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Easy Sudoku for 26/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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26/Sep/15 12:05 AM
Wow, first post at 12.06am!! Amazing.....

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
26/Sep/15 12:06 AM
Let me guess. The bird was blocking the path and refused to move until its picture was taken.
26/Sep/15 12:44 AM

1. a Tabasco fiasco
2. navy gravy
3. a wide bride
4. a stable table
5. a tall hall

In the winners circle today we have Judy, Wombat, Joyce, and Cake Lady (3/4). My puzzle appropriate prize didn't come in on time so More...
26/Sep/15 12:50 AM
Happy Friday day off!
Another nice pic by Nal, 'the early bird'?
26/Sep/15 12:51 AM
Since the fall air was crisp and clear, five friends (Francis, Norman, Oscar, Rachel, and Sarah) journeyed to Adam's Apple Orchard for an afternoon of apple picking. After gathering their bushels of apples, they retired to the orchard's visitor's center, where each person bought a different More...
26/Sep/15 12:55 AM
from beautiful OK
26/Sep/15 1:01 AM
Running away from home again this morning. Have errands and one bill to pay that isn't on auto pay.
26/Sep/15 1:05 AM
26/Sep/15 1:12 AM
Good morning, folks....just about made it for a
26/Sep/15 1:47 AM
Nal's excuse is a shady looking character.
26/Sep/15 2:04 AM
Lovely photo, nal. Well worth being late for.
26/Sep/15 3:01 AM
Morning all, all of nal's photos are worth being late for.
26/Sep/15 5:39 AM
Now in Santiago. Lots of snow on the Andes. more than when we flew here nearly four weeks ago. two more days and we head for home.
26/Sep/15 5:42 AM
Our holiday journey continues.
26/Sep/15 6:04 AM
Spent a short night with our daughter, Arrived 4 pm. leaving at 8 am.
26/Sep/15 6:07 AM
Not long enough of course.
26/Sep/15 6:08 AM
Today we start the long trip to Townsville with an 8 hour driving day.
26/Sep/15 6:10 AM
Will stop for a cuppa at a friend's in Childers.
26/Sep/15 6:11 AM
26/Sep/15 6:12 AM
Here I am.
26/Sep/15 6:14 AM
26/Sep/15 6:14 AM
What's this I see ? Gail has made an appearance on this site! Hi, Gail!
26/Sep/15 6:14 AM
I'm glad you got here, just in time, Keith.
26/Sep/15 6:15 AM
CP, hubby and I are near the end of a three week holiday that took us to Mackay. We took a week to get there, cruising along slowly, and 8 days to get home 😃
I have done the trip from Melbourne to Mackay in three days 😞
26/Sep/15 6:15 AM
She made the comment - only an aussie would use a trip to the Gold Coast as a starting step to somewhere 1200km away, saying, just while we were up here, we thought we'd go up to Townsville and see .....
26/Sep/15 6:15 AM
Safe journey xxx
26/Sep/15 6:15 AM
I had a nice, but way too short, visit with my nephew and his fiance yesterday. Only about 4 hours, but that's better than no hours!
26/Sep/15 6:16 AM
26/Sep/15 6:17 AM
Safe travels to both CP and Gail. And to June as she and hubby enjoy the last of their trip in South America.
26/Sep/15 6:18 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
26/Sep/15 6:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's always a treat to see one of Nal's photos pop up.
26/Sep/15 6:44 AM
Well, the noise has abated for the weekend, and hopefully (other than Monday) next week will be quieter as the electricians will be in to lay the cables for keeping our ramp ice free. The week after that, new concrete will be poured.
26/Sep/15 6:46 AM
I hope all are enjoying their weekend or looking forward to their coming weekend. Cheers!
26/Sep/15 6:49 AM
Um ... yes?
26/Sep/15 6:51 AM
Greg - are they installing heater coils to keep your garage ramp snow-free? Mighty chichi!
26/Sep/15 6:56 AM
CP, I've continued to wonder if you were still on your motor-trek; are your interrupted, shortened, or sleepless nights happening in a motor home or a motel/hotel/tent or ...where? Doesn't make for a well-rested traveler or drive-sharer. How is your shoulder surviving the traveling & the strange beds? Best to you..!
26/Sep/15 7:01 AM
It is so thoughtful of June to pop in frequently & give us her South American travel-update!
26/Sep/15 7:03 AM
Harrumph - can't leave things here
26/Sep/15 7:04 AM
Just a slight galumph
26/Sep/15 7:04 AM
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