it when I waste time trying to reach people who aren't there....R from Poco: if you want Ted to pay for your flight, I think your wedding outfit will have to be - well - shall we say, minimal? :) Mind you, I susect he may have ways of comforting you during the hysterical weeping...:))
HH - Will wear something, well, yellow, under my 'mother of the bride outfit' if Ted will agree to pay and comfort!! Hmmm, I wonder where Ted was the year Andre was concieved? Could it be?.....
2:40; not as good as yesterday. Never did get around to med,hard,and tough yesterday. Oh well more to do and read today.
I read an interesting book called 'Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight' by Alexandra Fuller about her childhood in Africa. I'm currently reading 'Freakonomics' by Levitt & Dubner. What kind of books do you all enjoy?
Just wanted to say congrats on your baby boy Lisa!!!
Want some help quitting smoking? Ask me what it was like to watch my father die an agonizing and humiliating death from an assortment of cancers including lung cancer. Ask me what it was like to call HIS father (a healthy 91 year old) to tell him his son just died. Ask me what it is like to More...
6:43 First time broke 7:00
Hey Pam,

Take care of someone who has wasted away very slowly and painfully from lung cancer.
Pam from Canada-I quit smoking almost 6 years ago.It was easy,and I did it cold turkey overnight.All I had to help me was a surgeon who began to remove bits of my body and send them off to pathology to see if they'd left enough of a margin around the cancer cells.Where motivation is high,anything is acheivable.lol Di.
No, it's the ENGLISH HORN (long and straight woodwind with a slight bulge at the end) not the FRENCH HORN (curly, round brass for which I can't come up with any innuendo) that I'll play at the wedding. Hope all in the pathway of Wilma (Note how I cleverly avoided whether or not to apotrophe--I KNOW THAT ISN'T A VERB) are doing well.
I really enjoy a real variety of books. some of my favourites are: Memoirs of a Giesha, Fall on Your Knees,Angela's Ashes,Kite Runner,#1 Ladies Det.Series, Dan Brown books.Biographies, ah there is just too many to list. love hearing what others are reading!
Well.Now I have done the puzzle(3.09)and have returned to ameliorate the possible acerbity of my previous entry.Pam,it's tricky,but you'll enjoy the taste and smell of things much more after you quit.I especially enjoy the smell of a fine cigar-I just miss smoking the damn things!Don't miss ordinary coffin nails though.ttfn.
3;43 didn't feel a thing. I dare not sleep because I just know I will wake up feeling guilty as hell
I'm beginning to feel a bit left out and sorry for myself.
Can I come to the wedding too? I can't sing, or play an instrument, and my building skills leave a bit to be desired. But I could make the cake. (Though I'm not so good at icing, unless you want a Christmas snowstorm effect.)
2:21 - been away for the weekend at a wedding in Michigan - lovely to see the colours of fall. Lisa from TO - if you're able to nurse Liam and sudoku at the same time, you've got this motherhood thing figured out! Is he letting you sleep?
R(Poco) probably just learning how to draw Q's when she got her big start in life. Kate(UK) what are you like on the organ? Maybe you could just bang on the piano!!
LP from Pioneer.. I'm reading a book called Into Africa, by a guy who decided to turn his back on the rat race and travel across Africa on a motorbike.
I knew him 20 years ago. So far, his book is brilliant. Though what QRP would make of his apostrophes I'm not sure!
His website is www.sam-manicom.com
Again thanks all. Reality checks is what it's all about isnt it? and making sure you dont wait until it's too late and only regrets in the last few months of life here on earth.
R from California. I'd be interested in what didnt get through on your letter about smoking. something was cut More...
Ted S, Organs are pretty complicated instruments. All those knobs and stoppers. Pretty sure I could bang on the piano though, as long as it was a grand.
(Where do you live? I might need to practice.)
Ted. Damn.. Just realised you're probably the Ted from Melbourne.... Long flight just to practice. Especially if you don't have a grand.
Trevene~ What good is a villa with only one room, no jacuzzi. And what about a pool? I'm out of here, Eastenders is starting, the Mitchells' are back.
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