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Easy Sudoku for 26/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Merry Christmas to all the topsiders.
Now, here's today's daffynitions:
Tinsel (n):
1. Thin strip of shiny foil used as decoration. Most often noticed when a piece is hanging out of the cat's butt. If you have a cat, you've seen it. :-)
2. A thread specially designed to More...
26/Dec/11 12:00 AM
26/Dec/11 12:04 AM
G'day all.

Just gotta do it.

26/Dec/11 12:13 AM

And the original Rolf Harris version.

26/Dec/11 12:15 AM
Merry Christmas to everyone on this side!
May you all have a blessed day!
WILL need today!
Saw two grandies yesterday, will see the twins today.
26/Dec/11 12:24 AM
Oh, Kayo! Purrfect!!!!
26/Dec/11 12:25 AM
2:15. I hope everyone had, or is having, a great Christmas. Goodnight all.
26/Dec/11 12:28 AM
Mr. Cee, for the insight into Christmas in Oz!
26/Dec/11 12:39 AM
26/Dec/11 12:41 AM
One more before retiring for the day:
Santa Claus: Goes down and then back up every chimney in the world in one day. Details in the Guinness Book of Records under "OCD."
26/Dec/11 12:47 AM
No worries Shiela,

Late here and had a biggie with the Grandies today so
26/Dec/11 12:53 AM
Merry Christmas everyone!
Oh Kayo - you are the best! Last year my cats were younger and didn't mess with the tree as much as they did this year. I've had to collect ornaments (broken and otherwise) all over the place. Will they grow out of it???
26/Dec/11 12:55 AM
Photo could be a Christmas gathering down-under!
26/Dec/11 1:02 AM
Mr. Cee - can't get that bloomin' song out of my head now!
26/Dec/11 1:02 AM
26/Dec/11 1:06 AM
Good morning
26/Dec/11 1:41 AM
Time to head off to check out my stocking! I think the stockings are my favorite part of the present exchanging.
26/Dec/11 1:42 AM
Slow morning, as Christmas should be. The puppies are happily playing with their new toys now.
26/Dec/11 2:02 AM
Merry Christmas - Happy Holiday to one and all enjoy your day - however, you mark it !
26/Dec/11 2:06 AM

We will have a late Christmas morning as kids are driving here today.

Hubby broke a tooth last night. Ready for a shocker? Our dentist just called (on Christmas morning!) to ask More...
26/Dec/11 2:15 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Dec/11 2:20 AM
Christmas Day
26/Dec/11 2:20 AM
Just in case you did not know.
Wonderful, loud morning here. Very loud. Only been up for a little over an hour and I have already had to disbattery a baby doll. The Things have not noticed, because the train is cho-choing along the track.
26/Dec/11 2:22 AM
The answers to yesterday's puzzle:
1. Exclamation, Member of the Round Table with missing areas. O HOLY (K)NIGHT
2. The hotel room of two psychiatrists. THE NUTCRACKER SUITE
3. Sir Lancelot with laryngitis. SILENT (K)NIGHT
4. Kong, Lear, & Cole...That's us! WE THREE KINGS
5. More...
26/Dec/11 2:27 AM
lonewoof was the only intrepid soul to try the puzzle. Good on ya, lone!

For his valiant efforts he gets to have the all to himself. Kick back, lone, and enjoy!
26/Dec/11 2:35 AM
The bat is going to take the day off. I know Fiona will dock my pay, but I certainly can live with that. I won't even notice, I'm sure.

26/Dec/11 2:41 AM
You should not use the word 'incredible' on its own in the way you just did. If something is 'incredible' it is impossible to believe it, and as you are describing an, albeit unusual, actual circumstance (that is real; exists), it cannot be described as 'incredible'. Your 'incredible' is More...
26/Dec/11 3:14 AM
* line 6: 'unbelievable' to 'unbelievably'
26/Dec/11 3:16 AM
Merry Christmas, topsiders! Happy Boxing Day to our Aussie friends!
26/Dec/11 3:46 AM
Jaime and will be dining on lobster at The Surf Restaurant in Fernandina Beach today. We had our traditional Christmas dinner last night (duck a l'orange instead of turkey or goose this year) and attended an oyster roast/Low Country boil the night before at the home of friends. "Season's Eatings" to all!!!
26/Dec/11 3:51 AM
from sunny SoCal!
For those of you that frequent that other page, I've put up a few pics from Christmas Eve at the in-laws, including my 4 homemade desserts: almond butter cookies, peppermint bark, cream puffs and chocolate eclairs ♥ 'Tis the season!
26/Dec/11 4:43 AM
Oh! That's right, Jane!
Happy ING Day to our Down Unders!

I just took an apple pie out of the oven. I'm ready! About 1/2 hour until everyone is here. Guess I should go put on some shoes...lol

Again... to all!
26/Dec/11 4:59 AM
26/Dec/11 5:14 AM
Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to those celebrating.

Judging by the low number of posters, many / most of the usuals are otherwise occupied, which today is a good thing.

May you enjoy the day in the company of loved ones, family and friends alike.
26/Dec/11 5:55 AM
Good afternoon to all!

I'll echo Jerry's comments: Merry Christmas and happy Boxing Day to all in both hemispheres. Peace!
26/Dec/11 6:15 AM
Since Christmas is on a Sunday, isn't Boxing Day on Tuesday rather than Moncay? Whatever... hope everyone had (is having) a great Christmas. And a happy Boxing Day to all who celebrate it, on whatever day.
26/Dec/11 6:24 AM
Sounds like purty gud eatin', Jane. We had bar-b-qued beef tenderloin last night and are waiting on a ham as I speak.
26/Dec/11 6:40 AM
Waiting on a ham 'to cook' that is.
26/Dec/11 6:43 AM
We've come this far...
26/Dec/11 6:44 AM
Time for a page change.
26/Dec/11 6:45 AM
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