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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Morning all - beautiful Tuesday spring day here in New Zealand.
Finished all the puzzles.I'll play violin and sing at the wedding if you like,but only if Ted(either one) will play the upright organ.What's the difference between a bull and a symphony orchestra? The bull has the horns up the front and the *rsehole down the back.Boom boom.
Speaking of books.... James Lee Burke is a wonderful author.. anything he has written is very, very, good and worth a try.. particularly if you ever listen to books on tape.. he has some fantastic readers!
Picture from the Philippines?
4:26, but it's still Monday afternoon over here.

Ali from A--did you play Word Riot in the past? Your name looks familiar...
7:07 -- okay, go speed technique is to skip numbers where there are too many possibilities (i.e. not much narrowing down). After filling the puzzle with the easier possibilities, then the skipped numbers will have fewer possibilities.
My husband quit smoking 25 years ago, replacing it with marathoning.
Deborah from UK, I'll put 'Into Africa' on my list. R from Poco, I haven't read 'Kite Runner', but have enjoyed the others you mentioned. I suggest reading Ken Follett, especially 'Pillars of the Earth'. 'Ride the Wind' by Robson is a wonderful book. 'Pope Joan' by Cross is another. I could go on and on...
I, too am feeling left out of the wedding. Trevene, I would be honored to do the landscape design for the villa - it WOULD include a jacuzzi, maybe a pool. Love the scent of tropics at night!!!
So glad I found you x You watch that Teddy he's a rrum one (wink of eye) Kate you can come, don't go in the wind section.
di From mackay oz always welcome x (gruff & hormone doing well I think. Have left food outside doors and plates are stacking up nicely on the carpet. No screams and the milk is gone from the doorstep so obviously they have had breakfast!)
Books: Nonfiction--Swimming to Antarctica--readable and incredible. Fiction--Killer Angels--Gettysburg up close and real
Teddy... I had you down for a gentle gentleman, are you going to behave at the nuptials?
Speaking to Trevene tomorrow about the wedding present list, am writing it now with 'Sudoku' he is very agreeable to loaning of his 'Sudoka' for short term only, fixed rate.
Worn out after a weeks hard fishing... still much better than work.
Sorry Susan - not only did I not remember your name, I got the damn instrument wrong too! :) Think we should allay some fears here - I can't sing, play a MUSICAL (Teddy - be careful!)instrument, dance, build, whatever, but I offered myself as a bridesmaid (rather than a scarifice to QRP) and I make More...
Damn again! meant sacrifice - and I know QRP's lurking on another of these lists tonight...oops
Aileen/Cali-nope,it wasnt me.
ok Ted-time to tell us...do you have a grand???
Yes, HH. It is I.
What sacrifice do you have in mind? Bottles of dry white wine (not Chardonnay, thank you) and chocolate truffles are always welcome at my shrine.
May I offer my humble services for the wedding? I could edit the order of service and check the speeches for grammatical errors?
took 4 minutes (well, easy level) its Monday eve and raining getting to snow
3:12 - Happy with that - on to some work!
3:28 sweating it!
QRP - bottles of dry white wine okay - I don't give my chocolate to ANYONE (think I may have overstepped the mark there)
andré: Is sudoka the feminine version of sudoku? Haven't heard from Jim, probably lost power. Initial reports from my aunt in Boca (just south of Jupiter) is she lost a few roof tiles, and the screen around her lanai was last seen heading towards the Atlantic. NOAA shows Wilma's eye well clear of Florida, now. They just need to survive her
backside now. Then the cleanup begins.
Geez HH & QRP - can't you two sleep? Its near 8am in oz and it's a beautiful sunny, warm day. I nearly feel to good to be alive!
Hello Jessica! Not many of us Northwesterners on this site.
Pam - When my daughter wanted to quit smoking, she took an herb combination from Nature's Sunshine--Fenugreek & Thyme. Said within 24 hours the smoke smelled so bad to her she couldn't stand it. Must replace the cigs with something else to relax you!
Dearest Reverend Green
It is only late evening here in the UK. I am hoping the third bottle will help me sleep, although the expression 'geez' from someone in a drawing room may cause enough confusion to negate the benefits of alcohol.
Are there drawing rooms in the Antipodes?
4.58 getting faster .... loved 'kite runner' Pam from Canada..gave up for 6 months last year and then when everyone else was giving up New Years Eve I started again. I will give up before the year is out and for good...I believe the 10th time it actually works....cheers
To Pam from Canada: I gave up smoking last Sept. 2004, thanks to a book by Allen Carr, 'Easy way to stop smoking'. He insistes on you smoking whilst you read it. Didn't agree with it at first - had to read parts of it 3 times before I really DID agree with him. Now I know that I will never ever smoke again!!

My best time is only 7 min 15 secs!! Wot a wimp!!
5:24 - slow for some, but my new best!
3:07 wedding plans in full swing! I've decided to go in the regular gentlemanly regalia,call me old fashioned.another skeleton{from my cuboard} put to rest{tick}.
How are you all fellow sudukoists!!!
i'm feeling a lot better today it most of been the workout last night, talk to you later
lovve marie 6.10mins today
All these wedding plans, and people doing this and that with organs and a banging pianist! Mama Mia!!My, my! Brian, can i have your red dress for the wedding?
starting to get the hang of this. How bout you Liam?
What does QRP stand for? Loved all the jokes by the way. Especially the chicken.
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