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Easy Sudoku for 25/May/2008


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Sunday May 25th is the 7th birthday of my younger grand daughter Maya.
I have posted a photo in my gallery which I took 3 weeks ago.
Happy Birthday and enjoy your Jungle Party.
25/May/08 12:00 AM
Just wish I could be there
25/May/08 12:01 AM
Just got up and was reading Med. posts Ian got a really good picture there.
25/May/08 12:01 AM
Good Morning everyone! This is the beginning of our Memorial Day Weekend - a time to celebrate and be thankful for the men and women of the armed forces and for their families. Many events scheduled across the nation.
25/May/08 12:06 AM
Morning GannieMo. Love the pic. Striking pose in the morning mist.
25/May/08 12:06 AM
Lovely photo
25/May/08 12:07 AM
Morning Dorthea and Carol. Yes, a time to remember and be grateful.
25/May/08 12:08 AM
25/May/08 12:09 AM
I love horses, but haven't been on one for 59 years. My first husband had several. The best thing he had.
25/May/08 12:10 AM
Not the picture I have of Katy Texas in my mind.
25/May/08 12:18 AM
2:15 Good evening all. I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Mo - a very Happy Birthday to Maya.
25/May/08 12:19 AM
Jane Shiela Many good presents and Lots of HUGS and of course KISSES.
25/May/08 12:21 AM

Lovely picture. Bank holiday weekend, lots of rain expected tomorrow.
25/May/08 12:28 AM
What a beautiful shot - as if it is from a dream!
25/May/08 12:30 AM
all - as you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend - take a moment to remember what it is about - todays video is about those that honor our fallen every day of the week 365 a year.


They walk their posts 24/365+ no matter the weather.
25/May/08 12:32 AM
Great composition and lighting - who took this beautiful photo. It could be a painting.
25/May/08 12:46 AM
everyone from beautiful So. Oregon.

Jane and Shiela
25/May/08 12:47 AM
Black beauty
25/May/08 12:52 AM
Maen, everyone! A very nice day today in Michigan.
I finally planted the flowers along the driveway.
And then I'll be off to the races! Literally!
I'm going to Indianapolis to the Indy 500 car race.
Go Danica!!!!!
(It'll be a BIG PARTY for me!)
25/May/08 12:54 AM

Hope your special day is filled with happy surprises for both of you!
A very good day for a birthday!
25/May/08 12:59 AM
Every year, just before Memorial Day, the 3rd U.S. Infantry places an American flag at each grave at Arlington National Cemetery. 260,000 plus. They also place 13,500 at the Soldier's and Airmen's Cemetery. Both my parents are buried at Arlington.
It is an awesome sight.
25/May/08 1:00 AM
Jane & Shiela, have the best birthday ever.
25/May/08 1:02 AM
mAen all! Happy birthday Jane and Shiela! Today is my mother 80th birthday and I brought her a wonderful plant which will be dead within 3 weeks! She loves having lots of things growing around her but she always forget to water them! and no, she' not got alzheimer or something like that, she's just living between reading and painting and forgets anything else!
25/May/08 1:03 AM
Good maEn!
Wonderful shot!
25/May/08 1:05 AM
Yikes.... the first page again. Unfortunately only on Saturday and Sunday can I get to the site before much later (about page 3 usually). I was hoping that Fiona's riddle would be here to think about.
25/May/08 1:08 AM
Happy Birthday to
Jane from Mississauga and Shiela from MI
25/May/08 1:09 AM
Absolutely spectacular photo!
25/May/08 1:11 AM
Happy Birthday Shiela and Jane, Bon anniversaire maman de Claude, My grand daughter and tomorrow my great niece, Juno will also be 7. Yesterday Mamacita.
May is certainly ending with an explosion of birthdays
Shiela I was once lucky enough to go to the Indy and was sat very near James Garner, More...
25/May/08 1:12 AM
Tick, tock, tick, tock, Dave. Like sands through the hourglass ... Will your birthday Monday be one of the Big Ones??
25/May/08 1:17 AM
to your Mom, Claude! May she enjoy many more years of reading and painting!
25/May/08 1:22 AM
25/May/08 1:28 AM
That photo is wonderful!
I'd like permission to save it. Who's the photographer?
25/May/08 1:31 AM
Sheila - have a good time at Indy - Go Danica!

Betty/Boston - welcome to page 1 anytime

Vera - nice to see you posting.

I understand Wagdy is state side.

Everyone have a great day - lots to do today - back later.
25/May/08 1:31 AM
It will be about the 32nd year I've been to Indy. I'll have to look it up to be sure, but I remember when James Garner was there! That means we were there together! Just think about it... we never knew we were both there, never thought about eventually meeting someone else who just happened to be More...
25/May/08 1:34 AM
to Shiela, Jane, Gannie's granddaughter Maya, & Claude's Mom. Wow, that's a lot of celebrating going on!!! Claude, did you once mention that your Mom's birthday is also Mother's Day in France this year or did I get that mixed up?
Shiela, have a great time at the Indy 500! Sounds like you'll have a fun weekend.
25/May/08 1:41 AM
Dorthea, your comment about your husband made me laugh!

Judy, are you still home? When do you head to the mountains?
25/May/08 1:44 AM
No, we are not yet in the mountains, and we're not very happy about it! Mother Nature decided to cover the Sierra Nevadas with a late-spring blanket of snow, so we are waiting a few days to head up for the summer to our little piece of Heaven. I haven't even gotten out my marshmallow sticks yet to polish them up!
25/May/08 1:55 AM

Good mAen... I appear to be a bit sluggish today. I always love a horse picture. Always been my first love. Sigh.
25/May/08 2:06 AM
2:09 to you all.

Lovely photo.
25/May/08 2:10 AM
25/May/08 2:16 AM
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