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Easy Sudoku for 26/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Love that Statler Brother tune brackets! Recently re-done by Eric Heatherly
26/Apr/07 2:35 AM

On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big, old pecan tree just inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled up a bucketful of nuts and sat down by the tree, out of sight, and began dividing the nuts.

''One for you, one for me. One for you, one More...
26/Apr/07 2:35 AM
Statler Brothers
26/Apr/07 2:35 AM
Good one Judy, do you resemble that joke? Or do the firemen keep you young
26/Apr/07 2:37 AM
Sorry ... I've never heard that joke before ... but I haven't been around here as long as some of you ... like a hundred years for some of you, I think ... just wanted to lighten the tone up a bit ...
26/Apr/07 2:44 AM
26/Apr/07 3:00 AM
Did you hear what one saggy boob said to the other? If we don't get support soon, people will think we're nuts!!!
26/Apr/07 3:00 AM
Gosh [], that wasn't sarcasm. That was from my heart! (Truth be known, I had my fingers crossed when I wrote that comment. And it was tough for me to say it, as one of the fingers I had crossed was my typing finger.)
26/Apr/07 3:05 AM
Hi there Linda. I've been great. How about yourself. I'm heading back up to my daughter's house tomorrow to watch my grandsons play baseball. Should be a lot of laughs, since they are still too young to really understand the game.
26/Apr/07 3:13 AM
Keith, have a great time. My daughter started playing ball when she was seven and still loves it! Never to young to learn. Good luck to them
26/Apr/07 3:29 AM
Hello their in the kitchen!
26/Apr/07 3:39 AM
You could have one too [].
26/Apr/07 3:54 AM
Nite, Greg!
26/Apr/07 3:57 AM
Nite, Greg.

Nite, John Boy.
26/Apr/07 3:59 AM
At last, a day to get into! Yee Haw!!!! Check out Gretchen Wilson. No mud on my SUV today....it rained yesterday! country!!!!
26/Apr/07 3:59 AM
One of my favorite buttons is a lavender triangle that reads ''Straight but not narrow''
26/Apr/07 4:00 AM
Nite brackets!
26/Apr/07 4:07 AM
LK-Reminds me of my youth!
26/Apr/07 4:16 AM
And a change of avatars to reflect the day!
26/Apr/07 4:18 AM
[] from oz, you're just upset cause y'all weren't able to kick the British out of your country like we did. And, our news networks don't force US news on your networks, those are choices made by your networks.
26/Apr/07 4:41 AM
Sara Beth, that looks like Willie, did you hear his latest escapade. Willie got busted for the first time for marijuana. They had 1.5 pounds on the bus and distributed out between all the occupants on the bus it was low enough amount each to just earn misdemeanor charges, probation, and fines. No jail time. Who would have thought that Willie Nelson might have marijuana on his tour bus??
26/Apr/07 4:47 AM
Bill, what a shock!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that. Even Paul Harvey said ''What are the odds?''
26/Apr/07 5:03 AM
In Spring, a young man's fancy turns to love...as we can see. In honor of Spring, love and good music, check out my page for my latest offering of some of the greatest musical legends of my time. Hope you enjoy!
26/Apr/07 5:19 AM
2:20 Cozy holiday picture ...
Cool day here, with occasional drizzle. Could be worse.
26/Apr/07 5:28 AM
hey [] - have you forgotten a man called martin bryant? we have our own nutter who liked killing people! don't get too holier than thou with the yanks!
26/Apr/07 5:32 AM
What are the odds that Wilie Nelson would give each occupant just enough but not too much?
26/Apr/07 5:36 AM
3:13. Good Maen.
26/Apr/07 5:57 AM
good Maen everyone! i have the most glorious sunrise behind my computer - doesn't look like the rain we desperately need, but at least it is beautiful!
26/Apr/07 6:21 AM
Christopher Parkening playing a Bach piece on my Youtube.
26/Apr/07 6:26 AM
Letter to the Transport Authority:
I have been riding trains daily for the last two years, and the service on your line seems to be getting worse every day. I am tired of standing in the aisle all the time on a 14-mile trip. I think the transportation system is worse than that More...
26/Apr/07 7:17 AM
A fact on Mileage!!(very efficient tho!)
A recent survey revealed that the average American walks 900 miles per year.
Another survey revealed that the average American consumes 20 galons of beer per year.
Conclusion: The average American gets 45 miles per gallon.
26/Apr/07 7:23 AM
merry christmas .. ?? who are these sudkuists?

26/Apr/07 8:04 AM
Aint the US the best,shucks!.........em NO!
26/Apr/07 8:51 AM
I see some comments have been deleted. We WERE on page 3!
26/Apr/07 8:58 AM
Maybe if I do one more....
26/Apr/07 8:58 AM
I guess not.
26/Apr/07 8:59 AM
Everyone hope you all have a great day/night.

Went to work this morning after having a week off only to find that the chiropractor on this morning wasn't feeling very well. So I have rescheduled all his patients, made myself a cupa and then had to come home. Oh what a shame I get the day off.
26/Apr/07 9:16 AM
aha!never noticed it sara beth....yeah,some comments have been deleted looks like...
26/Apr/07 9:17 AM
Finally quit for the day. Finished stripping, but had a nasty time getting the blasted paste off.

Billy, Victoria, Nancy, CP, and Rola,
How were the goodies? I cooked my fingers to the bone.

Now for the puzzles.
26/Apr/07 9:36 AM

I am sure everyone has had this experience at least once.

I make a call:
Machine answers the phone:
Machine: Press 1 for
Machine: your wait time will be approximately 15 minutes.
Machine: your call is important to us please hold for the next available More...
26/Apr/07 9:36 AM
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