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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A proof for tough sudoku of 01 26 2007:

Is found in another new blog page!

A link to this page is in the upper right column, directly under 'Check out the Sudoku Blog'.

Hopefully, the illustrated proofs of the last few days are helping some of you to master not only performing forbidding chains, but also finding them.

Happy Australia Day.
Good morning all.
Thanks Ian.
Good morning everyone. Very cold with snow. Not a lot of snow just enough to be irksome.
Good Morning! It’s January 26, 2007. January 26 is the 26th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 339 days remaining (340 in leap years). Today in Australia, citizens are celebrating Australia Day. To learn more about this holiday, go to: http://www.australiaday.gov.au/pages/index.asp

……and have a very nice day.
2:01 Good evening everyone
2:03 - good night all.
Good Maen,
hey all good Maen to some and good maeN to others....HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all aussies
I take it the Steelers are a football team, not my thing. Nice dog must have the patience of a saint to pose like that.For the Aussies enjoy our day whatever you have planned for the day. Cheers everyone.
Hi everyoneand good mAen to all
This dog asking may I use this towel please.
3:02 Hi to all. Happy Australia Day!!

Thought for the Day:

Give me a bed and a book and I am happy!
(okay some chocolate wouldn't go amiss, sigh)
2:16. Smart dog.

Happy Australia Day to all you Aussies! I wonder if you celebrate like Americans do on Independence Day, the 4th of July -- parades, contests, fireworks, barbecues, etc.
Go Steelers?!?!? GO BEARS!!!!
I was wondering how Steve can post an elaborate proof of today's sudoku within seconds of the puzzles being posted. Do Supporting Members get access to the puzzles early, or does Gath encourage this as a way to help us solve the tough sudokus?
Happy Australia Day to all Aussies. I recall first learning about Australia Day last year on this site. Thanks to Gath & Co, people from all over the world have learned about other nations, their customs, and people.
So is Australia Day a paid holiday that you take off?

Have a good day all!
Another bright sunny day, temp 6C. round zero at night.
Happy Australia day!
Tell me what Australia Day is!
2:29 Happy Australia Day to our friends from Down Under. Celebrate well.
01:56 Good Maen everybody and happy day for all the aussies.
We, the chilean people, have our thought and hopes in the next game of Gonzalez in Melbourne.
did ya jim??how come you forgot its also republic day for us indians??
never mind..Republic day greetings for all the Indians who happen to visit this site..wonder if any for i hardly see anyone posting other than me..
Time for history lessons ...

AP: Would you tell us about Republic Day?

And could we hear more about Australia Day?

Joyous thoughts for all celebrating significant events today!
2:29 Maen Back after a two-day business trip... and rusty already! :)
ap, I was unaware that today was Republic Day. As an American, I salute the people of India for their (mostly) peaceful throwing off the chains of foreign royal empire. We Yanks did it in a considerably more bloody fashion. I have read historic accounts which say that had the British not been More...
happy days to all.
Hi Jim!

I was wondering when someone would ask that question!

To help in producing a timely blog, Gath has allowed me to preview upcoming puzzles. Otherwise, the tough puzzle of the day would be quite cold by the time I could produce a very detailed proof, including images, etc.

Pitiful pooch?
snow arrived in south west France today and it is soooooo cold, bring back spring please, or do we do spring before winter now???
ap - Happy Republic Day, enjoy your day x

Oh Fiona, do you need the loan of huskies?? We had snow yesterday but sadly no snowmen created not enough to settle!! (I will have to start storing it in the freezer until I have enough!!)
Nice photo. (Sorry bias opinion.) Happy Australia Day everyone!

Sorry Jim / Jupiter, but I have to say
DA Bears
LK, cheer all you want for those colts, you are going to end up paying up. x
Colt fans help me
3:47 - I wondered about it as well with the proofs. I'm just glad there's one for today's Tough because I never finished yesterday's.
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