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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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a meteor flies past
the full moon
I am alone on this beach

Look! on the edge of the sea just there
a glory of bodies bold and bare
dancing and shining in the night
curves of gold in the warm moonlight.
Is it a dream? A mirage of sand and sea
Wrought by glimmering light in a twisting breeze?

Ah no. I see a small laptop
Must be that sudoku lot!
oh, , sadness...
your circle killing me..
and your memories waves flooded me..
my life is a sky without lights..
where is your yelling o happiness..? ? ?
and in which wilderness, can i find you..? ? ?
i am a star without sense...
i am a candy without taste..
and here alone on the beach
heres the ball can you catch
this seems to me quite a good match
we have the muscle the prowess and all
to play with this ere bouncing ball
here it comes don't let it drop
once we start we can't stop
showing our muscles for all to see
enticing eric with me here be
Soft sea breeze my thanks to you
my sandy spots are now quite few
musing while i stop and stare
at this paradise my lair
catching glances from all around
i will not be lonely on the ground
steady with my powers i wait
sipping silent watching fate
enticing eric what are you doing?
just how many ladies are you boldy wooing?
Have you been at the oysters again?
Please lay off them - now and then
Rose and I are in the chatroom singing with all guests except th aliens zeta and nordic out here
the sun heats me as i lie right now
warming chocolate upon my brow
boys will play and girls will stare
at the bodies displayed with all their ware
someone sit close to my crystal fine hair
and the pull of my force is more than can bear
Ouch! Who threw that ball at me?
It hit me square between the eyes
fore bouncing off into the sea.
Come here and collect your prize!

I see stars in cartoon form
encircling my head (as is in the norm)
I'm going to rest for a little while
and try to recover my winning smile
Enticing Eric and Glory Boy throw your ball into the night
I can see all your muscles by the misty moonlight
Shining and gleaming so huge are those pecs!
and look at those quads, those abs and (sigh) gluteus maximus
Don't stop now or I end up befuddled
Woe is me! I have melted into a puddle
well darkness has long been here
so now I can rest and have a beer
glory boy and eric too
showoffs wow both of you
waves are crashing onto shore
making one mighty roar
the party now is in full power
maybe some should have a cold shower
Glory Boy with a gently breeze
I now take your ball with much ease
Your muscles flex You flirt, you play,
I shall take your ball away
A gently puff and blows and it is mine
Into the gently rolling brine
Now you will need another toy
To play with the girls or maybe the boy
soft sea breeze please be gentle with me
for enticing eric is strong
we need a ball to flex and play
and my legs are lean and am i wrong
to want to play with that body of his
now i am in a right little tiss
who shall it be that i frolic with today
when i want to play ball with eric hey hey
oh wow the beer is icy cold
a party for different ages young and old
the lovely ladies have sunned their ifs and butts
not too sure about the guys tackle and ..ts
so dancing now up on the floor
not too sure if they closed the door
so in we come one and all
and dance until we all do fall

Be a man, strong and tall
For that you do not need a ball
Flirting is fine, it's a bit of fun
And strange things happen in the Aussie sun
But Please choose wisely, for time will tell
Which one of them will suit you well
are we there yet
Good maen all!
Whoa - slow down.
2:38. I can't stand all this poetry. What happened to the jokes?
4:05-not bad for me
07/Apr/11 5:00 AM
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