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Easy Sudoku for 26/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello page two.
26/Jul/14 2:29 AM
Silvergal, you are the woman.

Man is good, he does not like for me to mess with his manly tools, so he says he is going to do it. I know one day, I was need therapy, for all of his 'I will do its.' The last thing, I asked him to do, is to put up a TP holder, in the girls bathroom. That was More...
26/Jul/14 2:35 AM
I am so afraid to ask him to do the same, in our relief room.
And I wonder, if his do list, will allow, him to fix the ceiling fan, in our youngest bedroom. I am scared at any second, it will crash down on top of my baby. I have warned the girls not to turn on the ceiling fan and even attempted to tighten the screws, myself. It worked for a short time.
26/Jul/14 2:38 AM

No matter how long you have been out of bed Karen, you have made a big accomplishment, no cigarettes...well done. As someone else said earlier, just keep putting it off a few minutes at at time and the next thing you know an hour will of gone by. I know you can do it
26/Jul/14 2:38 AM
Think I will give up my domestic duties for today, and do some online shopping.
26/Jul/14 2:39 AM
Speaking of fans....when we were first married, hubby and I lived in an (ahem) ''inexpensive'' apartment with no air conditioning. There was a wide narrow window in the bedroom. The window was over the bed. During the heat of the summer we put a window fan in it. I kept telling him the fan More...
26/Jul/14 3:13 AM
Kathy, some guys just need to know that it ''really needs to get done'', NOW!
26/Jul/14 3:44 AM
After 31 months I think I finally figured out how to put little girl down for a nap without a car ride or excessive screaming (hers, not mine).
26/Jul/14 4:01 AM
One of the 'wildfires', currently ablaze in Washington State, USA, is the largest in the states' history.

The 'Carlton Complex' Fire has burned 250490.40 Acres. (roughly 101,369.9 hectares)
26/Jul/14 4:04 AM
A little 'something extra' in the nap time bottle?

You know I'm just kidding, right? RIGHT???
26/Jul/14 4:06 AM
Does this smell like chloroform?
26/Jul/14 4:31 AM
with 7 minutes to go before
Only got to #6 on Serena's challenge for yesterday, then got hung up on the epinephrine clue (trying to something with 'andrenals'...)
Maybe I'll do better today with tubers and pastas to play with!
26/Jul/14 4:55 AM
For years the only way I could get my son to take a nap was to lie in his bed and read to him. Most of the time I fell asleep before he did.
26/Jul/14 4:56 AM
Serena - I'm still waiting to find out how you finally figured out your daughter's nap needs. I know you don't have her sniffing chloroform or similar!
26/Jul/14 5:26 AM
Dottie for asking, I was thinking/wondering the same thing.
26/Jul/14 5:29 AM
I don't have to make dinner today! My cousin, who lives in Louisville, KY, is stopping here on her way through to Pittsburgh, PA. She insisted that we go out for dinner! She wanted to give me a break even though she knows I cook all the time and give her cooking advice. It will be great to see More...
26/Jul/14 5:29 AM
26/Jul/14 5:38 AM

Have a great day all, time to be heading home soon.
26/Jul/14 5:39 AM
26/Jul/14 6:42 AM
Thank you, Sue!!! Here's flying your way!!!
26/Jul/14 6:42 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
26/Jul/14 7:12 AM
It is only 95 today but feels like 104, nice to have the humidity under 50%. If the weather guessers are correct I will be house bound tomorrow 101 is too hot for me.
26/Jul/14 7:50 AM
What a fantastic idea, Serena.
Now, is chloroform, something I can just zip down to the store and pick up?
I have a few issues about giving the darlings alcohol. Just seems wrong.
26/Jul/14 7:54 AM
I am getting a lot of reading done since it is so hot outside. Did my PT this morning, I have a sore spot that she thinks is a rib that has moved. Nothing can be done until I heal more.
26/Jul/14 7:55 AM
Hi Karen, How is Texas?
26/Jul/14 7:56 AM
I just had a very, long and restful nap. It was good, though drug induced. Took another non-drowsy allergy pill, so it was dreamless, too. Really, hard to get moving now.
26/Jul/14 7:56 AM
Hey, Sue.
I am nice and cozy, but it is hot outside. We are enjoying a cool 93 degrees, today. Really, shocking for this time of year.
26/Jul/14 8:00 AM
The hot summer days make me lazy and I don't want to do anything. I also took a nap, not drug induced. I guess I need more sleep so the shoulder will heal.
26/Jul/14 8:01 AM
Are you seeing any improvements, Sue?
26/Jul/14 8:02 AM
We will be 101 tomorrow, then the next 2 days. The weather predictors are saying it will he in the 80's for a few days. This has been the most unusual summer.
26/Jul/14 8:04 AM
I am doing great with the shoulder, better than the therapist thought I would be doing. Yes, it hurts some just part of the mending process.
26/Jul/14 8:07 AM
I was childless and my ears were bothering me, along with this unusual two day headache, so I took advantage.
26/Jul/14 8:12 AM
Any moment, my darlings will come crashing through the door. I am debating whether I should get up and be productive, or just sit here and enjoy the peace, for a few more minutes.
26/Jul/14 8:13 AM
I know, silly thought. There is no way I am going to move.
I type that, and the dryer finishes. I have to move, there is no more wash to do, once I put what is in the washer, in the dryer. Well, until my darlings whirl through. Too bad, I can't put them in the washer to get clean. Personally, I think it would be fun.
26/Jul/14 8:16 AM
There is a light, in the washer, with a clear lid, so it is not like, they would be in the dark.
26/Jul/14 8:17 AM
Oh, it is amazing how one, little phone call, can change the numbers on one's BP numbers.

Mine are now past the boiling point.
26/Jul/14 8:23 AM
Let me recap, just a bit, MIL called one Wednesday and asked if I wanted some geese, I said no, on Friday, I had two geese, in my tank. Yes, they turned out to be best security system we ever had, but the point is, I said no, and she did not listen.
A few years later, she asked if we wanted a More...
26/Jul/14 8:29 AM
Well, there have been a few attempts, recently, one was the Attack Kitty a few weeks ago and then a second attempt with the Attitude Dog, last week. These attempts failed, mainly, because, she did not like that I let the dog out of the back yard, and City Hall found her. (The dog escaped, by squeezing through a gap in the gate).
26/Jul/14 8:32 AM
Let me take care of some business.
26/Jul/14 8:33 AM
Bye-bye page two.
26/Jul/14 8:33 AM
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