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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
25/Oct/18 12:01 AM
Morning Wolf, goodnight everybody
25/Oct/18 12:06 AM
Maen all
25/Oct/18 12:37 AM
25/Oct/18 12:42 AM
Good morning to everyone
25/Oct/18 1:13 AM
2:01. Good Morning, all!
25/Oct/18 1:20 AM
How nice to see you posting, Renee. Welcome to the group!

The continuing saga of the gas leak....

About five trucks showed up yesterday completely blocking the street. The neighbors were thrilled, I'm sure. They More...
25/Oct/18 1:21 AM
Batty ... Maybe the source of the gas leak is the beans you ate last night ...
25/Oct/18 1:51 AM
Everybody!! Naughty, naughty Judy!!
25/Oct/18 2:03 AM
Hope your day is full of sunshine!
Judy!!! That's hilarious!
25/Oct/18 2:09 AM
But... since Kathy's problem started prior to yesterday's post, it must have been a lot of beans the night before yesterday!
25/Oct/18 2:47 AM
LOL Judy and Shiela
25/Oct/18 3:16 AM

For Anne.
25/Oct/18 4:06 AM
Wendy for the beautiful Cosmos.
25/Oct/18 4:29 AM
Judy and Shiela, and here I thought that men and dogs were the only ones who thought f*rts were funny...
25/Oct/18 5:01 AM
Morning all,bright pink flowers to start the day, thanks Wendy.
Knew there was a reason I wasn't fond of baked beans ! 😂😂
25/Oct/18 6:06 AM
Kathy, hope they find the leak today.
25/Oct/18 6:08 AM
''Bean, beans, they're good for the heart....''

Oh, they are trying, Amelia. I have put a few photos on my page if you'd like proof.
25/Oct/18 6:26 AM
Kathy, I certainly hope the workmen find the true source of the gas leak. The alternative discovery method is not very smart.
25/Oct/18 6:47 AM
Got back home just in time.
25/Oct/18 8:08 AM
25/Oct/18 8:09 AM
25/Oct/18 8:09 AM
Guess I've been missing all the fun - happy to know no crises occurred re. the elusive gas leak, Kathy. Hope everyone is enjoying this day - share your joy!
25/Oct/18 9:21 AM
My grandmother always had cosmos growing along her fence. These seem much shorter. Hers bobbed at the top of the fence. She had a double lot on a corner, so there was a lot of fence and a lot of cosmos.
25/Oct/18 9:35 AM
Yesterday's discussion about the bird was fascinating, so MRS. Wombat and I did some research. There were two indications of what it could be, where the picture was taken and how the bird looked. Since it was taken in Western Australia neither Chickadee or Phoebe seem likely as they are not found in Australia, let alone Western Australia.
25/Oct/18 9:57 AM
While there is some resemblance between some of the chickadees and this bird there is too much white on the head. Similarly the eastern phoebe has too much white on the underbody and no white marks on the head, so this supports the view that it is neither of these birds.
25/Oct/18 10:01 AM
So we took out our trusty Pizzey and Wright in an attempt to confirm it was a white robin, but alas there were some significant differences. Its general shape suggests it is a juvenile, but it was missing some white marks on its head. But a page by page search produced a strong candidate, a More...
25/Oct/18 10:09 AM
2:17 Didn't get much sleep last night.
Good morning one and all!
25/Oct/18 11:17 AM
I have just finished reading a book called The Canal Bridge by Tom Phelan. In all my years of reading books this one has probably had the most profound effect on me. A review described it as a novel of love (not romance) and it certainly had that element. What did strike me was More...
25/Oct/18 11:56 AM
I was looking for something totally unrelated among my Documents, and found this from four years ago, when HalT posted poozles for us to solve. I don't know why I was asking someone else to send my answers to Hal, but apparently I did want the subject line More...
25/Oct/18 12:56 PM
Your description of your grandmother's cosmos-lined corner lot of those tall variety reminds me of what we always have too, Sarah, in their many colors - crimson, purple, white, pink rose, lavender!
25/Oct/18 1:11 PM
Sarah, do you recall a specific date(s) when these puzzles occurred. I vaguely remember doing them, but I don't want to spend a lot of time searching for them. Thanks.
25/Oct/18 1:14 PM
Beer time. Fortunately, I just opened one.
25/Oct/18 1:15 PM
Your memories also presented the picturesque landscapes we often see when visiting our daughters in North Carolina where the transportation department plants the medians full of perennials and wildflowers... poppies, sunflowers, larkspur and, as I recall the ones in the Triad area are mainly filled with large swaths of cosmos!
25/Oct/18 1:25 PM
all. I'm off to bed shortly, after a long day of baking & wrapping gifts. Because we leave for the sunny south in 2 weeks, I have to have all my Christmas gifts wrapped and the baking done for us & for both daughters. It's all done & I am pooped!
25/Oct/18 1:40 PM
I have made 7 dozen mincemeat tarts with homemade mincemeat, 2 boiled cakes, 3 batches of shortbread, a batch of cinnamon buns and one batch of cheddar crisp biscuits. Phew! I'm tired just thinking about all that baking. We'll take some of it south with us.
25/Oct/18 1:45 PM
How far south are you going, Snowbird? It's 49F (9C) degrees here now. Not very warm.
25/Oct/18 1:47 PM
Night all.
25/Oct/18 1:56 PM
But first... Ah, forget it. Let someone else have the fun.
25/Oct/18 1:57 PM
Yeah, why not?
25/Oct/18 2:06 PM
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