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Easy Sudoku for 25/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hey COL I hope your asleep and resting now.... I was awake about 6am too a certain child (not naming peanut at all!!!) that like to do summersaults and kick, it is a bit different to taylahs pregnancy, she liked to sleep. Will have to train this one I think
25/Jul/07 9:23 AM
oh so here we go whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
25/Jul/07 9:23 AM
pushed it over to a new page............

Goodness I am getting like mum
25/Jul/07 9:24 AM
25/Jul/07 9:24 AM
i had forgotten that I could change my avatar so found one of my little girl
25/Jul/07 9:31 AM
I am so close now maybe I can just get across the line???
25/Jul/07 9:31 AM
Yes a CP to start the day!!!!
25/Jul/07 9:32 AM
ok off now to get the big girl dressed..... a nice day outside what shall she wear??? she has decided a skirt and tights..... a typical girls who loves her dresses and skirts to twirl in
25/Jul/07 9:33 AM
CG: Number 11, how about two long and one short for central, nevermind prefixes. Gramma was three short and our number was 2489W and the neighbors on the party line was 2489J.
25/Jul/07 9:50 AM
CG - I remember 24 on the list. The one I don't is #20 Beanie and Cecil. ????
25/Jul/07 9:52 AM
Ok I'm feeling old now I remember 9 of them aswell, how old does that make me since I'm an Aussie and and alot of them are American things?

And feel free to guess my age, those who know can have a laugh but no guessing if you know.
25/Jul/07 10:02 AM

'A Party Line' ...betcha Paris Hilton knows what that is.and I'm guessing she wont be talking about phones!
25/Jul/07 10:03 AM
Can I guess Mickey ....can I? can I? can I?
25/Jul/07 10:04 AM
- And Max has a Chicago Bull cap on too. will have to go back and read yesterday's post. I have a joke from the book 'nineteen minutes'

A pirate walks into a bar - he has a steering wheel on the front of his pants. A guy yells out to him - Hey, you got a steering More...
25/Jul/07 10:06 AM
no Col you cannot...

and Col I hope you are up and running soon and your knee doesn't give you too much grief during the healing time.
25/Jul/07 10:07 AM

mmmmmmmm just thought I would try my new little smilie
25/Jul/07 10:17 AM
ok bit big, might adjust it back.
probably was the right size before I lost weight.
25/Jul/07 10:20 AM
Nah - leave it - it's a good size

25/Jul/07 10:25 AM
I was just reading Sarah Beth's post on page 3 regarding their family car when she was growing up - a Studebaker. That brought back a flood of memories. Our first family car was a very old, used 1941 Olds, followed by a used 1948 3-door Kaiser (the spare tire was mounted where the left rear door More...
25/Jul/07 10:30 AM
oops - didn't mean THAT as it came out !

I mean --------- it's noticable (both the smilie AND your weight loss)

OK ........ Didn't think it would be long before I got to use that one!
25/Jul/07 10:38 AM
Dave: Check the following link. Maybe seeing the cartoon will jog your memory.
25/Jul/07 10:39 AM
2.39 That's almost as odd as Puss in Boots!
25/Jul/07 10:45 AM

of all days for you to be reaching your foot in and out of your mouth.
we often discuss the fact that 'size does matter' and that 'big is not always better'. so I will await my new smaller, More...
25/Jul/07 10:52 AM
Good maeN! Sympathies to Stella and the family of Cpl Scherer. Too many good people have gone that route.
25/Jul/07 11:03 AM
CG - now I can definitely cross that one off my list of 'remembers' ...never seen it before in my life.
25/Jul/07 11:06 AM
25/Jul/07 11:07 AM
Rose.............see mine?

ok - not much sleep last night...... Going for a nanna nap now.
25/Jul/07 11:08 AM
2:41 - Good Morning everyone. Hi Max.
VB at pediatricians this morning and she's gone backwards - 3.99kg now - not really surprising as she has got this dam flu (ahhhhchooo) from me and hasn't been feeding well. She is, however, 3cm longer and has increased her head size by 2cm! I am allowed to More...
25/Jul/07 11:14 AM
oh yes much cuter
25/Jul/07 11:17 AM
Rosemary..you are so right.... age is only a number...its all about how one can relate to today...I did not just hear about most of these things, but I lived through most of them...and I'm still here to talk about them! Keith, I don't remember Black Jack G um or Butch Wax....I've always lived on More...
25/Jul/07 11:19 AM
mixed news, but lots of it good. can understand Veronica not feeding well with the dreaded virus so bet she will improve in leaps and bounds when she manages to fight it off.
25/Jul/07 11:19 AM
Woohoo Rose. They're all steps in the right direction.
25/Jul/07 11:27 AM
I've enjoyed the different exchanges of the day...may all who have reached out to one another find life better for it.
Are we our brother's keeper? Is life better if we just mind our own business? Is the government intruding in our private lives? Just some questions to ponder as we go about life as we live it? Peace!
25/Jul/07 11:32 AM
Canuk Greg, are you trying to tell me something?
I still have my 45s, turntable and a metal ice cube tray (somewhere). We can still buy Blackjack gum in the fall. Our city has one drive-in and a friend still uses an ABC washer. Kind of like the Twilight Zone here.
As for age, I'm old enough to know better, but too young to care.
25/Jul/07 11:33 AM
Mamacita, Blackjack Gum is licorice-flavored and almost black in color. Had to ask hubby about Butch Wax. It was a hair product that guys used on butch haircuts.
25/Jul/07 11:49 AM
Dah Bulls....
25/Jul/07 11:50 AM
hope you are all having a great day/night where ever you are.
25/Jul/07 12:18 PM
Well no wonder I didn't know about these things..don't like licorice stuff and I'm diffently not a guy .......even if some may think I have butch haircut....!
25/Jul/07 12:20 PM
hia friends ,care to share more drop by i m waiting ....... till then tc
25/Jul/07 12:25 PM
mmmmmm very close to the bottom
shall we
25/Jul/07 12:33 PM
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