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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/Oct/19 12:00 AM
He's Baaaaaaaack
25/Oct/19 12:01 AM

Swear this is a true story.

An experienced cook in a kitchen just slipped and fell in a fryer....
Was mostly ok, definitely could have gone worse as far as oil burns go. His elbow and a part of his forearm were burned pretty serious and the More...
25/Oct/19 12:03 AM

These three priest get together to compare notes;
They are discussing how they decide what portion of the collections goes to God (Back into the church) and what they keep for themselves.

The first one says, no matter how much money we get More...
25/Oct/19 12:04 AM

English Weather
I just read something about weather in England:

The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Royal Commission for Political Correctness announced today that the climate in the UK should no longer be referred to as _'English Weather'._
25/Oct/19 12:05 AM

25/Oct/19 12:08 AM
2:23. Love your photo, Wendy. (if you're still checking in). Good Morning, HalT, Mr. Cee and everyone.
25/Oct/19 12:08 AM
HalT, Mr Chee, & tom and all to follow!!
25/Oct/19 12:36 AM
2:01 Good night all.
25/Oct/19 12:42 AM
25/Oct/19 2:19 AM
We have a lily like your arum lily. Ours we call calla lily. It's smaller but surprisingly comes in a variety of color as well.
25/Oct/19 2:21 AM

Shosho, as to the after effects of my second shingles shot.....I was pretty achcy (back, shoulders, legs) for a couple of days and the injection site was sore enough to wake me up when I rolled onto it during the night. It's still a little More...
25/Oct/19 3:56 AM
Such sad news....

A marathon runner was killed with a starting pistol today.
Police suspect it was race related.
25/Oct/19 4:01 AM
25/Oct/19 4:19 AM
1:17. Good morning everyone.

Nice one Kathy! The marathon I'm running in nine days is started with the crack of a stock whip, a really cool way to start a race!
25/Oct/19 5:50 AM
25/Oct/19 6:07 AM

Nice flower photo indeed
25/Oct/19 6:10 AM
A whip, Chris??? It would work surprisingly well!
(Our neighbor's son made a whip in a leather workshop class this summer, so we heard the crack of a whip for the rest of the summer!)
25/Oct/19 6:11 AM
Beautiful lilies.
25/Oct/19 6:11 AM
in the marathon, Chris!
25/Oct/19 6:12 AM
Is Keith lurking and getting ready to Galump???
25/Oct/19 6:15 AM
25/Oct/19 6:31 AM
Morning all,my Mum always called the Arum lily a funeral flower.
Much prefer the Calla lily and their bright colours.
Good giggles today.😂😂😂
25/Oct/19 6:34 AM
No Shiela, I wasn't, but thanks for remembering. I just got back home from spending 4 days with my daughter, who's recuperating from back surgery. I traded places with Lynne, who's with Jen now. The recovery goes well.

Another Halloween costume.
25/Oct/19 8:52 AM
Good to hear your daughter is on the road to recovery, Keith. Give her our best wishes.
25/Oct/19 10:57 AM
Thx Peter. Will do.
25/Oct/19 12:05 PM

Thursday 24th October
Sue – Takes the hint and gets set for a shingles shot. All this is just too much and heads for bed.
Nal – Clearing out her house instead of posting here. Get your priorities right, girl!
Peter – Chides the Phantom for being a More...
25/Oct/19 12:07 PM
Et tu, Fanty?
25/Oct/19 5:43 PM
Methinks Fanty would look better in a tu tu although is suppose its a case of whatever turns you on..........
25/Oct/19 5:56 PM
When we lived in Busselton (SW of WA) we used to drive to work through the Tuart Forest. The floor was, when in season, covered with Arum Lilies. You are not allowed to pick them in order to stop the spread. They are regarded as a noxious weed. Pretty as they are plants should be confined to their native habitat where nature has her own way of dealing with things
25/Oct/19 6:02 PM
Cee, someone is is going to get you for that one!!
25/Oct/19 6:03 PM
As you know we are going to Canada next Year. Tom from Vancouver is going to send some hints and advice of what we should do whilst in Vancouver. That's what I like about this site - there is always someone who is happy to help. Would be fantastic is more places were like that
25/Oct/19 6:06 PM
And stumbling on to 33 with a CP. So - my turn to buy and for all those who would like Canadian Club and Dry is on the bar now
25/Oct/19 6:07 PM
I think someone should get him for ALL of them!

Balvenie for me...but can you afford it?
25/Oct/19 6:13 PM
I've just looked up Balvenie. Expect your going for the 25 year old? And I bet somewhere somebody will drink it with coke
25/Oct/19 8:53 PM
Damn Arachnid! You've just sussed out my grubby little secret.
25/Oct/19 9:12 PM
And which secret would that be 'From Check out my page'?
25/Oct/19 11:17 PM
25/Oct/19 11:59 PM
How does From sign in? No name, just a password?
26/Oct/19 5:51 AM
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