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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/Oct/16 12:32 AM
Hello everybody. Looks like the start of another lonesome week!

25/Oct/16 12:36 AM
What has happened to everyone?!
25/Oct/16 1:57 AM
Happy rainy Monday!
25/Oct/16 2:07 AM
Morning all.
25/Oct/16 2:30 AM
25/Oct/16 3:09 AM
so close . . .
25/Oct/16 3:09 AM
25/Oct/16 3:09 AM
Woke up and saw it was lightly rain, so I thought oh well not to wet and went for a run. Three and a half miles later, I'm soaking wet. And the lightening and thunder show was magnificent. Most of it passed over me about a mile and half up.
25/Oct/16 3:14 AM
Funny when the light suddenly flares down at you, it startles the bejeevers out of you! And then I counted to 9 when a long rumble of thunder shakes me up. So I figured the lightening show was in the clouds. I figured the clouds with the lightening and thunder passed over me during the last mile.
25/Oct/16 3:17 AM
Stripped wallpaper (forgot how much fun that was) and painted all weekend. Not too many sore muscles. The room still has that awful chalky smell. PU.
Cats adjusted well to the chaos.
25/Oct/16 3:28 AM
Good afternoon folks - a glorious sunny day with shivery temps; I'm following Cathy's lead by being productive inside!
25/Oct/16 4:14 AM
For some reason a photo of a small church does not represent Yosemite to me, so......
25/Oct/16 4:17 AM
...all it took was searching a 'church in Yosemite' and I discovered it is a well-known historic chapel. The Yosemite Chapel (erected in 1879) became the first structure in Yosemite National Park placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
25/Oct/16 4:24 AM
Therefore, for the informed, of which I was not - this chapel DOES represent a part of Yosemite's history!
25/Oct/16 4:26 AM
.....back to my projects & a CP
25/Oct/16 4:28 AM
Thanks for the explanation, Joyce. I was wondering too.
25/Oct/16 5:01 AM
Morning all, a beautiful old church.
25/Oct/16 6:14 AM
I love watching the lightening light up the sky.
25/Oct/16 6:20 AM
25/Oct/16 6:20 AM
25/Oct/16 6:21 AM
25/Oct/16 6:21 AM
Check the end of yesterday's comments for a new puzzle from Wombat - it's a fun challenge!
25/Oct/16 7:31 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
25/Oct/16 8:28 AM
Good evening to all! A little sunnier here today but still very high winds and cool temps.
25/Oct/16 8:33 AM
By the way, that's a neat looking little church. I'll have to Google it to learn more.
25/Oct/16 8:34 AM
I just read the comments and noticed Joyce saved me the search. Thanks Joyce!
25/Oct/16 8:36 AM
Nice fall day here - my last week of leave - so getting house in shape and focus on my exercises - amazing the healing power of the body - but hip is talking to me now and I do need to walk some more
25/Oct/16 9:05 AM
Great timing Keith. I hope your health is holding up well and that you are enjoying life.
25/Oct/16 11:12 AM
1:38 Good morning one and all!
25/Oct/16 12:02 PM
25/Oct/16 2:15 PM
Thanks Wombat. Yes, I'm doing OK and enjoying life, and wish you the same.
25/Oct/16 5:57 PM
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