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Easy Sudoku for 26/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi everyone.
26/Oct/14 12:00 AM
26/Oct/14 12:00 AM
1:24. Good night all.
26/Oct/14 12:02 AM

Morning/Evening from Downtown Rockhampton.
26/Oct/14 12:22 AM
Good morning Chris, Hal and Mr. Cee, and all who follow!
26/Oct/14 12:25 AM
Time for your weekend puzzle. You have two days to ponder this.

1. A tough task or someone/something that smells bad –> a past times itinerant mender of household utensils
2. Traditional Christian church members known for their simple living and plain dress –> a very salty Egyptian More...
26/Oct/14 12:27 AM
Happy Saturday!
After a 3-hour delay, our flight home from Maui arrived at LAX at 2:30am.
Had a brief nap, and will report to work at 9:30am today
26/Oct/14 2:10 AM
Hilly farmland.
26/Oct/14 2:21 AM
26/Oct/14 2:42 AM
I bet there aren't too many flat areas there.
26/Oct/14 2:44 AM

1. eyesores (ROSE - ey_ESOR_es)
2. listener (NETS - li_STEN_er)
3. resonant (NOSE - r_ESON_ant)
4. forelimb (MILE - for_ELIM_b)

In the today we have Joyce, Judy, Kathy, More...
26/Oct/14 2:46 AM
Another beautiful fall day in the Midwest.
26/Oct/14 2:59 AM
My dog Big Ben passed yesterday. There's a puppy and adult picture of him in my gallery.
26/Oct/14 3:01 AM
So sorry Serena, what a sad day for you & the whole family. All your habits change in an instant; makes his absence a 'scream' along with the tears.
26/Oct/14 3:15 AM

Sorry to hear of Big Ben's passing Serena, may all the good times you had with him help fill the hole he has left in your heart.
26/Oct/14 3:32 AM
I'm so sorry, Serena. It's so hard to lose a furry friend.
26/Oct/14 4:08 AM
26/Oct/14 4:21 AM
I went to see. What a sweet looking dog Big Ben was. All the pet lovers (and there are many on the site) are with you in your sadness. I hope you replace him soon from your local shelter.
26/Oct/14 4:45 AM
Looking around ...
26/Oct/14 4:46 AM
Anybody else coming along?
26/Oct/14 4:46 AM
We'll see.
26/Oct/14 4:46 AM
26/Oct/14 4:47 AM
Seems the site is
26/Oct/14 5:34 AM
I'm checking in to say YES, ( made a spelling mistake in my puzzle today. I won't say what it is, but the responses so far have all realized it.
26/Oct/14 6:00 AM
I am so sorry to hear of Big Ben's passing. It's hard losing a 4 legged family member. But remember, losing him is better than the alternative.... never having had him in your life and heart.
26/Oct/14 7:13 AM
Morning all,I don't think I would like it when they have heavy rain washing down off those hills.
26/Oct/14 7:16 AM
Serena, so sorry for your loss of Big Ben.
26/Oct/14 7:18 AM
Good morning.
26/Oct/14 8:17 AM
Sorry to hear about Ben, Serena.
26/Oct/14 8:18 AM
It's quiet here this morning.
26/Oct/14 8:19 AM
Gorgeous day here.
26/Oct/14 8:19 AM
But it'll be hot later. Home, reading a book with the cooling on, might be the go for today.
26/Oct/14 8:21 AM
Sorry to read about your loss, Serena.
26/Oct/14 8:28 AM
Good evening all, from Hollywood Beach, Florida. The final leg of our trip has started. We have a fabulous unit (got an upgrade) about 1 minute from the beach. We've had a great day eating, drinking, doing a spot of retail therapy and a lot of people watching. It's amazing how long you can make a frozen Marguerita last.
26/Oct/14 9:20 AM
Tomorrow morning we are having breakfast with Nal and Tami and then we're hoping to have an airboat ride in the Everglades. Might even see an alligator. I've been hoping, without any success, to see a raccoon and an armadillo, though not necessarily together and at the same time.
26/Oct/14 9:27 AM
So sorry to hear about Ben, Serena. It must be especially tough on your children who may have had Ben around all their lives.
26/Oct/14 10:53 AM
Many thanks for the birthday greetings on
Wednesday. I was finally discharged from the hospital on Thursday and my recovery continues.

I had a quintuple bypass and vascular surgery to provide dialysis access. To say my life has changed would be putting it mildly.

After the surgery and my initial dialysis sessions I feel better than I have in many years!
26/Oct/14 11:03 AM
Apartadero is a small Andean town in Mérida State, Venezuela. Located at an altitude of 3,505 metres (11,502 feet), it is the highest town in Venezuela, at the intersection of three river valleys. There might be a tiny shortage of oxygen up there! Because its location in an alpine tundra ecosystem, More...
26/Oct/14 11:15 AM
Good luck on the armadillo and raccoon, Sacky. Best I can recall, I've seen only one of each, live and in the wild, in my entire life.
26/Oct/14 11:55 AM
26/Oct/14 11:55 AM
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