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Easy Sudoku for 25/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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25/Nov/15 12:20 AM
25/Nov/15 12:20 AM
I've been up for 2.5 hours but working so forgot to say 'Hello!' before now.
25/Nov/15 12:29 AM
BTW, our trip to Australia and New Zealand next February-March will take about 3.5 weeks so we'll see a lot but, obviously, not everything.
25/Nov/15 12:50 AM
Hi there Keith and Wolf
Been sitting here working away and decided it was to shut up shop, say goodnight and go to bed
Have a good day topsiders
Hope you and June are sleeping CP...
25/Nov/15 1:23 AM
That is one teeny dog!
25/Nov/15 1:24 AM
Good morning all!
25/Nov/15 1:25 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Nov/15 1:58 AM
Taking the opportunity when the girls are lazing around this morning to pop in. Yesterday the demands started before my eyes open, so had very little brain function for the majority of the day.
25/Nov/15 2:00 AM
Cheers to our busy friend.
25/Nov/15 2:01 AM
This year I thought it would be a great idea to do calendars for MIL and aunts. So I did a mixture of individual pictures of the girls and some of them together. While the girls and I inspected the cool calendars, that one child had to count and inform the other girl that there are more pictures of More...
25/Nov/15 2:06 AM
25/Nov/15 2:08 AM
I should have known this would happened and taken the time to count myself, but I was rushing to get a 40% discount, which I am so happy I missed. Instead I got a 50% discount. Which of course, gave me idea for a gift for Man. I had three days to get the half off price. One would think that would More...
25/Nov/15 2:09 AM
Must be a commercial, because two demands came yelling in here.
25/Nov/15 2:10 AM
The Wi-Fi/internet connection on the boat is spotty, so my time on site will be limited.
25/Nov/15 2:11 AM
On Sunday, we had a nice time in Memphis and Graceland. Boarded the boat Sunday afternoon and got settled in our room. Spent Monday in Greenville MS, a sleepy, small, Southern river town. And this morning we arrived in Vicksburg MS.
25/Nov/15 2:19 AM
HalT, my brain cell is attempting to work and it is thinking you took a previous ride down the Mississippi once before. I hope you and Saint B are enjoying your trip.
25/Nov/15 2:23 AM
Girls are having woes. Their dreamtab, (Ipad) and wII game are frozen and it is to the point where I cannot fix it. May have to take both in to a computer doctor. Which I have no clue as to how to start looking.
I am very leery of letting them on my machines, since in less than a year they have managed to freeze theirs up beyond my knowledge on how to fix them.
25/Nov/15 2:27 AM
You know what I am doing.
25/Nov/15 2:28 AM
Would like to wish you all, whether you are celebrating or not, safe travels and family enjoyment this week.
25/Nov/15 2:29 AM
Since we had a coating of snow here Sunday night, I'm curious what kind of weather you're having on your steamboat cruise, Hal?
25/Nov/15 2:31 AM
MIL is having our celebration at her house this year. She has asked each of the grandies, well her youngest ones, to prepare something. She has purchased the ingredients for them and two are already at her house and my two will join them later this week.
Strange how I have not been asked to prepare anything, but Man has been asked to come help her. Trust me, my feelings are not hurt.
25/Nov/15 2:32 AM
Good job with the 22, Karen!
25/Nov/15 2:33 AM

The lazing around has ended so off to chase my darlings.
25/Nov/15 2:34 AM
Good morning.
25/Nov/15 2:45 AM
Made it until 0230 today.
25/Nov/15 2:46 AM
We are off for a day trip today - about 350km each way.
25/Nov/15 2:47 AM
As to Christmas and New Year's falling (or not) on the same day of the week: In any particular year, they are NEVER on the same DOW. They are nearly 52 weeks apart.
25/Nov/15 2:48 AM
To look at caravans (sort of RVs you tow instead of drive - (? a camper trailer). Mr P is very keen to get one, I have some reservations. But the experiences in it should be fun, so I;ll wait and see if I like it.
25/Nov/15 2:52 AM
Good one lonewolf!
25/Nov/15 2:53 AM
CP, I made it to 3am. Had a cramp in my leg and then the dog woke up (we are dog sitting) so had to take her for a walk outside. The back yard is like daylight with a big almost full moon. I have finished the puzzle so back to bed.
25/Nov/15 3:48 AM
25/Nov/15 3:49 AM
All my is done for the week!
25/Nov/15 3:50 AM
Now must think about getting off my duff to go to farmers market to get my usual fruits and veggies! I am so lucky to be able to buy fresh strawberries all year! During winter I think they're grown in long plastic tents out in the fields. Anyway they're all Californian grown not shipped in from other countries.
25/Nov/15 3:53 AM
Problem I'm facing is ! Got not only my papers but my parents' as well to go through.
25/Nov/15 3:54 AM
That and the expected 20+ people who will come for Thanksgiving! Got most of the house cleaned but my kitties are into inspecting every new item coming into their home!
25/Nov/15 3:56 AM
They will have to go out while my guests will have to stay in. Cats freak out if there's any stranger wandering into their territory.
25/Nov/15 3:57 AM
Well lookee here almost . . .
25/Nov/15 3:57 AM
Better hurry . . .
25/Nov/15 3:57 AM
25/Nov/15 3:58 AM
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