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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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25/Oct/14 6:25 AM
Whew! Almost missed it.
25/Oct/14 6:26 AM
25/Oct/14 6:32 AM
Morning all,cute babies.
We have sunshine this morning after some overnight rain.
25/Oct/14 6:48 AM
Happy birthday Kristy B ,have a great day.
Hmm must Google Everet to see where it is.
25/Oct/14 6:51 AM
Hi Mama.
25/Oct/14 7:33 AM

Been a lot of places lately HalT but sadly not at sea.
25/Oct/14 7:35 AM
Junior Cee is however in the fair city of LA for a couple of weeks.
Half his luck. Maybe next time for me and the cook.
25/Oct/14 7:37 AM
Good to see Mr. Cee and Mamacita here today, even if they don't stay for long.
25/Oct/14 8:00 AM
Nice to see you Cee. Why don't you come more often. We'll welcome you. Hope all is well!
25/Oct/14 8:30 AM
Good morning, it's a beautiful sunny day, I have son number 2 & family visiting, and I am at work!
25/Oct/14 10:25 AM
25/Oct/14 10:27 AM
Nan, does this mean you're at work away from the visiting family or 'at work entertaining them'? I'm guessing your sad-faces mean you are eager to return home to enjoy them... Have fun when you're together!
25/Oct/14 10:37 AM
Exciting medical announcement: 'A team at St Vincent's hospital in Sydney, Australia, announced Friday that they had transplanted hearts that had stopped beating for 20 minutes into three patients. Two of the patients have recovered well.
25/Oct/14 10:39 AM
25/Oct/14 11:59 AM

Now that we have Daylight savings in Aus and QLD doesnt I will make the effort to visit more often. Greg. The site is generally active during our early hours wnen . Of an evening here in Oz it is quiet as can be. All is well here thanks.
25/Oct/14 1:17 PM
Alas, away from my family, Joyce. Just finishing up & heading home shortly to enjoy time with my 2 visiting grandsons this afternoon, and all 7 of my grandchildren ( 3 girls & 4 boys) as well as their parents over our evening meal.
25/Oct/14 1:17 PM
Anyway I am off to Rockhampton for the weekend so Cee y'all.
25/Oct/14 1:17 PM
The Royals are playing ball again tonight. It is a good game.
25/Oct/14 2:06 PM
3-2 Royals. So, the series is now 2-1 Royals. 2 more games in SF before the series goes back to KC, if needed.
25/Oct/14 3:13 PM
25/Oct/14 5:28 PM
flat chat - I needed to look up that one!

(Australia, idiomatic) At maximum capability, intensity, or speed

Americans would say going 'flat out' for maximum speed, but I can't see 'flat' anything being applied to being busy at work.

Adorable little babies. They look like fetuses in spikey pouches.
25/Oct/14 8:17 PM
Ah. I googled baby porcupines and this image is one of the results. And not puggles, apparently:

..the baby porcupine, called a porcupette,...
25/Oct/14 8:19 PM

Sorry to add to your work load Sarah!! Part of the fun of this site is using words that come naturally then leaving everyone else to work out what you mean!!!

Porcupette!!! a cute name to go with cute babies.
25/Oct/14 10:31 PM

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25/Oct/14 11:36 PM
Sorry! That is what happens when you copy and pastes off a web site. I only meant to send the bit about this photo being hedgehogs not porcupines.
25/Oct/14 11:41 PM
Whew! Thanks for the explanation, Pam. I have experienced my first ever spam message on this site, so I worried that there was another one, except it was from you, so that was just too odd.
(Needless to say, the message and apparently the member have been removed.)
26/Oct/14 5:04 AM
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