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Easy Sudoku for 25/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Maen! Hope everyone has a great day!
25/Sep/16 12:00 AM
25/Sep/16 12:05 AM
Happy Saturday!
25/Sep/16 12:08 AM
from beautiful OK
25/Sep/16 12:19 AM
This appears to be our last day of over 90F weather for the season
25/Sep/16 12:22 AM
I am ready for some cooler weather. I love to wear shorts year round, a hang over from Florida.
25/Sep/16 12:24 AM
I saw people wearing long pants here yesterday while shopping. It was 95F way too hot for long pants.
25/Sep/16 12:27 AM
25/Sep/16 12:28 AM
We went to the phone store yesterday, my phone has been acting up for over a week. Well my phone bit the big one, I needed a new phone. So instead of getting it replaced we all ended up with new phones. I should know better than let Harry go to the phone store.
25/Sep/16 12:32 AM
Just spent a fun time working on Wombat's puzzle. Give it a try!

Our hot weather seems to be a thing of the past, too, Sue. I'm with you. Enough of those 95+ degree days! We will be in the 70's this week!
With apologies to Fiona.....
25/Sep/16 12:34 AM
Thanks, Wombat, for reassuring me you have my answers - yes, a fun adventure & I learned a 'new' words!
25/Sep/16 1:07 AM
It's too hot for shorts here these days. Best to wear loose fitting cotton and to cover all skin. Dress like an Arab.
25/Sep/16 1:09 AM
... I meant word...!

Have a grand day doing whatever you choose to keep smiling!
25/Sep/16 1:13 AM
Good morning.
25/Sep/16 1:21 AM
Rain forecast for today, after a glorious spring day yesterday.
25/Sep/16 1:22 AM
We took advantage of the weather to go to Floriade - Canberra's big spring flower festival. As usual, the flowers were magnificent.
25/Sep/16 1:25 AM
25/Sep/16 2:49 AM
Well, our Indian summer is coming. In the weather forecast we look forward to a couple of days in the 90'sF (32-37ยบC) Ugh!
25/Sep/16 2:53 AM
My newest granddaughter has everyone on pins and needles! She's even confusing the poor doctor regarding her arrival! First it was the middle of October but she grew and the date got pushed up to this weekend. Then yesterday's ultrasound says first couple of days in October!
25/Sep/16 2:56 AM
I'm on alert because I have to get my older grandson and babysit him while his parents are in the hospital! I'm hoping for a week day so I can take him to see his old school chums!
25/Sep/16 2:57 AM
Keith's not around so I'll do the honors for him!
25/Sep/16 2:58 AM
I dedicate this post to Keith!!! 22!
25/Sep/16 2:58 AM
Keith, you still asleep?
25/Sep/16 3:47 AM
I'll be on ''baby alert'' at the beginning of October, too, Shosho. My granddaughter's Mom can't make it to NC because they are in the process of selling their house and moving, so, I get to go take care of the 2 little ones when the time comes and Mom and Dad head to the hospital. She isn't due More...
25/Sep/16 4:40 AM
Cork trees Hmmm. I guess there will be a few more, now that wine isn't corked like it used to be.
25/Sep/16 4:49 AM
Morning all, will need a big bottle to fit that cork into. lol
25/Sep/16 5:42 AM
Hope I'm in time with Wombats puzzle.
25/Sep/16 6:34 AM
Good morning all.
25/Sep/16 7:35 AM
Congratulations Wombat on the Doggie's win!
25/Sep/16 7:39 AM
Are you going to the Grand Final?
25/Sep/16 7:40 AM
Enjoy your day folks!
25/Sep/16 7:40 AM
Good evening to all! Small portions of those trees can be found in top of your Portuguese wine bottles!
25/Sep/16 8:06 AM
Much cooler then the 70's here today. Fall has arrived.
25/Sep/16 8:08 AM
Oh Kathy, how wonderful!!! And little girl! After having so many boys in my life, having a little girl touches me deeply! I love my boys and nothing will take away from that. But little girl to pass down my little girls stuff would be marvelous!
25/Sep/16 8:57 AM
Today's puzzle is a H*M*PHONE puzzle. If I was to replace the *s with O, the censor would reject it. These 10 groups of words or phrases consist of A. a word or phrase, B. a synonym of A., C. a h*m*phone of B. and D. a synonym of C. For example:
A. COMPLETE........B. WHOLE.........C. More...
25/Sep/16 9:13 AM
Thanks Sacky for the congratulations for the Bulldogs. I must say I was more nervous watching that game (on TV). Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to the MCG to see the Grand Final, but I will be glued to the telly.
25/Sep/16 9:34 AM
Back again.
25/Sep/16 10:33 AM
This time at a civilised hour.
25/Sep/16 10:34 AM
Might as well while I'm here...
25/Sep/16 10:35 AM
25/Sep/16 10:35 AM
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